Should the Celtics put Rondo on Wade?

Ok here's the situation: Last year Rajon Rondo was voted to the NBA All-Defensive 1st team (2nd only to Dwight Howard in overall votes). There wasn't a guard in the league considered a better defender than Rajon Rondo. This year Rondo was bumped down to the NBA All-Defensive 2nd team, partly because he missed games to injury and partly because Avery Bradley became known as the Celtics most harassing defender. Hard to be 1st team all defense, when you're not feared as the best defender at your position on your own team. 

Everyone knows that Avery Bradley's defense on Dwyane Wade was a game changer. His loss can't be discounted. But why do the Celtics have to take the pressure off Wade? Why do the Celtics have to give Wade a break and put the injured Ray Allen on him? Rondo is basically the same size as Bradley. We've seen Rondo guard LeBron James for stretches. Can't he check Wade? I say yes. And in fact if I were Doc I'd challenge Rondo by saying, "Hey the NBA doesn't think you're the best defending guard in the league anymore. They put Chris Paul ahead of you. Kobe too. Do you think you can do as good a job on Wade as Avery did or do you think Wade would torch you?" Tell me Rondo wouldn't take that challenge? 

I know a worry is that if Rondo works so hard on defense that his offense will suffer. Well guess what, Rondo considers himself a top NBA player. Top NBA players have to give their all on both sides. Michael Jordan had no problem guarding the most explosive guard on an opposing team. Kobe would guard point guards when defensive sieve Derek Fisher couldn't handle them. Rajon, you were just named to the All-NBA 3rd team. Some people think you should be higher. If that's the case, then you should be able to guard the other team's best guard, especially if he's only 6'4". I think Rondo can do it. 

I have the utmost confidence in Doc, so I won't criticize what ever defensive strategies the C's bring out tonight. I'm pretty sure we'll see some zone defense (Remember Paul Pierce has a sprained MCL, so guarding LeBron won't be a walk in the park either), but when we play straight up man to man I'd like to see Rondo on Wade and Allen on Mario Chalmers. I'd rather have the Heat's offense get disrupted trying to force feed Chalmers than force Ray and his soon to be 37 year old ankles to chase around Wade. Not to mention that Ray counts on his legs to help his jumper, so a fresher Allen in the 4th quarter could be huge.

If Bradley could shut down Wade, I think Rondo can check him. My guess is so does Rajon. Why not try it?

Credit Edwin Khu for the above pic.