Doc Rivers kind of thinks the Celtics can win a title

Doc Rivers was on WEEI this morning and when asked if he thought the Boston Celtics could win a title this year, he gave a bit of a noncommital response.

"Well, I don't know," Rivers said. "I think we can. You know I don't do the prediction business. It's going to be one series, one game at a time for us. When we play with great rhythm, the way we have been playing, we can beat anyone. Can we do it four times in a series? I think that's something we're going to have to find out."

The Celtics have been rising lately, with more and more pundits believing that they can either compete for a championship or atleast ruin somebody else's fun. Boston is clicking on all cylinders right now and playing defense to a level of perfection that hasn't been seen before.

Doc also says he was very impressed with his team's win over the Hawks last night, calling it the best win of the year. Doc, and probably most fans, were expecting a let down on the second night of a back to back after an emotional road win over Miami. The Celtics stayed resilient though, showing mental toughness to get a come from behind (kind of, they trailed most of the game) overtime win that the referees seemed determined to give to the Hawks.

"I thought it was the best win we had all year," Rivers said. "Atlanta had been sitting there waiting for us for a few days, and so I was really concerned. Last night, to me, was every bit as important as the night before. I thought it was more important in a lot of ways."

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