Comments from the other side - Heat Game 1 5/28

 These are definitely much more fun to gather when we win but still some interesting comments here.  You know the officiating is bad when Miami fans are complaining about the fouls called on the Celtics.  The video is from last year but it still is funny.   Interesting that they (like a lot of teams) hate KG but are salivating at the chance to maybe get him this summer.  They were right about one thing though.  After the way LeJerk was taunting KG (with no reaction from the tech-happy refs, I might add) KG is going to be very mad coming into game 2. 

Celtics are old. They played on Saturday and now have to play a rested Miami team on Monday. Expect a blowout. Celtics are done in 5 or less.

I don't know, I feel like this may be harder than we think. Rondo kills us... KG and Bass, if their jumper has it going, it will be trouble.

Celtics entire offense is jumpshots. The Cs will struggle to get to 80 points in every game.

Run the ball win the series, they are old

I want to run these ****ing codgers into the ground.

I'm happy Miami gets the chance to slowly slide the dagger into the Celtic's hearts, saving private Ryan style.

Surely people hate the Celtics as much as us? The big 4 against the Bigger 2.

Barkley picked us in 5 over Boston. We're officially screwed!

The Heat aren't getting enough respect right now. That's all right, they will earn it starting tonight.

I wish Avery Bradley was playing just so this myth of him being able to guard Wade would stop.

The Pacers would have whooped the Celtics in 5.

Doc is really classy all thing aside, though, he makes an ass out of himself for how he exploits our over-aggressive defense

Some Celtics fans on their board should learn a little something from Rivers. They still consider the elbow-injury to Rondo a dirty play by Wade.

The fact that people believe that there was malicious intent to friggen dislocate the guy's elbow is hilarious. Shows how low people will stoop to put dirt on the Heat.

I'm a bit nervous about today's game. Either the Celtics are old and can't win this series or they've been sleep walking till now. If the Celtics find they're legs were in trouble.

I just want to say before the series starts... I hate Rajon Rondo.

Need more Manbearpig and Flash. Less LeChoke and Dfail.

How appropriate is it that Chris Bosh is sitting at home with the women and children while the men go to war?

I'm nervous. Cant give up home court to the Celtics. We havent exactly been road assassins this year.

I hate the ESPN/ABC NBA studio crew They all need to go play in traffic

Run their old legs into the ground.

Lets go heat, blow these senior citizens out !!!

Ughh I hate Pierce

Rondo trying to be aggressive is weird to see

Celtics d is definitely wayyyy better than Indy's We have no space

You can't let Ray get an effin rebound that's ridiculous

Rondo is flopping lepricon ...

Thank god Allen is in a slump

Rondo is trying way too hard

Funny how people were getting worked about Boston, if Sixers had any semblance of offense they'd beat them. In fact I'd pick the Pacers in 5 against them. Heat aren't even playing like they care, getting the easiest baskets here and there....It's just a matter of the Heat not getting TOO complacent.

Who is this man and what has he done with Mike Miller's corpse?

Does KG ever miss

he's human.. .. He can be beaten... Just need to get bosh off the bench and.... …oh..right..

Every screen Garnett sets is moving, and they call Haslem for a good screen. These refs are calling everything for Boston.

Dooling always kills us.

I swear, 80% of Garnett's screens are illegal. He should be surprised whenever one is called.

LOL Garnett getting T'd up! Danny don't like KG. GOOD.

Just let them play, this league is so freakin weak now bro.. This is the playoffs.

Excellent call? JVG and his family can die slow.

Never mind, it's a great foul.

Damn Allen, at least you got one. Ray Allen's not himself.

Damn, I feel bad for Ray. I mean I know I shouldn't....but I never had a problem with him like the rest of his team.

These techs are getting stupid now.

Every time the C's get momentum.... They call a random tech hahah

We can't stop Rondo. Better hope this doesn't come down to the last shot, Rondo would get in so easily

We don't need these lame techs to beat the Celtics.

They are really quick with these techs Thankfully they all on the C’s

Techs are motivating Boston

Y'all know what Doc is doing right? He and his team getting teched up on purpose so they can then complain about the reffing to the media, and yada yada yada, Boston gonna get all the calls for the rest of the series.

I'm a raptors fan and I hate both teams equally and wowww. The league office wants heat in the finals..

Enjoy the calls now. We ain't getting any calls after this game.

Celtics know how to play the refs perfectly. It's amazing how people think that we get the benefit of the doubt. Smh

Wade is invisible out there. He always plays so terribly against Boston, I don't get it.

Wade knows he doesn't have Avery Bradley on him, right?

I hate how Rondo can just walk by Chalmers and take all the time he wants it's infuriating.

This is what Doc is doing... Even though Ray Allen is struggling....Run him off screens all game to tire Wade out and pack the paint when their on defense. Doc coached a great half. Heat need to adjust.

KG only played 14 minutes...and the game is tied we're about to see a whole lot of KG in the 2nd half and that isn't good at all.... Ugh

Thank God Ray Allen is off tonight.

Celtics are so well coached, it's not even funny

KG is one dirty ****

This fronting strategy on defense is a hell of a lot less effective when the opposing team has a PG that's worth a damn.

I hate Pierce, wish someone would knock his ass down for a while.

It's like Wade knows he doesn't have to overexert himself this series.

Getting tired of KG Seriously.. When is this guy going to grow old and fade

****ing KG That guy is unbelievable. I wonder what Boston will do this summer with him? I doubt he'd wanna leave, but will they pay him enough to stay?

Wish we could get him. Imagine KG next to Bosh?

Nobody can handle our lockdown D, NOBODY. I include OKC and Spurs in that comment.

What bullsh#t. Refs bailing out No Pass Bass.

Our role players doesn't deserve to play in the NBA.


Lebron trolling KG

Anyone see bron trollin KG there? KG gonna come out like a mad man in game 2.

KG is an animal

Boston has great defense But that offense… Yikes

SMH @ the fans leaving


I detest those fans that leave early, disgrace. Infact they should lock the exits and make it compulsory to stay. You never see OKC do that, surely the traffic aint that bad you gotta miss the ending.

To be fair, there is nothing to do in OKC besides watching the Thunder.

Pierce was 5-18... So much for Pierce having a mental edge over LeBron.

Pierce got his shot blocked 4 times LMAO

Pierce was playing today!?