Comments from the other side - Raptors 4/13

I remember when Raptors game threads were had over a hundred pages each. Now, it's more like in the teens. It was hilarious that they were actually cheering for the Celtics because a win would be a set back to their ping pong ball total. Comments after losses usually aren't much fun but these are hilarious as the Raptor fans cheer for the Celtics and get mad when they lose. Enjoy....

Groan. Holiday for the Celtics.

We'll probably get bullied and beaten silly by Boston as usual. Tank is on a set course

Just looking at Bradley- the kid might be the best perimeter defender in the league. I mean he's done some incredible things this season on that end of the floor.

Best perimeter defender in the league? I think some Heinsohn homerism has been implanted on the Celtic fanbase.

Auctally it was Van Gundy who said it, during the BOS, Chi game.

For those who haven't seen him it's really true. Bradley's had some eye-popping games this season including shutting out Paul George, confounding Wade on April 1st, and hounding Jameer Nelson so thoroughly that he literally begged Avery to stop pressing him.

Bradley's been great lately. I thought Ed was a steal last year, this year, though, I kind of wish we'd taken Bradley.

Most fans like to homer up their players, but when Wade and Lebron say the kid is ridiculous on defense and give them trouble, people should probably pay attention.

Should be a good game. It's been almost 4 days since we played the Celtics last. We need to improve our record against them this year to 3-17. Seriously, why does it feel like every third game we play is against the Celtics?

Uzoh-Anderson-DeRozan-Amir-Gray tonight. WHOAAAAAAA. Awesome. Hope no one is planning on watching this.

So no Bargnani for the season? Who steps up for the Raps?

No one. We're tanking.

Just wait Kleiza going to pull a win just to troll us all.

Hope you’ve got lots of beer on hand for this one, if Jose can’t go, Raps might not hit 70 points

Tanking at its best. Where is my popcorns.

I'm looking for a lot of ankle sprains tonight.. Let's hope we lose some more key players.

Boston Outside of Chicago, like to see them come out of the East. Not sure why, just like to see them get one more shot.

Would love to see them take down Miami!

And Bradley is averaging 10ppg in his starts, and much 70% of his offense is assisted on. Without Garnett, Pierce, and Rondo being such great playmakers and scorers allowing them to take attention away from him, he would be near incompetent on offense.

Every team needs a defensive stopper regardless of the roster makeup and win-loss record. He only started to get playing time this season. Sky's the limit for him. And PS - he created off the dribble just 20 seconds ago.

Was thinking about KG Wouldn’t happen but, who’s more valuable at the same money per year, KG on what would might be his last two year deal or Bargnani?
Ya...well...KG just pissed me off beyond repair From the lockout remarks of his…. Have no place in my life for these bullies.

Yeah, I hate him too, but just thinking value-wise vs. Bargnani

Yeah, not a huge fan but I’d take him over Bargs in a heartbeat, even at that price.

Feelin about this game Tha same I did before my colonoscopy. Or just before going into the confesional knowing Father Brutal was behind the screen Just wasn’t going to be pleasurable.

Rondo 7 assists??! The guy's a machine. Ok it's against us, but still...

Avery Bradley's making Demar look stupid out there.

We should have drafted Bradley over Davis

We’re on pace for a 52 point Raptors game. Awesome.

My sponsor says it is OK for me to have a drink after every Raps point...

Why am I watching this.

Just because we are tanking doesn't mean we need to make it unbearable to watch. We don't need dleague scrubs to tank and make it a snorefest. It's not like our starters can win anything anyways.

Raptors shooting 18.5%.

I think I have seen enough, going to go watch Porn, I seem to be less embarrassed watching it.

The arena looks jam packed. Who pays money to see this crap?

Half of them are probably Celtics fans.

DeRozan and his 1-of-7 shooting pretty much answers the question “should we draft Beal”…

Wish I had something to say...kind of speechless...shock followed by stupor..

Will we even hit 30 for the half? (Can't believe I just wrote that...)

I understand why the raps are shooting 22% but why are Celtics only at 39%

Despite struglling on offense, Raptors arent too fall behind from the Celtics

I really like the backspin that demar put on that airball

Hey guys theyre shooting 23% and only down by 6 at the half

Insomniacs your problems are over, after 24 minutes of research the Raptors have just found a cure.

Good thing the Celtics are playing like it’s a rec-league game…

Could we get a bucket of chum in a trade for Derozan at this point?

Is the chum... With or without shrimp?

30 points at the half? Ben Uzoh tied for the team lead in scoring and rebounds? Is this for real or did someone spike my stash?

The Raps suck so much…don’t worry though we’ll apparantely “hit the ground running” next season

This is the worst Neither team is going to hit 50 points by the fourth quarter and the Raptors are AHEAD??

Boston needs an espresso to wake up

This is just stupid. And stupefying. But mostly stupid.

Damnit Celtics wake up.

20 CCs of epinephrine

I'll be disappointed if the raptors win.

Casey needs to be suspended without pay

Memo to Celtics: you should be feeling embarrassed right now and doing something about it.

I don't blame the Celtics, you can't stop derozan when he is wearing the sleeve.

Did the Cavs or Nets owners pay off the Celtics? How can the Raptors be winning this with 45 points late in the 3rd quarter?

Lmao I love it! Demar getting calls

Wow when does derozam get calls?

One team is coming off a four-game winning streak against playoff teams, including Miami.
The other is coming off a four-game losing streak, including one at home to Cleveland.
One team is starting two Hall-of-Famers and another all-star.
The other is starting two D-leaguers and a center who has averaged 12 minutes for his career.
Which team is winning by 9 with three minutes to go in the third quarter? Just how much scotch do I need to drink for this to make sense?

This stupid ACC crowd needs to rally these Celtics to wake up this is a nightmare

Danger danger! Tank is under attack!


Why the hell are we winning? And what the hell is wrong with Boston?

If fans start chanting for pizza, someone should shoot them

That's exactly what this franchise lacks.... An executioner....

We could have stolen Bradley away from Boston last year for doubt it.

Ummm. Boston has 45 points. Forty Fiiiiiiive.

It's Friday the 13th right? That’s the only explanation for this game. I mean, KG, Pierce and Rondo are physically playing, what the? And the Raps are up 10 shooting only 32%???

I have no idea what to say at this point. Celtics have 47 POINTS???

A T for that?? The NBA is trying their hardest to take the emotion/fun out of the game…
Tanknical Foul Come on Boston!

I can’t believe it. I thought the Raps would score 72 points. I just didn’t think the Celtics would only score 60!

Should I start a voodoo ritual so we lose?....

DO YOU NEED TO ASK! Get on it!!'

I need the Raptors to first have more rebounds than the Celtics have points ... Then I need to find an albino python...

These d-leaguers playing for their lives is a real problem for the tank

KG, you friggin’ hog!!! Taking a shot in the paint when you are being double teamed?

Officials review came with the right call… Take away 2 points.

Cheering for refs at this point.

This is dumb, can Boston start playing hard already... We can't win this..

Uzoh is better than Rondo right now. WTF

Wow up by 12. Uzohnityyy!!!

Boston just looks half dead

Uh oh... Looks like we've angered the tanking gods with our blatant 'effort' which the Celts have been blessed with matching tonight.

F the Celtics, lets win this and lose the remaining games

Go away.

This Celtics team is so old and lazy

The Cavs are down by like 19... This game is a MUST lose.

I hope you guys win.

Why are you so mean?

We need Jose talking smack to kg

**** ****. The whole season and history of Rapts they never get calls and now all of a sudden Deham and the d-leaguers are getting superstar championship calls.

The Rapts offense right now is just random flipping the ball in the direction of the basket and it magically goes in. Wtffff

They beat Miami and can't even take out a team consisting of either D-league players or D-League level talent, ridiculous. If the Raptors win I'll be furious. Cavs will gain the advantage.

Rondo can get a triple double against Miami but when he goes up against the likes of Uzoh and Dentmon he records 0 points and 0 rebounds thus far.

When we pick 6th or 7th or 8th, this will be the game that killed it for us.

Is it legal to score on your own basket?... With prejudice....

Nba making sure no one will be taking hornet draft position!

We should get lazier d-leaguers next time.


When Beal and company are killing it in the NBA, this loss will haunt my dreams.

Seriously GTFO Boston with your blatant refusal to be at least half way decent. Bad karma not to play along with the tank.

The least you can do is shoot 40% Celtics! We have done our part, now its time come through!!! The one time I root for you.

You know what would be awesome? Instead of basketball players if the Raps could start the blue jays bullpen.

I think Casey would still get them to win.

You moron refs! Let them play!!!!

Good example of a team playing down to their competition

Ever since I saw Doc laughing at the Raps a couple of TOR/BOS games ago, I really love it when the Raps win over Boston.

Can we demote Casey to the d-league for tanking development

He deserves a kick in the crotch.

If we could only put Bargnani in to provide us with some quality sucking. I have no faith in Boston to pull this off

C'mon Boston, this is the only time in my life that I would like you to actually win a game

Tim Donaghy is strong with this game. Vegas is makng someone lots of money

Raptors are tanking for draft. Celtics are fighting for home court. Cha-Ching!!


Where is Allen when you need him?

I **** HATE Kleiza

LK is anti-tank. Someone tell BC to smash his knees

We are beating the Celtics with a bunch of D leaguers and bench players. Just goes to tell you how strong our core is

This is the only time I've been happy when Kevin Garnet scores.

If Boston pulls this off, they deserve the championship. Let's go Boston.

Tank you Avery Bradley, tank you so much.

I blame the Celtics for not taking the game seriously. Losing to these scrubs is inexcusable.

Lets go Boston! HAAHA. First time I've cheered for them in my life

I want Ray Allen!!!

where's rayray and his 3's when you need him

Haha pierce that fatass 's dunk looks like mine

I don't care..Pierce is NOT supposed to drive like that AND get a dunk. Smh.

Ok, which lottery team is paying off the Celtics to blow this game? I guessing that dodgy Russian Prokhorov

I am all for tank nation but I hate Boston wwwwaaaaayyyy more than I like Anthony Davis.

I **** hate this team....

You stupid team....we are so close to dropping to 8th/9th spot today fml...

Pierce sucks

This Celtics team is a joke. I can not believe we beat them with D Leaguers and bench players

Terrible win

We need a few more injuries.
Uzoh – thinking of a possible triple double are we? Broken pinky finger!
Davis – 12 rebounds from the bench? You disgust me. Pulled tendon!

Sorry, Tank Nation!! Lol...Great statement win. The shittiest roster ALL season and we beat the Smelltics. Lol

Great ****ing win guys. On behalf of Heat fans, thank you.

This deserves a healthy

That just about sums it up…especially since Jersey won.