Gorman on Philly fan who got kicked out of the Garden

Dime Magazine reported the other day on the 76ers fan who got kicked out of Game 1 for pushing Avery Bradley. Turns out that the Bradley push was only strike 1. The fan also grabbed Rajon Rondo's jersey and it was 2 strikes and you're out.

Mike Gorman was on Toucher & Rich early this morning and gave the back story (listen to the full interview after the jump). Gorman said the Garden security was focused on "Old Man Knees," as the fan is called and once he grabbed Rondo he was gone.

The following exchange between Gorman and a Garden security member was the funniest part of the interview:

"I said 'What happened there?' [Security] 'We felt the need to locate him.' And I said, 'Where did you relocate him to?' And they said, 'His home.'"

Mike Gorman discussing the Philly fan ejection is towards the end, but the whole interview is worth a listen.