Daniels making the most of additional playing time

Given the benefit of playing time against the Hawks, Daniels came off the bench with season-high totals in points (12), rebounds (eight) and a career-high four steals.

“He was terrific,” said Rivers. “The best game he may have played this year. He was terrific, and he did a lot of things. The little baskets and the rebounds — he had eight rebounds. It was good to see him compete. He was active, alert, responsive, that’s what you want him to be.”

Right now the Celtics 8 man playoff rotation is Rondo, Bradley, Pierce, KG, Bass, Stiemsma, Pietrus, and Ray. It appeared Sasha won the "If Ray or Pietrus has to sit out, backup wing role," but things can change. Marquis right now is fighting for that role. I'm a fan of Pavlovic, but I almost must say that Marquis isn't as poor a player as he's shown this season.

I remember in the 2009/2010 season Tony Allen was a forgotten man early on, but by the playoffs he had jumped into the rotation. The key for guys like Marquis, Dooling, and Hollins (basically the 10th-12th men on the team right now) is to stay ready, so if given a shot (most likely due to injury) they can make the most of it and thrive.