Danny and Doc react to news of Rondo suspension

Danny Ainge:
“Rondo has been our best player and it obviously hurts us. Someone else is going to have to step up and make it not as painful without Rondo out there. The playoffs are a little different. You never want your best player, not playing. But it happens. We have to make the most of it, and guys will have to step up. It’s that simple.”

Doc Rivers:
"Obviously, from a competitive standpoint we are disappointed with the league's decision to suspend Rondo. He plays a valuable part in our team's success. We accept the punishment and will use it as a learning tool for our players."

I know Doc told the press last night that he would be surprised if Rondo got suspended, but like I said last night, what else is he going to say? I'm sure Doc knew this was distinct possibility and was plotting for Game 2 last night and this morning without Rondo.

After the jump Rondo's close friend and Hawks star Joe Smith shares his thoughts on the suspension.

Josh Smith:
“That’s the head of the snake. He does so much for that ball club. They’re good enough to try to figure out a way to get wins, but with him, they’re a hell of a lot better."

Credit Celtics Town