Rajon Rondo: "It felt like we won the series already"

Boston Herald:
“The end result is all that matters,” Rondo said. “If there had been a different result, it would have been very difficult. But since we won, it felt like we won the series already.”

(Yeah, like that last sentence isn’t going to be cut out and enlarged and placed in front of every Hawk’s face.)

Rajon Rondo is giving the Atlanta Hawks bulletin board material. Really dumb move to say that, you know the Hawks will hear this quote and you know Larry Drew is going to mention it before tonight's Game 3.

Of course, it's not like the Boston media hasn't been acting like the Celtics won the series already either. Let's not forget this series is tied 1-1 and anything can happen. The Celtics should beat the Hawks, but let's not get overconfident here because Pierce had a great game last time they played.