Comments from the other side - Hawks Game 2 5/1

Poor Hawks fans.  They were so sure they were going to end the evening celebrating up 2-0 and ended up 1-1 and drunk.  I think my favorite comment is this one:  "The refs have been the leaders of the Celtic glee club. Maybe they're confused and think the C's are Miami?"  Talk about grasping at straws.  Not sure how they have the nerve to say that after that first game.  And they admitted through the game they were getting calls so not exactly one sided.    Which one is your favorite? 

If I’m the Celtics I play game 2 with a skeleton crew. In fact, why even keep the starters here. They should have left for Boston yesterday and just rest up for game 3. There’s no way they can win this game without Rondo or Ray.

They can hope for a very unfocused and overconfident Hawks. Won’t be surprised one bit if that shows up

Only on NBATV... We're the Rodney Dangerfield of playoff teams. So unwatchable that we've even dragged the mighty Celtics down to be shown only on this network. We'll probably have 2 nobodies calling the game as well

I hope the team stays focused tonight considering Boston has two of their top talents sitting.

Make anyone not named Paul Pierce beat the Hawks.

We saw in game 1 that Pierce and Garnott are both done.  Without Rondo they have no chance.  So excited for this game.  

No Rondo tonight - Perfect time to take advantage and go up 2-0.  No way they can beat us with that old lineup and no Rondo.   We got this

How the hell can there be so many Celtics fans in the arena?  Is there no pride among Hawks fans?

I like that he's CLEARLY jawing at the ref in that picture Sure doesn’t help him appear any more innocent.

Yeah, that picture was a killer to his and Doc's whole explanation Which were pretty lousy to start with

F*** Paul Pierce

Well, Josh...way to not respect the game, you imbicile.

Nique would have made that dunk

In the spirit of the game It would make sense to sub Josh for someone who doesn’t like to show off. ;)

How long to Pierce's legs fall off?
Wow...we are drawing a TON of fouls. Bye bye Pietrus, see you next half

Josh flops!

I hate flops But I’m powerless against the call of the ref…

The announcers just praised Josh's decision making on the break. “Critical to Game 1”. They didn’t watch apparently.

Ha, the national media watch the Hawks? Good one

If Ivan bumps a ref, it won't be like Rondo's little bird chest, might need an ambulance.

Ambulance? We’ll need a coroner.

Already up Josh dunk fail

I feel weird inside We are living up to our title as the dumbest team in the land, yet we are winning

This is ugly and makes me feel the Celts know what they are doing. Weather the storm until the Hawks put in the 2nd unit

Well, Hawks certainly aren't taking advantage of early foul trouble for the Celtics Got 5 fouls on them in the first four minutes

I is tpossible that last game wasn't so much about Joe's defense being great as it was Paul Pierce’s offense being bad?

Ivan has been really disruptive so far. Stiemsma (spelling) has been getting beat up and pushed around.

Boston defense... Doesn’t give you a ton of time to line up your shot. They definitely close out.

It's almost as if LD is dissing the ability of the C's defense with this lineup

Doc's line-ups always seem to have at least two starters on the floor We’ve got 1, and that starter is Jason Collins…

Maybe the plan is to have fresher legs in the fourth?

Plan ahead for hero ball jump shots!

Honestly...I already threw one laptop last game. I am running out of computers.

McGrady is locked in It's a good thing he's drawing fouls - it's the only bench points we're getting

Larry Drew...seriously. How do you determine the lineups?

I for one like having Collins on KG

His job is just to lay on him

KG has cooperated by not moving around much tonight

It's a good thing the C's are old and have a short bench We’ve brought our C+ game and we’re still winning

That's because our bench is outscoring theirs... 3 to 2!

I think we're getting away with some... The refs are unbelievably not robbing us Imo.

NBA TV has been infected by the TNT virus The same one that makes the TNT guys have Celtics diarrhea during every half time break

Never forget... Anything the opponent does not do well is NOT a reflection of Hawks’ defense. It’s only a sign that the opponent will win the next game, and ultimately the series

I don't like Collins on KG It just seems like KG is missing bunnies, like that. Collins can’t move with him, but KG is off all the same.

C's' are cold and sloppy Capitalize!

Thank you Joe Please score more than Truth…I have five bucks on that very bet

Gotta get Marvin or somebody on the bench who wants to get physical on Pierce

KG elbowed his own guy! IVAN WAS RIGHT!

Boston’s running out of steam.

Almost better that we struggled early. Let them wear out.

For somebody who got stabbed multiple times Pierce sure falls down easily

Celtics are starting to look desperate as the usually awful 3rd quarter Hawks are putting it on them!!

So happy the Hawks have shut up the Celtic fans at Philips.

I'll take an Ivan/Pierce double ejection/suspension. Fight it out!

If you aren't a Hawks or Celts fan, this game sucks.

I hate playing Boston...

So KG and Paul Pierce can stay, but our guys need rest?

The bench should have been on the bench a few sets ago. Now it's only a 2 point lead do realize that you are resting our guys more than their 12+ year vets, right?

Remember a couple games ago When Marvin looked like an NBA player?

Collins is GONE. Holy sweet jebus thank you.

That was the only way he was leaving the game.

Jason Collins out...hooray

No Ivan? Hustle and effort are overrated.

Man they are exploiting Josh on KG.

KG really irritates me


JOSH WANTS TO BE TEAGUE. Unfortunately, he can’t ever be.

Here's the thing-we don't even try to initiate offense before there's 10 seconds left on the clcok AGAINST AN OLD TEAM THAT WE WANT TO RUN AGAINST!

I hate you JJ

Same old Hawks We play exactly like how the national media thinks we play\

Seems to happen when the association gives them a win on a platter They want to knock it in the air and storm out the room.

I hate Paul Pierce I hate the Celtics

OOOOO dude he landed right on Pierces ankle!!!

Did they bring the wheelchair out yet?

Why are the Hawks always the Celtics' bitch?

Hilarious seeing KG flop on that JJ drive

Time for Joe to earn some of his $20M salary

It would be nice to have a 7 footer in the paint right now

Shouting "Miss it" at my TV Seems to have no effect on KG. He’s got good focus

Great, now Truth gets to showboat

Is anyone even surprised? I know I’m not, seen too many Hawks games

Well, the last 15 minutes really sucked The next three days of analysis are really going to suck. And the Hawks are going to have to find something inside to grab one of the two in Boston.

We just need everyone to count us out (like they will) They we’ll take one

The refs have been the leaders of the Celtic glee club. Maybe they're confused and think the C's are Miami?

We need Zaza ASAP

If Zaza is healthy, we man-handle this series

Yeah. You never know how bad injuries suck until you make the playoffs and don't have your players

Hawks are a F***ing joke. Thanks for another sleepless night

The thing is... The Celtics could have completely dominated us but they didn't. They made a lot of stupid mistakes too. Celtics just capitalized on a couple more than the Hawks did.

Bench had to step up especially against Boston's 3rd team They did nothing…

If Smith's injury is serious I don't know if we'll win this series.

Even if he's ok... Tonight doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Having hope in the Hawks will always bite you in the ass

Well, Hawks defense was ok but Boston's was awesome as we did our sleepwalk for an entire quarter.

Kudos to Boston and Paul Pierce, they wanted it more... Can't say that I'm surprised, I've seen this too many times unfortunately as a Hawks fan.

How are they going to let an old man light them up for 36?

Paul Pierce was the Celtics best player, yet we didn’t double him to get the ball out of his hands. .they knew, Celtics fans knew, a whole slew of yellow journalists knew, that Paul Pierce was going to go off and the HAwks did nothing about it.

I just hope that when LD's contract is up we actually spend money on a decent coach instead of getting the cheapest thing available. Geez seriously their old as dirt starters were in the game for the entire quarter and all LD could do is sit on his hands and watch as we gave up the lead with our backups in.

I guess that's why the pundits selected Boston to win

And the same pundits that gloat when their beloved Celtics franchise wins make excuses for game like Sunday, they will never give the Hawks credit

Worst possible outcome Outplayed, out coached, and an injury. Been stuck in the parking lot for 15 minutes of ESPN radio coverage and no mention of Josh’s injury. Lots of talk about the Hawks never stepping up.

Nobody gives a damn about the Hawks They just don't

That was such an ugly 4th quarter, but I don't think this game will mean much, noone expected a sweep besides I feel like this was more the hawks lost than the Celtics won

True - I've heard them talking about how miserable it will be if Atlanta takes out Boston

if horford and zaza were healthy this wouldnt even be close Oh but wait, no one wants to mention this because the media has their heads so far up the celtics ass that the only thing they can think of is that ray allen is hurt

I’m really tired of hearing about Ray Allen being unable to play as a major story line. If you’ve watched the Hawks and Celtics play over the last several years you know that Joe often lights up Ray Allen because Ray isn’t a really strong defender. I wish he could play.

Everyone nationwide roots for the Celtics, even beyond not getting credit, all the media members WANT us to lose so their Celtics can advance

Honestly, Hawks don’t deserve respect when they collapse like this. They have to go out and earn it.

4 more years of joe..................

He's a damn fine regular season player

Damn fine isn't nearly worth $20M I’d rather him only show up for the playoffs

Time to crack open the last beer

Think I'm going to need more than beer To get over this disaster of a game

Don't mix the wild turkey with the grey goose

I love mixing Goose and Turkey. I call it "Thanksmas".

This is more like C-giving

There is a reason Atlanta was named #1 most miserable sports city.