Afternoon Delight: The Boston Avengers

Yesterday we shared with you Adrian Wojnarowski's latest column dealing with how the Miami Heat wanted the #2 seed, because they were hoping the Bulls would take the Celtics out in the 2nd round. Apparently the Heat are scared of Rondo and the Celtics avenging last year's series defeat (Rick Bucher on NBA Today also mentioned that the Heat want no part of the Celtics). And now that Derrick Rose is out for the playoffs the Heat are wetting their South Beach beds in fear of the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Some may say it's too soon to think about the Heat. And I'll say what I said yesterday. The Celtics play for championships. Not first round wins. The Heat stand in the way of the Celtics getting that crack at #18. And apparently the Heat are well aware that the Celtics stand in the way of their second shot at a ring with the super friends. This round with the Hawks and the second round are just appetizers. The Eastern Conference Finals is when the main course is served. Yes, Doc needs to have his players take it one game at a time, but there's a reason they hang that blank banner in their practice facility. They know what the prize is.

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