Comments from the other side - Hawks Game 4 5/6

Great win by the Celtics and an inspired performance by the Captain, which inspired the Hawks fans to spew hate and threats in his direction.   Between trashing their own players and wishing injury and death on Celtics players, the Hawks fans are a pretty bitter bunch.  And when all else fails,  blame the refs.  I'll just never understand fans wishing serious injury on players.  It's a game, folks!!!  I hope you enjoy today's comments. 

Hawks absolutely have to have this game. I think they win on the road

I feel good about tonight

AL HORFORD MIGHT PLAY!!! (Oh man oh man oh man)

It's like our own potential wheelchair miracle Minus the wheelchair… ;)

All other Eastern Conference series are 3-1. Can the Hawks stop the trend and tie it up tonight?

Hawks have not proven they can win in Boston YET this year I don’t think Lion will be there for any material minutes, but more as a boost to the psyche of the team.

I think he be more of a replacement for minutes that Rad or Green or Pargo get We still need our seven footers to hurt KG when he is in the game

Al Horford = Willis Reed

If we could take them into overtime in that game, how do we every loose when everyone is healthy? We should beat them by 40 pts with Horford and Smith and Zaza in

All right Hawks I think you’re the better team, time to prove me right

Josh Smith: Stop trying to do everything.

Also, passing to Jason Collins Let’s stop that too

Why the crap do the Celts Look as spry as the Sixers? Is Garnett taking funky roids or what?

Josh Smith cant play Hes not running well at all right now

Josh Smith no outlet leads to...well nothing. Again.

Really smith, lazy to and then don't get back on D what a terrible lack of effort

He is our best player…according to him.

Got away with a travel too

I know it's early to say, but I like how Boston is playing more than I like how ATL is playing so far

Paul pierce killing jj

Paul Pierce is a

But killing us

Really jj gets abused by the best in the game but makes a lot more money that's whats crazy

I like how we can take these guys to OT without Smith and Horford and then start getting pounded the very next game with them back.

Jason Collins got an offensive rebound I was so excited

And he got fouled 3 times without a call

Thanks for the gift Pierce where’s your wheelchair?

More stops are needed, I can’t believe I’m saying that against the Celtics and their often primitive offense

Ray Allen, 2 PFs Hell yes

Pargo in.................. God help us

Pargo sucks.

I hate you Pierce

Remember when Joe could shoot FTs?

I'm feeling a bit of home court advantage going a certain way And not the way I’d like…
I smell a blowout coming.

Somehow I know the Hawks will have a chance to win this in the closing seconds

Boston, with a masterful defensive performance…

Good rebound al If that were Collins we wouldve lost the ball

We've got to cut Marvin in the offseason. He is Fawful

There is no excuse For giving up 30 points to the Celtics in any quarter

They want it more. Period.

Sit Lion down WE are going to lose this game with this idiotic wishful thinking he is in game shape

I kind of expected he'd play against their second team, not KG You’d think I’d have learned after a season and a half, wouldn’t you?

And this is why I said that every game is a must win..... Boston obviously knows it too

I cant believe I waited all day for this

We get clowned by the media and give them more opportunities to bash us No fight, no desire, no drive, no motivation

Just end our misery and start all over Keep teague and horford, cut everyone else

Pargo can't guard a pee-wee player.

That's bullcrap. Not gonna get the calls on the road though

Smith is so selfish miss a shot and jog back on d little $@%!$

Wow you can't stop that. That was really good D

And that was their bench player

We've almost as many TOs so far as we've averaged in whole games already.

And smith has 3 but he is a all star

Boston is just hitting everything. Minus a 4th qtr implosion by them, we lose this

Dooling turned into freaking Matt Bonner this series

Pierce is apparently automatic

Well that was good D. Pierce just has a horseshoe up his ass.

I hate Paul pierce more than anything in life

Is it too early to start discussing trade possibilities involving Josh this offseason?

Only if we can discuss using the amnesty on Joe

I really hope we don't win another game if we lose this one..

I'd rather we win game 5 I hate seeing the opponents celebrate on our floor.

Is it too much to ask that we just don't get embarrassed?
This reminds me of 2008.


Break out the freaking wheelchair for that b*tch

Carry him off Let’s get a close-up of the tears.


Get the wheelchair

Its not like he stabbed you Pierce Go find your magic wheelchair

I'll believe Pierce is hurt when I see a coroner's report

Guy falls down, screams, clutches his leg, gets a time-out called Was he even LIMPING as he walked off the court?

NOPE. But that is his game. Get to the line through sympathy.

Get him a wheelchair.

I hope Paul Pierce dies of AIDS.

But let’s face it Pierce is one of the great actors of his generation.

I hope pierce is done for good

These refs are really bad.

I think Hitler would have a mancrush on Stiemsma

Its official, I hate Boston more than Miami

This is a joke!

No this is reality we suck and the east was a joke

We are letting a hurt ray Allan kill us

We are terrible

Celtics look like they are barely breaking a sweat out there right now.

They are making a lot of hard shots on good D. Hawks just aren't getting as lucky as they are on the other end

I don't think luck has anything to do with it. More like lack of coaching and effort.

The game won't stay like this... We'll come back

Come back to what

English is your second language right

And basketball is MOS def not your forte

Keep Horford out... No need risking next year for this game that we obviously don't care about.

I am done here tonight fellas, this hawks team is a joke, always was and always will be unless a clean house in on the way. Got almost 200 mill in 2 players that are way overrated,

This officiating has been horrible. All bad calls have favored the Celtics

Can the whole team. They are the king of the "B" teams. They'll get to the playoffs every year, but fold in the first or second rounds. Hell - I'd almost rather see them going back to winning 10 games a year to spare us this kind of crap.

Those sore left knees sure are killers Break out the wheelchair

He is the biggest Hollywood there is

Moving away from keyboard Trying to avoid all sharp objects

Joe Johnson is just awful Hes lost his man off of screen way too many times, I cant deal with 4 more years of his sorry ass

Oh no - we'll never come back from 23 down I mean, 22 felt manageable…

You'll live with rondo threes.

We're going to die by them, my friend.

And now this is getting absurd

Didn't think the second half could be worse.. Down 31

Did the announcers just say that Paul Pierce is "gimpy?"

I vote to put marvin in so he can body slam Rondo

Can we bring Ivan in to punch someone?

Well, Pierce can't miss He’s heroically “overcoming,” that knee problem

I really hope Paul Pierce dies of AIDS.

Ok, can we at least lose by less than 20?

I was thinking less than 40... How long till LD waves the white flag

I thought he came out for the opening tip waving it

Sigh it's not a hawks postseason until we have a game that causes me to be embarrassed to show my face the next day smh

Can we get to 5 points for the quarter before they get to 20?

Doc Rivers, chewing out bad decision making when his team is up by 35 Better coach than us.

Remember those people that actually wanted to play the Celtics

I wanted to play Orlando. But they didn’t cooperate.

You mean the Hawks didn't Had that terrible, terrible game in Boston in April where the refs were trying to give us the game in OT, and we refused to run a set offensive play (no lessons learned there).

Indiana lost to a dwightless magic Id rather take them on

As much as it pains me to say this We don’t have anybody with the will to get it done like Big Baby Davis does.

If any of you see Paul Pierce on the street this week I have absolutely no problem with you stabbing him I actually encourage it

Ouch….reggie miller just called this game “a glorified practice”

He also said the chair he's sitting in has a better jump shot than Rondo

Does anyone remember that guy on this team named Ivan Johnson?

They're holding him til after the game When he’s gonna stab Pierce

I hope marvin slams rondo on the ground

1-8 for Josh on jumpshots I know, his knees are bothering him. A healthy Josh would be 2-8

I swear I let myself become invested in the hawks every year and they rip my heart out I hate being a sports fan sometimes

I hope that the next game we start marvin just so he can guard pierce

I hope next game we start Marvin Ivan just so he can guard punch Pierce

Here'e the ugly - and massively irritating Pierce played 17 minutes and was +33

I hope Paul Pierce Gets early onset dementia

He was terrible shooting last night But magically got superstar calls so he could get to the line

Karma is a factor in reincarnation. Something like for wishing bad things on Rondo and Pierce we get reborn as Boston fans or some other lower life form like a dung beetle.