Comments from the other side - Heat Game 2 5/30

 When Knicks, Lakers and Raptors fans, who hate the Celtics, complain about the fact that the refs stole the game from the Celtics, you know the officiating was terrible.  Heat fans have to know in their hearts that their team didn't earn that win.  But then again they might just be delusional enough to feel that they deserved all those calls and the Celtics deserved the non-calls that decided the game.   The Heat have been given a free ride throughout the season and through the playoffs so far, not just in this series.  In spite of the disgust over the officiating in this game,  I hope you can enjoy today's comments.  The best comments came from the Lakers, Raptors, and Knicks fans. And of course, there is the Heat fan who doesn't care if they are being handed the games by the refs as long as they get the banner.  Gives new meaning to Miami CHEAT! 

The Celtics might resort to thuggery in Game 2. I'm not sure who their enforcer is, but I'm sure it won't be any of the important guys. If I had to put money on it, I'm going with Ryan Hollins. Pittman can return for Game 3. We should remind Boston of that.

With this being an important game, you better believe Boston will come out that much stronger. They may be old, but they're also a savvy and experienced team that's well-coached.

Who on that team is going to take LeBron down? LeBron knows when the hits are coming and basically truck sticks people in mid air and knocks them on their ass. Pretty sure LeBron is going to win a collision vs. Anyone on the Celtics that he sees coming.

Must win. Don't give em the split. Boston is a nightmare to play at.

We need to freakin' sweep this team man.

I'm not even thinking about the Celtics anymore, after watching game 2 of the WCF, all I can say is that those Spurs are scary good.

Lol at thinking Rondo can guard Wade,Rondo's defense is very overrated.

Wade's would eat Rondo alive in the post. Rondo can pick pockets but he cannot defend man-to-man.

Heat need stay focus, Rondo is not the only one that's unpredictable, that's whole Celtics team.

Win this ****ing game. I want to win in 5 at most. Going to need bron and wade as rested as possible

Punk these Creaky Knees!!!

Miller should not be chasing Ray Ray around. He isn't up to it. Ray has torched us SO many times.

Anyone else think Stern might have promised Benson the #1 pick if he bought the Hornets? I'm not one of conspiracy theories, but I'm just sayin…

Brian Windhorst ‏: The aroma of Icy Hot was so intense when I walked by the Celtics bench a second ago that it made my eyes water.

Chalmers has to be the WORST pg passer in the league.

So Pierce was allowed to foul Lebron like 10 times there.

I want to see proof that we can match up with the Spurs. Less screwy, sloppy out of control basketball please.

The Celts are scum, even as all other New England teams are

Stupid Celts have made this a street fight

Dang Boston in the penalty already That's amazing

Ugh, good Rondo showed up

My early observations: JVG is annoying as hell and Paul peirce is ugly as sin

where's his wheelchair?

And KG is a punk

Wow LeBron, take more stupid shots will you?

Why can't we just outplay them instead of just getting bailed out by ****ing refs. Damn.

Rondo is killing us.

I always feel we are playing in mud when we play the Celtics; they just make us look slow

Yo, they are calling every thing against us. [MY NOTE: At this point the Celtics have 7 fouls and the Heat have 2 - Definitely calling everything on them]

Our play on both sides of the ball looks atrocious right now.

Xcept the "get fouled by Stiemsma" part of the game.

I actually like Rondo. Love the cockiness in young players

Stop fouling this rat

Rondo knocking down jumpers, wtf

The hell has Rondo been eating?

Swear I hate this team sometimes

Why would anyone taunt Dooling? he’s not been relevant for years

We might want to guard rondo tonight

Allen pretending to be ray Allen again

Bull ****, they are letting Boston bump the **** out of the Heat and the Heat is getting call for **** fouls

And Rondo tripped on his own feet. Freaking goof.

I've said it before and I'll say it again When wade has a bad game he sucks the whole game! There’s not gonna be any second half heroics, we’ve watched enough games to know that.

Stop this crap that Rondo can't shoot, atleast contest him fools

Boston is erasing Wade. I'm impressed. I really wonder if they can sustain this all game.

Stop sagging off rondo you ****ing idiots

I just hope the Celtics get tired in the 2nd half lol

I ****ing hate Rondo, he's so ****ing cocky does this ***** even look in the mirror? Ugliest basketball player I have ever seen.

If we are having this much trouble with a bad Celtics team I cannot even imagine what the Spurs are going to do with us.

Time to drain Wade's knee again


I hate NBA Refs They knew they screwed up game 1, so they try and make it up next game

Halftime adjustment---- put in Curry to EAT Rondo

Lets quit screwin around and send this team off to their respective retirement homes...

Seriously, the Celtics are OLD They have no business doing this

Shit. Ray Ray is back on track

How can you leave Allen open, lol?

Just let Boston shoot FTs all game Cause clearly they get to the line more than any other team in the league


All Allen does is run through screens Guy never creates his own shots. Nothing like Jesus Shuttlesworth

Is it me or they aren't trapping Wade anymore.... Wtf

Was KG just talking trash to Wade?

When isn't he talking trash?

Rondo is a dagger in my heart

Rajon Rondo is a hell of a player but he's very easy to hate

Boston starting to miss shots! Those old legs are starting to get tired!

Garnett instigated that, I'm sure of it

He is a punk, he is the one player that I literally hate

I hate KG but that Tech is not justified.

Didn't you hear? KG is a tough guy. Tough guys throw elbows at smaller dudes. Makes him extra though seeing as how JJ isn't European.

Man this Boston team should be thanking their lucky stars that Bosh is not in this game.

I like how Breen actually likes us.

**** them , they don't deserve our support when they don't make free throws

I almost don't want our guys to get fouled.

Vaya con Dios Pierce, you piece of trash


Please no 3's, especially Ray ALlen 3's....


Who leaves Allen wide open???


LeChoke man. What the **** is wrong with him.

How many times do I have to say this: NO WAY ON THIS PLANET, should Lebron allow JASON KIDD, RONDO, SMALL PGs guard him. And for him to take jumpers against these small players??????? Something is officially wrong with his mind. Something ain't right.

Rondo just offcially played 48mins. Wow The kid is legit. He's more of an actual tough guy than Kevin Garnett can ever hope to pretend to be.

LeChoke is back with a vegeance

Let's see Rondo play 48 mins the whole series What a joke

If the Heat win this game it's huge Because Rondo will never shoot like this again in his life

They let Boston get away With tactics other teams don’t get….why is Commish on their jock?

We did foul Rondo.... But I will take what we can get.

Wow Wade got away with that

I honestly feel Wade got away with extending his leg, lol

They got away with a few during regulation.. that's life

Celtics deserved this one if they win

Rondo more clutch than our guys, sigh

We just got beat by the Boston Rondos



I do think the Celts are dead in 4 now The Heat ripped their hearts out

Rondo has 40 Disgusted

F****** Rondo, he is good but Eff him

Can Rondo please go away Ray Allen is on the other team. No.
Is it safe to say Game over yet?

Can one of you tell me how it feels to have the refs blatantly cheat for you? [From a Knicks fan]

Feels good. Can you tell us how it feels to win 1 playoff game in the last 10 years?

F U Rondo just die

Rondo is like an annoying mosquito in your house.

Man we have to sweep Boston, Rondo is scaring me

I HATE the Celtics with a passion but I love the game of basketball and what I saw tonight was a travesty. I wouldn't feel too good about this win Heat fans.  It was handed to you by the refs.  You didn't earn it.  [from a Lakers fan] 

We're lucky though that Rondo didn't get the called and that Dwyane wasn't called for an offensive foul.

HAHA I knew that **** JVG was going to talk about wade kicking his leg out.

Damn what a good game. Rondo played his best game ever. I wish he would of got that foul call when Wade hit him on da head because that's gonna be the excuse for this game.

Boston was set up to win the game. No way one missed called caused them the game.Thats just one lame excuse honestly. Boston should have won but choked so they don't need to blame the refs. blame the boston celtics

Celtics were robbed. [from a Raptors fan]

Gotta give it to Rondo...insane game 44/8/10

God I hate the Celtics but man this game only reinforces my respect for them.

****, I don't think bosotn can play a better game than that.

We didn't deserve to win tonight, but we'll take it.

Awesome win. We took their best punch. Should be a fun game in Boston, crowd will be insane

Doc can whine all he wants about foul calls, but its not why they lost in the end.


Wade needs to play much much better if we are to have a shot at beating SAS

HA.. NO TRIPLE DOUBLE FOR RONDO THEN... But wow..44 points... !

I am extremely happy we won, but I agree. I think we deserved to lose this one

Man I don't give a **** if Stern comes out publicly and states the refs really are favoring us. As long we get a banner hanging down from the rafters, **** the rest of the league.

Anything wrong below? lol
Maybe NBA knows something we dont.... 

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I think that game could be a neck breaker for the Celtics. They played good and Rondo played just amazing, but it wasn't enough.

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