Boston releases the gas pedal and lose to 76ers 92-83

The 76ers did the unthinkable tonight. They were dead in the water, down double digits only to come back and steal game four against the Celtics, 92-83.  The Celtics let their guard down, lost their aggression and failed miserably at rebounding, a stat that has determined the winner in every game.  This game was definitely a roller coaster, both emotionally and physically, let’s run through it.

Unstoppable during the first quarter, the Celtics set the tone for this game early. The Celtics were able to do whatever they wanted with Rajon Rondo running the show.  They played their best defense, as well as they have played all year long, pushing the lead to 15 points and ending the quarter with a 12 point lead.

Philadelphia matched Boston point for points in the second quarter until the end of the first half with the Celtics scoring three more points than the 76ers in this quarter.  Rondo with 9 points and 9 assists in the half and led the Celtics into a 15 point half time lead.  This game appeared to be over before it started with Boston shooting over 50% and the 76ers shooting 27%, or so we thought.

The third quarter was a terrible one for Boston as they scored 11 fewer points than the 76ers, setting up a 5 point difference to start the fourth quarter.  Boston got into foul trouble with Rajon Rondo, Brandon Bass and Avery Bradley all having to sit with four fouls.  When Bradley went out, the 76ers really pushed the tempo and found an offensive rhythm.  The 76ers remarkably held Boston without a field goal for over 7 minutes in the fourth quarter.

The first lead for the Philadelphia 76ers came in the fourth quarter as they worked hard in the second half to cut the double digit lead while taking the lead.  Boston stopped attacking the basket and being aggressive.  Philadelphia was able to get to the line by being very aggressive.  The tempo favored the Sixers late in the game allowing them to run, led by their bench who contributed with over 35 points.

Andre Iguodala woke up in the second half, scoring all of his points in it.  Louie Williams was a monster in the fourth quarter, unstoppable.  He showed the world why he led the team in scoring, coming off the bench. Have to credit Brandon Bass who had a good game, considering his struggle,s but some reason, Doc left him on the bench down the stretch.  Boston going small late in the game may have cost them the game. Game five in Boston on Sunday will definitely be the turning point