This is It

Real Celtics fans wear Larry Bird Aprons
If you are not a fan of sentimental and corny articles stop reading here. This is me pouring my heart out about the team I love, the Boston Celtics. The next two months (hopefully) will be bittersweet. This will be in all likelihood the last time we see this Celtics team, as currently assembled, on the court together.

Many have counted us out all year. They've said the Celtics are too old, that our time has passed. We've seen trade rumors swirl and injuries pile up. The Celtics and their fans have been through a lot. But here we are. 16 wins from an unprecedented 18th title. Here is why I think we can do it.

First off, we have the best point guard in the league in his prime. Yes, Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the league right now(even Magic Johnson admitted it). No one plays like Rondo. He has complete control over the game. He set assist records this year and has 6 triple doubles. The guy is a straight up beast.

KG and Pierce can still play with any of the stars in the league. That is what you need to win in the playoffs. Superstars. If we are fortunate enough to play Miami, KG, will destroy Bosh and Pierce still has the ability to go head to head with Lebron and Wade.

We will win or lose in these playoffs depending on Ray's health. He doesn't need to be a star, but we need his shooting off the bench. If he can't play I don't see how we can make a legitimate championship run. We also need huge performances from Bradley, Bass, and Pietrus. I think these three are better than any trio of role players we've had since the Big 3 began. I love Bass. The guy has missed like one open jump shot this year. Bradley is a tenacious defender and keeps getting better. Pietrus needs to be huge if Ray can't go.

Do I think the Celtics can legitimately win the title this year? Yes, but it is going to take our best effort ever. Rose going down helps our chances against the Bulls(if we beat Atlanta), but the Celtics are about titles, not series wins. I am more pumped up/nervous for this year's playoffs than any other. Everytime I see an article about Pierce retiring or Ray Ray getting traded I tear up a bit.  These last 5 years have been awesome but all good things come to an end. Take us on one more ride Celtics. Banner 18 here we come.