Magic Kingdom is burning

The Celtics losing by 1 to the Spurs doesn't seem so bad when you compare it to Orlando where all hell is breaking loose. Players and staff are accusing Dwight Howard of faking an injury, while Stan Van Gundy just admitted in the above press conference that he was told by someone in management that Dwight Howard wants him fired. Van Gundy talks for a few minutes about how he doesn't care, but how he hates "bullshit," all the while killing a Diet Pepsi like it was oxygen. 

Then Howard strolls in being playful and denies the rumors, not knowing that Van Gundy just said they were true. Dude, why did you agree to stay in Orlando another year? That team has no hope. You should have just gotten it over with and left via free agency this Summer like you wanted/want to. If you had been smart, you'd be playing under Doc next season next to KG, Pierce, Bradley, and Rondo. This mess in Orlando isn't going away anytime soon.

While I was on, I also came across this Glen Davis video. Looks like he's still a conceited clown. Davis is thrilled right now as injuries to Ryan Anderson and Howard have given him big minutes and a starting role. Davis is one of those players who would much rather start on a crappy team then come off the bench on a winning team. That's one of the reasons I was happy to see Danny ship his ass out of town (the other being his incessant need to try and be funny and be the center of attention. You're not funny Glen).