Comments from the other side - BONUS Edition LA/OKC 5/16

This game was awesome.  Laker fans are so quick to turn on their own team. Kobe makes a shot and he's the best player in the league. Kobe turns it over and they want him amnestied. I sure slept well last night. A blow out win for my Celtics and then a soul crushing come from behind win by my Thunder. And a good game by Perk to boot. I think my favorite comment was the one comparing OKC fans to LA fans. Priceless. I know you'll enjoy today's bonus edition of comments from Lakers fans...

I really wanna beat them.. This team is the most immature team in the league.. Their show boating and taunting is getting outta hand.. BRING IT!!! You will see them sulking and moping the min the start losing.

Wish we could get younger and faster overnight...

If we lose tonight. We will probably get sweeped again.

Its clear as day that OKC are going to wipe the floor with us.

Lakers will play better tonight. Probably only a 20 point loss.

Keep it under 20 = mental victory going into game 3

We will win because Stern want's us to. Lakers advancing or at least playing more games is good for the pocketbook!

Even though Stern is buddies with the OKC owner?

We WILL win this game. I guarantee it. OKC can't shoot that good 2 games in a row the Lake Show will bring it in this one.

Ramon Sessions is guarding Westbrook to start....

I think they are like let westbrook shoot and let him go off and blanket everyone else. Westbrook will NEVEr stop shooting so let him be the only one to do it.

This guy is a tool, not classy at all. Let's use this as our fire this F##k must go down


-a lure for each laker

Here is a prayer that the refs don't parade Harden to the line like he is the messiah of free throws

Perkins setting a moving screen. That couldn't be possible??

Perkins is such a HACK

Lakers finally getting some calls!

Good d and bonus points for hurting a rich fan, metta

Kobe killin us already

Sefalosha = the first true Kobe stopper.

Sefolosha plays Bryant better one-on-one than any else I can remember.

Kobe is getting abused

Steve Blake on James harden is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Steve Blake on anyone is a nightmare to happen!

OKC is the enemy. If you guys lived anywhere near OKC you'd feel the same way as I do. These dudes are cocky as hell....pardon my language but F*** OKC.

Their fans are extremely cocky and some of them just get on my nerves.

Living in Texas you kind of just hate Oklahoma and it's people because they copy Texas so much. It's like when you buy an authentic NBA jersey (Texas) and then there's that cheap replica one (Oklahoma).

They have Internet in Oklahoma? Awesome, now they'll stop molesting their mules.

Watching the Celtics game right now and I'm really trying to figure out why we can't play defense any where near that team. UGH!

Hit Westbrook hard on one play, give him something to think about, he won't be as comfortable and off his game.

Can anybody explain to me what does it mean to "Thunder Up"??

Get struck and die??

Sounds sexual to me.

Let's see if Old Man Bryant really wants that 6th title, or if it's just **** talk.

Ibaka blocking everything

Ibaka is the greatest blocker in the NBA since Wilt Chamberlain.

We need the refs on our side!

Cheap shot by harden

Lets hope Metta doesn't think that elbow was intentional, and decides to go berserk again.

If that was HArden who got hit with that inivertent elbow he would have acted like he got hit by a car and Artest would have been suspended again

Inadvertent (bleep) that was a revenge bow.

Man, OKC fans are awesome.

2 fouls on sefolosha. Whatta godsend

Kobe's playing like a scared little girl and Westbrooks jumper is unstoppable.

Same story as always - defenders allowed more hacking, slapping, grabbing, and reaching to knock the ball away with no calls. What do you expect?

That last foul on Andrew is why I'm not a big fan of his. He's a lumbering big man.

How about a tech on Durant there??! Yelling at the official after a foul call. If that were Kobe...

There interior defense is so good.

I hate Westbrook

I hate these guys. They are so damn good at hitting jumpers

Harden gets more **** touch calls than anyone in our big 3

Hrden gets that call, yet a play ago they trap and slap at Kobe with no call BS

Phil made adjustments games to game and worked the refs in the media .., Mike just looks like potao head

Lmao at Ron playing dominoes with thunder players

How do the Thunder like these fouls being called on them.

A foul inside on OKC? What is this world coming to???

Fisher couldn't do it for us, but he can do it against us.

Defense needs to pick up and Kobe needs to pass when Sloppylosha comes in

James Harden can probably run with the basketball tucked under his arm for a touchdown and they'll call a penalty on the Lakers

I havent seen a rigged game like this since Lakers/Orlando game 4

TELL KOBE TO GROW HIS BEARD AND AFRO OUT AGAIN. There's something about facial hair that refs seem to love

Lakers getting some calls tonight

Collison the flopper deserved that foul. That was a make up call for his flopping.

Drew should break Collison's arm.

Metta should have hit Hardin harder with his elbow

How anyone can support or like harden I have no clue, the dude tries bush league moves to get an advantage, there again, he tried to get into pau idiot.

Now the whistles are coming our way. These refs are terrible

Kobe bringing it now! OKC has no hope when Kobe is on. Still best player in the league.

LMFAO at the Thunder getting angry for getting called for fouls.

I've never seen the Lakers get so many calls... And on the road for good measure.

Someone needs to take the flubber off ibaka's shoes

The difference in the foul calls now is that the fouls against OKC are legit - Lakers were called on wussy little touch fouls.

What's longer? Durants Arms or Murphy's nose?

Westbrook almost has Wade's level of self-entitlement.

Iblocka has no basketball IQ He realizes he doesn't have to always block it as far as he can right

Harden gets them superstar calls

Okc can't play without the whistles

I love how the hick crowd is all shut up

Maybe the Thunder stat padding with the 30 point lead in game 1 tired them out..

Three straight bricks from metta world trash

We need to get some space from this team. Go up 7 or 8 in the 4th. We play well when we are up. Okc turns into a jump shot team

Hahahaha hick okc fans leaving. Must have to get home to feed the cows or sumthin

OKC will not play this bad often, the lakers aren't capitalizing ****!!!!

Bynum is sucking right now

Damit why can't Porkins hurt himself again. He just bothers Drew

All of a sudden westbrook isnt so unstoppable anymore? Lol he just wants to score dam it.

Kobe with 3 costly mistakes... Wow.

Amnesty Kobe now!

****ing Kobe sucks

CHokeBe Bryant

We are a damn joke

This is un ****ing believable. **** this team. A ****ing choke... Just like last year. Kobe better ****ing do something here.

How did you give up a 7 point lead in 1 minute.

It's not over yet We'll still win. OKC is a bunch of chokers!

Harden isn't that good.. He just goes for the hoop..

I would rather have Wade than Harden.****ING WADE, I hate wade but Harden makes me want to punch a baby penguin

Just pathetic. This team is worthless.

If Lakers lose this, big taint to Kobe's legacy this game. This one people will remember if the team loses.

**** you Kobe,you ****ing ckoker,you cost us a season you overrated *******


What are we gonna do with 0.3. Can we borrow fish real quick?

Fisher woulda hit it

How ironic is it that the camera went to Fisher after Blake missed that?

This reminds me of the game last year where Kobe missed the game winnner against the Mavs. It went all downhill from there.

I hope the Lakers get swept and Kobe retires or leaves. I can't stand watching him. It's been a long time coming, but I really cannot stand him at all.

This was a game the lakers lost way more than the thunder won

2-2 is what I'm expecting going back to OKC. I believe

Are you High?

Always forget how numb choking makes you feel until it happens again.


You guys are too hard on Mike Brown he looks so hugable

he's a real life Mr. Potato Head!

Twenty bucks says Mike writes out his playbook with crayons.

I give up on this team for the first time in my life, it's too much to go through as a fan while these millionaires say "oh well"

Kobe Bryant makes $25,244,493 dollars Pau makes $15,000,000......Amnesty Kobe and trade Pau and start over.

**** you Kobe Bryant. You ****ing killed us

W/O Kobe the Lakers lose by 30

Did you watch Game 1 ?

**** Kobe, this game just reminded me why I do not like him at all.

Lakers need to burn and kill Blake

So I take it Mike said that Kobe was the primary target on his "play". Lols to anyone who thought he drew it up for Blake to have the shot, I can just picture it in the huddle...

Mike: "Okay guys, we're gonna have Kobe drive towards the middle, attract a few defenders and then Steve should be wide open in the corner for three."

Kobe: "What do you mean?"

Mike: "You're gonna drive to the middle and hit Steve for an open shot."

Kobe: "You want Steve to shoot the ball?"

Mike: "Yep."

Kobe: "Yeah, screw that, new play, give me the ball and get the hell out of the way."

Mike: "Okay guys that's the play, Lakers on 3..."

Bynum: "We're better than Santa Claus, we give away games like they're gifts...

Our home court advantage isn't nearly as good as OKC's. Something tells me having fans who are willing to wear their free t shirts and yell as loud as they can through out the game is a much better advantage than cell phone using celebrities and cool fans.

What a damn heart breaker man. This one is going to hurt for the upcoming days. This sucks man, worst feeling.

Apparently OKC just made great defensive plays down the stretch according to Kobe. Not his fault whatsoever...

What are the fans in OKC cheering about they live in Oklahoma for ****'s sake