Should we be concerned that Ray Allen isn't talking?

So Ray Allen has come off the bench the past 3 games and done well in that new role. Avery Bradley continues to flourish as a starter. Everything is great right? Maybe, but maybe not. CSNNE analyst Donny Marshall, a former teammate back at UCONN and friend of Ray's, has repeatedly cautioned that demoting the future hall of famer to the bench could very well cause problems. Marshall's used the term "opening up Pandora's Box." Trust me in Ray's eyes it's a demotion. You don't achieve so much at the highest level of sports without extreme confidence, ego, and pride. 

We've heard from others that Ray is fine coming off the bench ie "whatever's best for the team." We've even heard that after hearing about the "Bradley/Allen who should start?" controversy, that Ray suggested to Doc that he should come off the bench.  The thing is we haven't heard anything from Ray. Marshall keeps bringing up this point. Ray isn't talking and no one else seems to be mentioning this (or care?). I keep checking the postgame videos and I see Doc talking; Rondo, Pierce, and KG talking. Interviews with Bradley, Bass, and Stiemer. Where's Ray? 

Ray Allen should be the guy the media most wants to talk to, yet he's the lone omission. Now understand, if it was up to most NBA players they would rarely ever give interviews. It's part of their contracts to make themselves available. Just like it's part of their contracts to do the "NBA Cares" stuff. I'm sure guys ask all the time for a day off here or there, and I'm guessing Ray has asked for this lately. But it's been several days now, and one can only guess that the reason Ray isn't speaking is either he's upset about losing his starting gig (or less likely he's upset with the entire Boston media). I mean of course there are other possibilities like family stuff, but come on, doesn't it seem like a pretty big coincidence that after making himself available to the Boston media for the past 4 and a half years after every game he's played, that the 3 he comes off the bench he's absent postgame? 

Hopefully, Ray just needs some time to himself to deal with the humbling experience of losing his starting job. He was an all-star just last season and I'm sure for years he thought he was as good as anyone else at that position. Now he has to sit on the bench and watch as Bradley, who's young enough to be Ray's son, gets introduced with the starting line-up and is out there for the opening tip. Not saying Ray has anything against Bradley. I've heard that he took Avery under his wing earlier this year. Just reiterating that the whole "changing of the shooting guard" situation hasn't gone as smooth as many fans want to believe.