Congrats to Rajon Rondo on winning league assists crown

Last night Steve Nash took the court for possibly the last time in a Suns uniform. The game also had added significance as unless Nash finished with over 60 assists in the game, the 2011/2012 assists crown was going to Rajon Rondo. Nash collected 7 assists.

The assists crown is a pretty exclusive group. Over the past 29 years, John Stockton won it 9 times, Magic Johnson 4 times, Jason Kidd 5 times, Steve Nash 5 times, and Chris Paul twice. My guess is that this will be the first of several for Rondo who seems to be only getting better looking for his teammates as he gets older. A lot of point guards tend to want to score more the longer they've been in the league, but it's not hard to observe that Rondo prefers seeing his teammates score.

No matter how many assists Rondo gets tonight in most likely limited minutes, he will finish with a career high for assists per game this season. Rondo has already won one steals crown 2 seasons ago earning the nickname "Grand Theft Rondo."

The last Celtic to win the assists crown was Bob Cousy who won it 8 straight seasons from 1952-1960. Maybe Rondo can go for his number 9.