Peter May: KG has promised Celtics decision by Saturday

Peter May, ESPN Boston
Garnett has promised the Celtics a decision by Saturday. Then Ainge can start the process of reconfiguring the team and allotting the vast millions that could be at his disposal. Will Allen stay? What about Brandon Bass and Mickael Pietrus? And then there's Jeff Green, who pretty much has to be signed lest the Perkins trade go down as Ainge's worst decision ever (some would say it already is regardless of what happens to Green).

Ainge admitted Wednesday that he'd love to have the same team back for another season. But he then also stated the obvious: "Our team is unsettled." He has four players under contract: Rondo, Paul Pierce, Bradley and Johnson. He could have more than $25 million to spend on free agents.
Well this came out of left field. I doubt May has spoken to KG or Ainge, so why is he so sure of this promise? We'll wait to get confirmation from more sources before stating this Saturday news as fact, but obviously if a decision is coming in the next few days it will be a huge determining factor in the future of the Celtics.

If you're wondering, my guess is KG's coming back.