Comments from the other side - Sixers Game 1 5/12

First of all, happy Mother's Day to everyone who has a mother or who is a mother :)   Not sure who they hate more in this series,  KG or Lou Williams and Spencer Hawes.  Lots of hate for all 3.  Once again, it just blows my mind when they wish injury on players just because they play hard to beat them.   Tough loss for them for sure to get their hopes up all game and then have them snatched from them right at the end.  Hope you enjoy today's comments!!!

I really think we take this series in 6 or 7...

So ready for this. Hate the C's with a passion.

I think we have a decent chance to win this series. The Celtics scare me less than a Rose-less Chicago team.

I really believe that we match up well with the Celtics. Our regular season record shows that. Personally, I believe they are the easiest team for us to beat in the entire play-offs.

For the record, I hate all Boston sports teams! Let's re-up the rivalry and destroy the Celtics!

Why sixers-Celtics start before heat-pacers even tough the heat and the pacers got to the 2nd round before sixers and Celtics?

If anything that's good for us, they're the old team that needs rest right?

I detest the Celtics and their idiotic fans

This could get ugly tonight and the rest of the series. If we cant get easy wins vs the Bulls without Jokim and Rose it does not look promising. Hope I am wrong but I see Boston taking this in 5.

The Bulls' Defense and Rebounding w/o Noah is better than the Celtics at full strength.

All I want is one game and to not get destroyed.

I'm very scared that Boston will come out on a mission to prove that their injuries mean nothing. I'm very interested to see how we respond if that happens.

Hawes won a tip, not a good sign for Boston.

Man Bradley is a dog.

I know I really wanted him when he came out in the draft

Those KG screens are so very close to being moving picks Imo

Can we not let KG shoot those that easy

Celtics look baaaaaaaad right now.

Celts are a resilient team. They won’t stay down for long.

Can someone explain why Garnett is allowed to set moving screens? I've seen 3 so far and 2 of them were really bad.

Watch the hip-check every time Garnett sets a pick. So dirty..even when hes being subtle

After all these years they still don't call it, disgusting

Screw Boston teams I’m glad the Red Sox suck and the Celts are getting pummeled early on

I personally think all the "Pierce injury" stuff is just so when he puts up 30 one night everyone can make a big deal of it. But if it's for real, Iggy needs to make him work defensively.

where's Pierce's wheelchair?

Screw you Pierce Got any gang signs for me?

Half the Celts' points are free throws...

ET can kill Rondo and Ray Allen. Give him the ball

Man is it nice not to see the Bulls defense. The Celtics can defend, but they don’t physically beat you like the Bulls.

Celtics may play good D, but it’s not the insane, ferocious D of Chicago.

Caught a break on that call.

That Garnett jumper is deadly

Great qtr. But the experience of the Celtics means they are more likely to be consistent, whereas the Sxiers might let up when they jump to a lead. I guess we will see. We need Thad and Lou to own the 2nd.

Ok literally every screen KG sets is obnoxiously illegal

3 elbows to Meeks head on that 1 possession.

Why foul Ryan Hollins? Why? He looked like he was about to throw it into the third row.

Flop fail by Hollins

Think we need to start going behind the screens for rondo would much rather him shooting long jumpers than garnett

Celtics getting such pansy calls

Dooling from 3? Lol, no f**ing way.

If we continue to run and dictate the pace of the game(s) this is going to be a very short series.

I’ve never seen KG called for a foul before…

Easy to get open when their big is allowed to set obnoxiously illegal screens.

If that was pierce it was a whistle. Ticks me off. we’ll fight through tho..

here’s where experience pays off, Celtics can stay alive through their droughts

Stern gotta slow the game down for the Oldtics with all these ticky tac fouls.

We need to just feed Thad. Old man KG can't stay with him.

Since we already have the bad reputation, I wouldn't mind the next "Philly fan incident" being someone throw a hot dog at Tyron Lue.

Rondo for 3? More of that please.

The Celtics run seemed like a response. The Sixers are dictating the pace of this game.

Sixers need to run run run Celtics are tired in the 2nd quarter lol

Cant just let pierce walk through the D. His only pts so far had been FTs

The announcers are just dying for a Celtics W. Excitement over the Cs doing anything, and when the 6ers do something its just narrative.

Collins just sucks, no other way to say it Terrible in game coach,cant see or cant understand what is a mismatch

If we weren't god awful at FT's we'd destroying them.

I hate Boston soooo much

Beat that a-hole KG and his loser friends

How do you think that made KG feel

It probably motivated him Sorry, I should have waited until the end of the series :)

I could feel that happening, Boston ends quarters better than any other team in the east

Boston doesn’t look like they care, and they’re only down 5. That’s scary.

Sixers need to work on selling illegal screens to the officials….I thought Asik and Gibson were bad, but what KG is getting away with is down right criminal

TNT are obviously haters. Nothing positive to say about the sixers

Evidently, according to the script received from the NBA office, Der Stern has already declared the Celtics the winner.

Thanks for the pro-Celtics propaganda NBA


Hey! Why wasn't that a goal tend????

Not a goaltend. Hawes just blows.

Hawes = white pudding

Jeez. Kevin Garnett is quite good.

Helps to have Hawes guarding you

Hard to get past the cursing/taunting, illegal screens and 2 step travel before every jumper. I am blinded by green hate.

Rajon Rondo’s foul shooting confuses me.

He has big hands.

Having Hawes guarding you in the post is like you vs. Yourself down there.

I feel like with the C’s being old the Sixers have more talent but the C’s are smarter. Although no one who does not follow the Sixers would ever agree with the talent part. They are living in the past.

Another Turner turnover?

A Turnerover, as it were.

Ha Ha Celts      The Sixers’ white stiff is better than yours…

Stiemsma's facial hair should be a technical foul.

So KG is allowed to elbow Lavoy in the face, no foul

Foul on Lavoy, of course, for getting his face in the way of KG’s elbow.

And then KG gets a foul for flopping all over the place. Sigh

Oh, yeah, KG's not a dirty player at all...

he's a cheapshotting piece of trash

Ow, Ray Allen

Ouch. I like him though, good guy as long as he's not raining threes on the sixers.

You'd like him in Philly next year!

Oh Yeah!!!  

Hawes. Unable to stop anyone or anything.

Spencer Hawes Hate Comments: 35 and counting

Make that 36 Seems a little low, to be honest.

They show a string of great defense by Iggy, but then say Pierce is having a bad night?

TNT did convert to NESN. Even when Pierce is sucking, they are spotlighting him.

KG is the dirtiest player in the league after all. No calls.

Should be a foul on garnett man. He is such a slimy scumbag.

F*** KG, hope he breaks a leg

Kg is dirty lol been doing it for so long can't even act surprised

F*** Rondo, 360 piledrive his ass into oblivion creating a black hole in the time space continuum swallowing up that shtty city of Boston.

Someone take Hawes out of this game. It doesn’t have to be Collins.

Stisma looks like the guy that plays hellboy.

KG never fouls Elbows to the head, obnoxious moving screens, etc. Never fouls.

KG does whatever KG wants to do. He is a SUPERDUPERSTAR!!!!, and we do not interfere with him.

And that’s the downside to a Hawes coast to coast. Next trip down the floor, he thinks he’s the type of player than can shoot a jumpshot and make it.

I hate you Lou. I literally hate you.

Who is leaving Shuttlesworth open???

Can't give Ray these wide open looks. Smfh

Lavoy need to knock KG on his ***

Avery Bradley is a f***ing defensive monster, damn it!

Rondo has a consistent jumper now?

How doea KG get away with slapping everybody around

Lou Williams. Congratuations. You just made the dumbest play of the night. **** scrub

I hate Lou man....can't stand him.

Are you serious! Kill Lou!

Let this chucking scrub walk after the game. I'll personally go over there right now and pack his bags for him

Kg has had at least 6 wide open uncontested jumpers.

I’m dying. Dead. No pulsating. Just a dead, lifeless corpse.

Didn't that also happen last game?

Oh yay, the zombie apocalypse has started! I mean, oh no, the zombie apocalypse has started!

And KG is standing over you taunting with some profanity.

I think the problem here Is that the man we’re asking to handle Kevin Garnett probably couldn’t handle so much as a rasberry schnapps.

Dammit. Fouling up 3. That's a great strategy. I hate it.

I’m drunk off the lack of coaching intelligence.

Watch the C’s use some innovative inbound play where the Sixers can’t even foul them

You called it.

Lol we couldn't even foul..

This is just the worst guys – I feel like the Sixers should be blowing out the Celtics right now or at least have a respectable lead. Ugh.

They couldn't even Falking foul them. A PERFECT ending to a PERFECT Game!! Man 90 % of this team MUST go after we tank out to Boston. Starting with Iggy and Holiday, then Brand. Lou sucked tonight, but he is responsible for 80 % of our wins this season.

Who the **** are you replacing "90% of the team" with

And Lou Williams wins player of the game for the Celtics.

The Sixers only lost because of certain Sixers players..

How is it that the Celtics can shoot 2-18 from downtown and the Sixers not win in a blowout?

I don’t have enough beer in the house right now. Maybe I should switch to vodka.

Collins should retire after this game Go back to the retirement home you clown

I don't know how we are going to win this series. NBA wants a BOS-MIA ECF, MIA-PHI ratings would be horrible. Coming off a lockout shortened season, NBA is greedy and just wants $$$. W/E though, I am proud of this team for at least knocking off the Bulls in Round 1.

This was the game that would have changed it all. They aint winning the next one.

Boston is worse team than Chicago, we are just way to stupid and immature to close them out..

So, how many fouls did KG have tonight? I counted 14

I just thought the Celtics got away with more physical play, and on our end of the court, we got called for playing physical and ticky tack fouls. I definitely think our Sixers need to learn a little bit from the Clips and just flop a little bit. Just my opinion though.

Definitely can win the series, but just can't make stupid decisions down the stretch like Lou did tonight. Still think it goes 6 or 7, but like their chances better after this game than I did going into it...the Celtics look like they are running on fumes.

Garnett is cheap, Pierce is cheap (loved him pulling Thad down by the back of his jersey after the one foul call) but that is who they are...have to play through it and win.

Collins outcoached. Can’t defend him this time. Doc Rivers did a great job with the intentional foul + inbounds play late.

This was our best chance to steal one in Boston.. This hurts one of the worst losses ive seen in a while''

Their like f***ing turtles.  They plod along while the Sixers race out to a lead and dominate the whole game and then at the end they just plod on by.  F***ing turtles!!!!   Come to think about it,  Pierce even looks like one. 

This is easily the most embarrassing loss in 76er History! I mean a crippled old team that's top-3 players are a combined 112 years old ??? A team that barely averages 23 team rebounds a game, and who didn't shoot well tonight. Expect a HUGE 25-35 Point win for Boston in game 2...THAT is a certainty!