Rondo's Game: Where Does it Rank?

So there it was, the mother of all games.  Just the type I pleaded for before the series began.  Rajon Rondo was so incredible last night, that it was right up there with the best playoff performances from Isiah and Magic.  In fact, it may have been even better.  The only other all-time Celtics who had playoff performances of that caliber that come to mind are named Bird, Russell, Jones and White.

So where do the Celtics go from here?  Not really sure nor is that the point of this article.  The purpose is to get an idea of where Rajon's playoff performance ranks amongst the all-time great Celtic playoff performances.

Sam Jones scored a Celtic playoff high 51 points in a closeout game vs the Knicks in 1967.  Bill Russell had 22 points and 35 rebounds in Game 7 of the 1960 Finals to win the title.  Larry Bird was brilliant in the Game 6 closeout win of the Finals against the Rockets in 1986 with a triple double.  And Jo Jo White had 33 points in 9 assists in 60 minutes of play in the classic triple overtime win in Game 5 of the 1976 Finals, many who say it was the greatest game ever played.

A big caveat to all this?  Rondo's team lost the game.  Had they won, I might of made it the best playoff performance by a Celtic of all time.  Where do you rank it?  Are there any games I missed?  Do you base it on where in the playoffs it took place (Game 7 carries more weight)?   Whether it was a Finals game (that would exclude Rajon and Jones)?   Please leave comments!