Celtics beat down Hawks 101-79 (Live Blog)

This was the best I've seen the Celtics shoot maybe ever and definitely the best Rondo's jump shot has looked. He finished 8/11 with 20 points and 16 assists. He's just an incredible basketball player.   Hopefully him and the Celtics have saved a few shots for game 5.

Pierce was the other hero of this game with 24 points on 10/13 from the field. He probably would've gone for 40 if he hadn't hurt his knee(he's fine), or the game was close. The Celtics bench did a good job as well.  If we get that kind of production consistently we can beat anyone. The Hawks are talented but immature. They just aren't consistent enough to win.

I did a live blog tonight. My girlfriend watched it with me wearing my Larry Bird apron. She's from the Miami area, but I told her it's isn't morally right to root for the Heat. I've slowly converted her into a Celtics fan. Her last name is Pierce so she loves Paul Pierce. At the bottom of the blog I'll have some of her commentary from the game.  I may start a new segment called " Stuff my girlfriend says."  Live blog by quarter below.

1st Quarter- Domination. Rondo and Pierce lead the way
As I expected the Celtics came out of the gate strong. Avery Bradley hit a couple quick jumpers and Rondo was his usual dominant self with 4 points, 7 dimes, and 2 boards. His thread the needle assist to Garnett made me jump out of my seat.   Pierce was back with a vengeance with 10 points on 5-7 from the field.

2nd Quarter-Pierce goes down, Celtics still dominate

Keyon Dooling hit a couple of very tough outside jumpers to start. Marquis Daniels made his first jump shot of the year, which almost caused me to fall out of my chair. The Celtics went on a 12-0 run in the middle of the quarter to break it open. Pierce went down with a knee injury which prompted a immediate text from my mom. It looks like he'll be alright as he was able to walk off on his own accord.

1st half analysis: The Celtics shot lights out and dominated start to finish. Rondo had 13 assists and was hitting jumpers.  We got some good bench production from Dooling, Marquis, Stiemsma, and Ray Ray. Paul Pierce was on fire.

3rd Quarter: The beat down continues.

Pierce comes back and continues to be awesome at life. At the end of the quarter the Celtics have the inevitable let down every team that is up 30 has. Rondo and Ray's three's at the end were huge. Rondo actually has a pretty good jumper when he's in rhythm. His main issue is free throws.

4th Quarter: I love Garbage time

The Hawks threw in the towel after the 3rd. I love games like this because I can relax and think about funny things I want to post on Facebook(funny to only me). Erik Dampier could be the worst player in the NBA. It's hilarious to watch him play. I like Ryan Hollins. He hustles and gets the most out of his talent.

Stuff my girlfriend says." Yes this title is unoriginal. What else can I call it?

Q:How can you tell if the refs call a foul?
A: When you hear the whistle blow

Q:What happens if you travel? Does the other team get the ball?
A: There are no travels called in the NBA.

Q: Did KG just say " I'm so excited"
A: KG doesn't say things without the F word

Q:Doc Rivers is a great name. It kind of sounds like a porn star."
A: Nods head

Q:Talking about Stiemsma. "They put him in when we need good defense. He's not going to get three pointers."
A: You are learning!