Comments from the other side - Hawks Game 3 5/4

 The Celtics should have won that game in a blow out in regulation but they played just bad enough to let the Hawks hang around the entire game.  I don't understand all the hate for Joe Johnson from Hawks fans.  He kept them in it and was the reason it wasn't a blow out.  I don't think the last comment is quite true.  It isn't that the Celtics aren't that good.  It's that they aren't playing that good.  They are shooting terribly and missing wide open shots.  Maybe it's fatigue.  But I have to feel that they are going to put it together in one of these games and show that they are that good.   Enjoy today's comments. 

The Hawks without Josh Smith and Al Horford/Zaza will be worse than the Dwightless Magic. The Celtics will not have ANY difficulty in dispatching this team tonight

This team can't even spell championship, and Smoove has probably played his last game in a Hawks uniform. JJ is not a leader. He has no emotions, and he takes NOOOOOO blame for losses.

I think we could have a chance tonight and the negativity is unneccessary, I've seen this Boston team blow some easy games this year that they shouldve won

When I saw the line this morning at 8 I immediately thought that wasn't near high enough

Perhaps Dampier can start a fight with Kevin Garnett, and both players will be suspended for two games? Dampier could do Hawks fans a huge favor, and get himself and Kevin Garnett both ejected for a couple of games. It could get interesting since Eric Dampier and Kevin Garnett are both dirty players.

Hopefully Dampier can come in and throw some wild elbows around like Garnett does to his opponents. If he can provoke Garnett into a fight, well that is even better!

"It felt like we won the series already." Wouldn’t it be great to make him eat his words? You just don’t say stuff like that when it’s 1-1. No pressure, everyone is picking us to lose. It’s when we play best. Time for Joe to earn his salary.

Gonna need some hard drugs tonight

Ray Allen sounds like he's going to suit up for Game 3... … ouch.

Welcome back As I’ve said in other threads Joe can light him up

The hawks drafted bill Russell and traded him to the Celtics. Worse trade ever??

Too bad we can't go all Frankenstein Al has two good legs – borrow one for Josh and one for Zaza…

One good thing we have going is that we're not likely to be overconfident!

My disgust factor maxd out at the way they lost game 2 I have none left, so this could be enjoyable.

Joe Johnson loves being doubted 35+ tonight?

Anything could happen I mean it-seriously anything.

I won't even rule out a bench clearing brawl started by Larry Drew chewing out Jerry Stackhouse over that column he wrote.

As long as they duke it out with KG in the middle Then all 3 can get tossed ;)

Collins will not get away with many moving screens Are they going to call that moving pick on Garnett too?

Pshaw - KG doesn't foul

Extremely borderline illegal screen by KG there.

Please jack those up Rondo Give Rondo that shot all night.

Why is no one near Bradley?

DAMP coming in the games?#$@!%


Wow, ESPN interviewing Josh Smith and going screen in screen During the middle of a playoff game. What the hell?

Give 'em credit for consistency? They claim no one wants to watch Hawks ball, and they back it up with their actions

F*** Ray Allen

Big hand as Ray Allen comes onto the floor I’m sure Ivan is tempted to give him a hard foul immediately.

So was the plan there to double team Steisma and ignore Ray Allen?

Nice to see JJ knock down some shots Not nice to see Jesus Shuttleworth on the other end

Welcome back Ray Now maybe they’ll stop talking about the poor injured Celtics in every write up.

Now they’ll write about the experienced and courageous Cs, going after one last title

Damp or Collins should always play I love SEVEN footers

I also love seven footers But frankly they shouldn’t even be in the league

No arguments there But they all we got, and I still think a dead seven footer is better than no seven footer

Call the walk on Garnett That is an awful lot of shuffling to just ignore.

I LOATHE Garnett/Pierce They are the dirty scum of the nba

I swear to LD this is all an experimental thing Can my freaknig bench go against four future first ballot hall of famers? Inquiring minds want to know

Marvin travel.................. If they call that travelling, KG should have 5 by now

This is like watching a girl's high school basketball game right now.

This game is playing out like it's pre-shot clock era We got a 2 point lead, and now we’re just going to not do anything for the rest of the game.

As much as I hate to say, that was some crisp ball movement by Boston.

I refuse to say that as much as I agree

Why is Joe Johnson still sitting out??? Why why????

Need to make sure that he doesn't get as many minutes as Ray Allen Don’t want to wear him out.

You know, LD might have something it’s like we’d lulled Boston to sleep, then we scored and they remembered they were in the middle of an actual game

It seems as if Boston is playing to keep these games close..... Even if they are the juggernaut that ESPN portrays them to be, they are playing with fire.

It's more like they're playing with a match Which may or may not be lit in the 2nd half ;)

Refs won't let Boston lose tonight

WHERE IS IVAN? KG will kill us inside Marvin can't guard KG Doesn’t have the length. Or height, or strength, or skill, or swag, or..............................

I swaer we need a new coach tonight after this game, I can't stand LD I CAN’T STAND LD

Doc is too smart for this crap, same thing with Josh guarding Garnett in the last game, goes straight to him in the low post.

Good Call Ref Excellent, screw Celtics Fans, I’ll get you a chik-fil-a sandwich back in A-town

Can Joe Johnson pass the f***ing ball?

Celtics Fans booing the wave off of defense 3 on a made basket I better never hear about how knowledgeable Boston fans are ever again. I mean it.

Rondo felt like already won the series? Lol

Tmac is hurt F’in Rondo

That wasn't a dirty play. He came down on the back of Rondo's heel.

I didn't say it was a dirty play. I saw clearly what happened. Rondo can still go f*** himself

F*** you Bass, cant just throw down a player

I’m tired of Joe Johnson, guy takes the dumbest shots

On the bright side Only 4 more years at $80+M! Oh wait…


One by one, players go down until a winner(?) is determined

Wouldn't we have to take turns losing guys for that to work? How many injuries have we spotted them?

Well apparently the only reason the Hawks are in this is because the Celtics are playing bad and that we're just lucky that they're playing bad, that's according to the ESPN crew

Collins back in Hope he commits a pair of fouls early and is removed.

I wish Joe was better.

If JJ was as good as he thinks he is we'd never lose

Joe is a wannabe Carmelo right now

Carmelo isn't even that good

He should at least wanna be LeBron or Kobe or something.

I'd settle for Paul Pierce

Wow Collins just got outrebounded by rondo

Can't block out a guy you've got 9 inches on. Go to the bench

I haven't seen Marvin hit a jump shot since 2008 Please get him out of the pros

Transition D, there's now way KG should beat us down the court

Damp’s got stone hands

They petrified from non-use

Teague steal and dunk and outruns old man Garnett

3 fouls on Garnett

Good call ref, throw KG out

And Garnett still doesn't know who he is

Paul Pierce made his career at the line Can we please stop fouling him?

I wonder if Josh and Rondo ever sit around arguing about which is the better jump shooter No, it’s gotta be you they leave me open all day.

If Boston loses this It’s going to be fun to see their fans feel like we did after game 2.

Boston is playing so bad right now. TAKE ADVANTAGE

Paul Pierce making a living on the stripe 1-7 shooting for 14 points in this game.

I wish Pierce sucked at FT's

Another Paul pierce champion commercial

“I see 17 stab wounds banners”

Pierce has shot more freethrows than the entire atl team
So fair.

God I hate Paul Pierce

Entire 4th Quarter for the starters I only can tolerate Ivan and Marv for a minute or two for blows, but otherwise – ride these cats to a W. Esp. Teague – he’s 23. He’ll be ok

Gladly accept us Running out of gas, but I won’t accept us playing our bench vs. Their HoFers

Good hustle Pargo.


Wow we actually got a call

T-Mac with the Reggie Miller foul

I f***ing hate Paul pierce

And the Cs in general And Boston for that matter

I hate John Adams. I’m so glad he’s dead. Denis Leary is overrated. F*** Bobby Valentine and Roided up David Ortiz

Did Pierce just stare down the Hawks' bench?

Can't blame him. he's beaten the hawks like 100 times before.

I really hate him. Like really.

You can't leave Garnett open there.
Why on Earth is Marvin stepping to the line My goodness its like nobody wants to win this gam
Even he has to be asking why he's shooting the Tech

I think it was an attempt to warm him up He makes a free throw and then shoots better from the field. Of course the problem with that logic is that he has to make the free throw.

I hate marvin

Ray Allen rusty on his flopping

Just wish JJ wouldn’t play like he’s heartless all the time

Why is Willie in, ugh

[insert player] and try not to ugh

I swear if Ray hits a 3 over Willie green...........................

I seriously hate Boston

Nice three, now sit him and put in a better lineup!

Boston is trying to break our hearts by playing bad intentionally in the final 2 minutes now

Despite the trips dubs for Rondo I actually rather see Rondo run point than Bradley (vs the Hawks) Bradley puts way too much pressure on our defense

That peek into our huddle Inspires no confidence in Larry Drew.

Much though I hate to acknowledge Boston does anything well right now, out of sheer biased irritation, I remember watching Doc in a huddle once taking time to ask a younger Rondo if he understood what had gone wrong on a play. Prefer that to rah-rah or platitudes or LD-speak.

Hopefully they are old and tired for OT

Well theyre definitely old

Oh my god they called traveling

I love their looks when something gets called on them

I hate rondo so much

21 points on 3 field goals for Pierce, nothing shady here..

Willie Green and Joe Johnson are just worthless on the fastbreak

Joe Johnson is a joke

What is LD drawing up? Smiley faces or some shit?

What makes you think he's even pretending to draw shit? He’s writing the name, “Joe Johnson,” followed by, “Do whatever the hell you want.”

We could so be winning this game we’re playing really inspired defense and I understand that they are tired, but come on – you can’t just do ISO against the best defense next to Chicago in the league

I can’t see why Teague keeps passing the damn ball, but he’s young and probably can’t help but to defer to the $120M dude

How does Allen get the rebound?!

The Celtics should be embarassed

The difference in the game is that their coach and star is more clutch than our coach and star. We can bitch about Marvin and Ivan and all of these ancillary pieces, but that’s really what it comes down to.

Great job Kirk did in the 4th oh wait He was replaced by the human brick machine Willie green

Hope everyone plays this hard with Josh hopefully in the lineup on Sunday.

You know they won't

They played hard Odds we hear anything from the talking heads about Boston sucking in the win?

Can someone knock KG on his ass next game, please?

I made a comment to the bar about KG that I can't type here. But it involved him, Pierce and a fiery car crash.

Game 3 was win or die. We died. Maybe I'm alone when I say the series is over, but if Rondo agrees with me, I can't be too far off.

After a scare like this Boston isn’t losing game 4. We’re going to have win game 5 at home and then try to steal game 6 to bring it back for game 7

I disagree I think they just aren’t as good as the media says. I think there is little difference between the teams and if Josh can play I think we win game 4

Maybe the Cs will be gassed by Sunday? Doubt we're that lucky

I kept trying to pretend Vlad was Zaza. Didn’t work.

Maybe we could get him a Zaza mask just to scare KG?

Avery Bradley Strained shoulder

ESPN will now have a lead point for the game recap “Boston Celtics overcome an injury to rookie Avery Bradley to dispatch the Atlanta Hawks.”

If we were all healthy and had a decent coach we’d would without a doubt be up 3-0 in this series, so depressing

A combination of missing easy shots and the ref calling EVERYTHING for Pierce is what did us in; I mean seriously 18 Free Throws? Every questionable call Pierce could've gotten he got. Well Boston showed me something tonight, that they really aren't better then us, we're taking game 4

Neither of these teams is that good