Marquis Daniels: The Man without Fear

1. A bold, reckless person
2. One who performs dangerous stunts professionally

Marquis Daniels is a true and genuine daredevil. He has played all his career running on the razor´s edge. Risking his life, daring to expose his life and health at the expense of the quest for glory.

We are talking about a very complex character and player here. Daniels has had three different incarnations in Boston.

He arrived in the summer of 2009. High expectations traveled with him as a comfortable companion in his NBA career. Versatility was his second name. Larry Bird fought hard to not let him leave easily from Indiana. We finally got him, expecting a sixth man for our squad. He arrived to his first press conference showing that he is not a regular and standard NBA personality. Laid back, seemingly shy, but full of good humor.

His first Celtic incarnation. Wearing #7.
Things didn´t work out too well with that number. His inability to knock down shots and his lack of consistency took him right into Doc´s doghouse. He didn´t play much deep in the playoffs that year and many thought he wouldn´t be back the following year.

Enter 2010. The Celtics resign Daniels. This time he wears #8. His second incarnation. This time he danced tango with death and his rendez-vous with a life threatening injury left convulsed the Celtics and shattered the bases of Ubuntu. The Celtics even traded him to Sacramento, where he would´t even show up. Convalescent and hurt, the Daniels adventure in the NBA seemed to have arrived to an end.

He was motionless, nailed to the ground by the fragility of that versatile body full of talent that had this time let him down for good.

Like Matt Murdock in the Marvel Comic Series he was lost in the dark. And like Murdock, Daniels found his way to show his talents to the world.

Enter 2011. Daniels is resigned by the Celtics. Wearing # 4. His third Celtic incarnation. After having surgery to protect his hurt spine, Marquis runs back in the NBA defying death once more.

Every night, the Daredevil wears his Celtic jersey as Murdock wore his red superhero costume. Ready to fight death as a way to show the world his gift for playing the sport of basketball.

His superhero weapons: there is nothing he can´t do in a basketball court. He can play every position on the floor and be an efficient defensive player. He will guard the best wing player on the opposite team with reckless abandon. He will drive to the hoop and net you a needed basket. And his best asset: the movement without ball and his superlative basketball IQ.

As the Daredevil, he sees the floor with his radar system through the darkness displayed by the defense of the opposing team. Marquis has the key of the labyrinth in which the Celtics are right now. With the series with Atlanta tied 1-1 and the health of the squad in danger, Daniels will be waiting for his call. As he has always been.

And maybe now, in his third incarnation as a Boston Celtic he will find a way to confirm his talent and prove that his daredevil attitude will be granted the prize of the final glory: the Celtics #18 banner.

Marquis expects the ring at the other side of his basketball career that has taken him through dark roads and scary paths.

The Daredevil has been summoned. He is here with us, wearing Celtics green.