Video: Paul Pierce finishes off monster game with a Tim Tebow

Doc was asked about it after the game. "I didn't know he did it, so you've caught me off guard. I missed it, but if he did it that's terrific, as far as I'm concerned. I am a Florida native so I'll take that... I wish he hadn't done it, but I haven't seen it so," but nothing was going to ruin Doc's good mood after this huge win. This is the type of stuff that sometimes makes Pierce less than likable among non-Celtics fans, but as long as he's giving Boston 36 points and 14 rebounds he can do basically whatever he likes in my book.

Pierce on the Tebow move: "You like to thank God for putting you in these positions. It was not pre-scripted. It just came to me." Well said Paul.

Doc and Paul video after the jump.