Comments from the other side - Heat Game 3 6/1

Miami has such bandwagon fans.  They go from Chalmers being their 3rd best player to hating him and calling him garbage.  Wade goes from the greatest ever to having low BBIQ.  I love all the complaints about the refs.  They are so used to getting EVERY call that they can't recognize it when the refs are actually  calling it mostly even.  The foul count was even, unlike the 2 games in Miami.    Enjoy today's comments and be sure to post your favorites in the comments.  

I don't expect Boston to come out with the same level of intensity as last game as I don't expect them to have the legs. I can see PP and KG being quite gassed as this game goes on. I'm not sure how Ray's ankles are gonna feel after those extended minutes either. Hopefully Rondo is back to bricklaying.

Miami rarely ever sweeps teams. But I also think Boston is going to come out on fire and their crowd is going to be rowdy as all hell.

Let's all hope Spurs-Thunder goes the distance, and we sweep the C's; I have a feeling that Game 3 is going to be a good one.

Chalmers has ascended as the 4th best player on this team like I said back when he had that eruption against the Knicks.

Miami Heat Heat staff curious about absolutely frigid conditions at TD Garden for their shootaround. Has to be in 40s in here.

Celtics up to shenanigans trying to mess up Heat's preparation. Can't stand the Heat, gotta lower the temperature

I won't be surprised if the refs are really tight and are all for Boston. Especially after Ainge talking to the VP of the refs or whatever it's called.

I say this with no bias in mind. I have no problem clapping whenever LeBron gets a call for a flop or Wade gets a minimal contact foul call himself. Anything for the win baby. But this rigging they're talking about is hilarious all things considered.

The Celtics have been dogging the league and the officials for years. For 17 championships. And they NOW think its rigged against them. Guess what? I HOPE IT IS

I hope we get 70 free throws between Wade and Lebron alone this game. **** the Celtics and their stupid fans. I hope we FLOP our way to the Finals too, bitch.

This team is ready. They are mentally tough as **** this year. The Boston crowd won't faze them. Lets get em.

So KG is a free agent! We could use him to be our C! Since he got the good lateral quickness, mental toughness, high basketball IQ, champion mentality and is a huge uprgrade in the C position from what we had!

I despise these green Celtic homosexuals, as they yell and scowl their way through a game of basketball, desperately clinging to the diminutive hope that they can somehow manage to intimidate their opponents

I hope LBJ or Dwade dunks on KG's face in this series !     I'm so sick of Garnett. Every game garnett is setting illegal screens and elbowing players then putting his hands up like a d***head and acting like he didn't do anything. Hate garnett with a passion !!!


I bet the heat wont get many fouls blown in their favor tonight!

NBA can't afford to have Boston swept, same thing as OKC

At least the Thunder are good Unlike the Celtics

Expect the refs to go deaf-mute when the Heat get into the lane.

I can't stand Boston's booing. Our fans were not that classless when the Celtics were paying here

If you can find one good thing about New England fans, I'd be glad to hear it

Might as well keep fouling us. We cant make a FT to save our life.

Rondo is a floppin azz nugga

Haha, KG don't want a piece of LBJ.

I hate kg so muuuch

Boston's legs are going to detach off their sockets if they try to keep up this fast pace by the 3rd quarter.

LeBron was CLEARLY fouled. Call the freaking foul. They're in the penalty

They are screwing us

Yeah we're going to get ***** by the officiating crew for the past two games. Don't want to hear any complaining from other fanbases.

Why isn't Bradley on the bench?

Probably because Garnett drives him nuts?

Really wish Pittman would elbow KG.

I guess all that *****ing and crying from the Celts paid off. What a series of crap non calls and call.

I know the refs screwed up game 2, but c'mon... You can’t makeup for mistakes from a previous game

Lebron ball hogging like crazy right now

Dooling you suck bro

I hate when scrubs like Dooling ball out during a game

We are getting owned by their scrubs.

Keyon Dolling was never this annoying on the Heat.

Daniels is allowed to do anything he wants to bigger guys Not sure what he has done to get so much respect from the refs

KG is a clown, will do anything for show. Okay tough guy you can do push ups, so can a bunch of basketball players.

Garnett, you flopping scumbag Why am I seeing this d***** do pushups?    Can you imagine the uproar if Wade or Lebron did what Garnett just did?

Lebron did it in the playoffs last year against Boston He was fouled hard and did push ups before getting up and going to the line. I wonder if kg did that because he rememebered

Theyre shutting down Wade's lanes at the moment and no one else is doing anything to help Wade out.

This is Wade were talking about not some scrub, he should be having his way with the Celtics

Garnett destroying us offensively. Dooling defensively.

The REFS are terrible today but Spobot is on full display today and its another example of why SA would kill us. Coaching matters.

The refs are obviously rigging this game

We are really getting screwed by the refs

OK, let's bring in Pittman.. But erm.. Who does Pittman take out?

Pittman only takes out bench players. It’s his signature move.

Wade couldn't take ray Allen despite ray having just one ankle?

Looks like all that complaining about calls has paid off for the Celtics, there have been some disgustingly obvious calls!

I hate Paul pierce so much.

Rondo is allowed to foul Wade every time they are matched up together

Act: Flop Pierce has never committed a foul in his life. Ever.

We have NEVER shown a killer instinct......its so annoying.

We need to start flopping to get calls this game. Spo should punch Wade in the face wearing a KG mask to get him motivated.

I hate Ray Allen's deceptive I-look-like-I-am-falling-out of bounds three point **** when it is still an automatic shot. Gives me false hope that it bricks.

I wasn't worried last game because Rondo was making jumpshots. In this game, we're just getting outhustled.

that's why I wanted the Sixers to win Boston advancing far into the playoffs is an ESPN tool’s dream come to life

I hate Boston The Pats, red sox, Celtics, the city

I miss that Boston team that played in the last round

How is Marquis Daniels playing better than Wade?

Don’t let Rondo regain confidence in his jumper

No energy at all. Its not like the Boston crowd is that raucou Ive been there for plenty of games, playoff ones even..... Its not that loud or intimidating.

Boston wants this game too badly to give away a 13 point lead. We're gunna use a lot of energy just to come back.

At least we are nullifying Bass.

Chalmers is f***ing garbge

Welp Celtic fans got what they wanted, fouls on Wade and LBJ.

Never thought I would say this but we are the ones out there loooking OLD and not the Celtics.

This also sucks considering we won that OT game in Miami and C's should be tired as hell, but we look tired.

I hate chalmers so much.

Heat are being exposed like the Spurs This doesn't look good.

The sad part is when we get blown the **** out it lets them rest all their old **** too.

Put the third team in. Just send the starters to the team bus for the rest of this one.

Man battier is really a BAD player, no joke...

Battier is approaching Teflon Don when it comes to Spo. He's going to get the benefit of the doubt regardless lol.

Props to Rondo. Dude showed up to play once again.

Hey rondo, eff you..

We're down by 17 and Haslem is having a conversation with Rondo and Garnett This team has ZERO KILLER INSTINCT

Anybody know why Wade is playin like F'in Sasha Pavlovic again? This is getting ridiculous

Why is Battier a basketball player

Dam Ronda is a baller

Garnett threw an elbow can’t let that go

KG should get a flagrant for that elbow

We need to sign Shaq to shoot our technical fouls. It's official.

Yeh.. Why is Boston complaining

So according to Van Gundy it’s OK to be an a-hole, it’s the playoffs!

They are trying to foul out Lebron

Rondo is clowning us.

Wade has low bbiq

Wow Boston getting so many calls


Did we just let Ray Allen dunk the ball?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA

Am I the only one who can't stand Garnot?

I'm not sure Boston fans can stand him

Well refs made it happen for the C's

Battier is so garbage. I just gotta rip on this fool

With the minutes Battier is playing, he won't have anything left in the finals.

Dwade has given up. I mean why didn't he stay back in Miami. Marquis Danielle?? COme on!

I prefer when Rondo is scoring and the rest are not doing anything

I still can't believe Wade has no FT attempts.

Other than one missed called in maybe like the 2nd quarter, he hasn't really deserved any.

He won't make any anyway

Told yall, MIA HEAT BABY! We ain't never out of a game!! We already destroyed their souls by winning Game 2. Winning Game 3... Like THIS... that's downright cruel

LBJ looks gassed after defending KG the last few minutes

Lebron's too small.    Rondo is such a damn good passer

KG has been called for 2 moving screens. Of the 495495945 he does a game.

This is so contrived getting absolutely ***** by these Boston refs

Wade crying at the refs bugs me

Thank God Dwyane went looking for a bailout call there, even though he hasn't gotten one all night, instead of attacking. The half assed jog back on defense as we gave up a layup was just gravy.

Anthony would kind of neutralize KG if he had another 4 inches of height and 6 more inches of wingspan

I don't won't Boston to have this momentum.
I don't won't Boston to have this momentum.
I don't won't Boston to have this momentum.

You know why the C's floor is so clean though, the players do a lot of mopping. As much as we get a rep for flops, these fools are hitting the deck on every other play, even on defense after the shots go in I saw one of their guards laying on the floor looking for a foul.

We lost this game IMO more than Celtics winning, yeah they made their shots and whatever. But we played a bad game, especially defensively.

Ok, so now no more complaints about the refs, we're even -

After game 2, I could guarantee you that Boston was crushed but instead of coming out and sticking daggers into their hearts, we play cocky like we can turn it on whenever we want.

Hate that LeBron helped up Ronda after he knocked him down. If a Celtic knocks down LeBron, there will be no hands helping him up and a **** load of cheers as it is happening.

The Celtics are clearly outclassed in this series,and that's not debatable.If the Heat would've played intense and focused Basketball for 4 quarters,the C's wouldn't have been able to stay in the gym with them.

Celtics got one hell of a home court advatage tonight and if they get the same calls on Sunday Miami will have to bring their A game to win

The refs clearly gave it back to Boston tonight. All that complaining worked for them. If I hear another Celtic fan complain about calls ill puke.

We all knew we would lose this game. Not because the Celtics were better, but because we all knew the HEAT WOULDN'T BRING IT. Just knew it.

What can you expect from a Heat team that has a horrible coach.

The refs sucked tonight guess they listened to everyone complaining..

No Worries we destroy these Relics in game 4

10 of 20 free throws? Lost game by 10. Just unother anomaly called the Miami Heat. But the worst of it all is allowing OLD ANCIENT Ray Allen DUNK ON YOU!!