Doc Rivers named to NBA Competition Committee

Jessica Camerato:
Doc Rivers named to NBA's new Competition Committee along with owners Dan Gilbert (Cavs) and Joe Lacob (Warriors); GMs Bryan Colangelo (Raptors), Mitch Kupchak (Lakers), Kevin O’Connor (Jazz), and Sam Presti (Thunder); fellow coaches Rick Carlisle (Mavericks) and Lionel Hollins (Memphis Grizzlies). The NBPA will also designate one member to serve on Committee.

Said Joel Litvin, NBA President, League Operations on Committee: "The Board decided that the inclusion of owners and head coaches on the Competition Committee would add valuable perspectives to discussions about our game and how it might be improved. At the same time, we will continue to receive input on competition and rules matters from all 30 teams through the General Managers Committee."

Maybe Doc will vote to get rid of flopping!

I think we can all trust Rivers to do a great job on the committee, he's intelligent, thoughtful and really understands the game of basketball.