Comments from the other side - Pacers 4/7

These are so much more fun when we win.  The refs were atrocious in this game.  You know the refs are bad when the other team is talking about how many bad calls are going their way.  Loved that the Celtics won even playing 5 on 8 at times and didn't let the bad calls take them out of their game.  Tommy was in rare form last night about all those bad calls.  Obviously, the last comment came from someone watching the Celtics feed.  That one cracked me up.  Hope you enjoy the comments today.  Any favorites?

I know Boston's playing a lot better, but unless we just let their defense crush us (which it might), I think we've got this. I like Garnett guarding Roy instead of JO, I like West vs Bass, especially with Ray out I like our wings versus their wings, and while Rondo's great he also lets DC sag on defense.

Ryan Hollins is 27 years old and he’s terrible.

I would be willing to wager that JO (who had season ending wrist surgery) is rooting for the Pacers to win this game in his heart of hearts. Call me crazy, but I just keep seeing things from him every few weeks on Twitter, etc. That shows he still bleeds Pacers colors even while playing for Boston.

If PG doesn't abuse Bradley, I'll be a bit disappointed.

Not sure if you are aware or not but the Celtics, especially Doc, are very high on Bradley mainly due to his defense. He is an excellent defender.

Bradley's a menace. He's going to force George into a few turnovers if the latter is lazy with his ball-handling.

We are basically a younger version of the Celtics (according to Doc Rivers) So I would be disappointed if we didn't abuse them at most positions, honestly.

They are going to be way tougher to beat than the other times we beat them.

Even though we played last night, I think we got this.  They are old and we should have way more energy even playing last night.  

Hope Pacers are as focused tonight as they were last night. After that chewing the Celtics took from Doc they might be fired up.

Okie doke, gotta look for a non-Boston feed I can’t handle Heinsohn

Roy needs to attack the rim with that small white guy guarding him.

Steimsma is killing us.

That's something I hope doesn't get repeated again tonight

I'm trying to determine if Stiemsa's hair is his actual color or a dye job

Stiemsma is an excellent defender. He is a quite good prospect, actually

Rondo is going to get more assists this game than Collison has all year.

One more stims whatever alley oop I'm gonna kill myself.

The Celtics are held together by duct tape. No excuse for the Pacers to use fatigue as an excuse.

Thank god ray Allen is missing those wide-open shots

Stupid shots so far. I fell Boston isnt that great, just langy. Need to make better decisions

I blame the poor start on the banana suits. They should never wear the banana suits. UGH!

Boston plays great old man ball Awesome picks and hitting set jumpers.

Steimsma is pushing everyone around in the low post...

Nice flop by Alllen. Ball don't lie

I'm disgusted by how many Celtics fans are there. This is almost worse than the Bulls fans in the playoffs last year. It is pretty sad. So much for home court advantage.

They only sound loud because the Pacers fans are quiet due to their team sucking.

Obviously we are just setting up a 2nd half emotional come from behind win.

It took SEVEN god dang minutes to score our first points of the second quarter. Unacceptable.

Maybe I should just start listing the players who aren't horrible tonight: Roy Hibbert...

There is absolutely no reason why the Pacers should be getting worked over by Greg ****ing Stiemsma.

Boston has some jazz hands going on down there

STIMESA????? Who the heck is this guy?

Chipping away at the lead at the line.

I mean, I agree with the flagrant by letter of the rule, but refs really being kind to the Pacers here.

Rondo is a ****ing dick head. I hope he's never a pacer.

Refs helping us cut the lead.

We are getting some free calls, need to take advantage of them.

Well now we know who's side the refs are on tonight..

Bass is outworking everyone.

Not difficult to outwork West, to be fair.

We got this one.  Celtics will run out of steam and with the refs giving us all these calls we can come back and win.  plenty of time left.

There's a bunch of Celtics fans in Banker's Life. Dammit.

I SEE TOO MANY GREEN in the crowd Disgusting

Stiesmsa and Pavlovic have already combine for 18 points They average 5. Yay.

Pacers need to stop the Stiesmsa/Pavlovic duo.... Those words should never be spoken again.

Hill is playing like someone grinded his brain up in a blender then poured the ooze back into his skull. In other words he looks disinterested.

Hibbert is sneaky, nice push into KG for the foul on granger

West just got his ankles broken by a 35 year old Paul Pierce

Old man Pierce can dunk who woulda thunk it?

Man, there defense is just denying everything. We can't seem to catch a break.

Well the refs are frustrating everyone which is good.

KG:Cant you tell that was a foul?
Ref: On what Grounds?
KG: **** these rookies those the grounds.

Refs need to give the Celtics a warning here. They're dangerously close to getting T'd up.

So many Celtic fans.... :<

We almost got away with one there. Oh, now we do get the benefit of a bad call.

KG is my least favorite NBA player. I hate his fake tough guy act

The Celtics aren't even playing well and are still winning by double digits. That is a testament to the horrendous play by the Pacers. These are supposed to be professionals

Come on, guys. 4 foul on KG. We need to make a run now.

Do we really want Steimsa back in though? Dang how do we give that one back?

If the Celtics punched these refs out, I wouldn't blame them.

I think I'd rather have Garnett than Steimsma in right now.

Don't let Pierce get going

Danny again. The Celtics are playing like this with a day off before the game? They look as tired as we are.

This game is offensive offensively. But the Celtics are benefiting heavily from Paul Pierce.

Here we go Peirce and his effn acting

You know, the Pacers have gotten the better end of the calls. But personally, if I was reffing a game in which one team had Rondo, Garnett and Pierce, I'd give the other team all the questionable calls too.

I'd kill myself if I was a guy named Sasha.

If Garnett fouls out, I will feel good about our chances.

Yeah Garnett is killing us, West can't get to his shot.

Looks like Garnette just chucked it and acted like he was fouled

Of course he did that's how they win there games and pissing and moaning and yet he gets rewarded for it

I'm watching the Boston feed Their announcers more atrocious than this game

Tommy Heinsohn is a cadaver

So much whining in that feed. I almost cannot stand them

New Englanders are whiners. They **** and moan and make up every excuse in the book when their teams don't win.

No one on the floor with a prayer of guarding KG

Too many Celtics fans Why? I’m not sure.

Probably the same fans who were Thunder fans last night Or probably the same fans who will be Thunder fans next year.

F*** Ray Allen, old ass bitch.

I just hate the Celtics so much Its like, go piss your dust elsewhere, you’re stinking up our fieldhouse

Steimsma just has one of those faces you wanna punch.

I want to murder these Celtic announcers.

He, it was a great win yesterday and the Celts D has been stifling. Hope we don't meet them in the playoffs

I'm kinda surprised all these Celtics "fans" haven't jumped ship yet. Probably took the first half of the season off.

They sure as hell didn't go to games five years ago. Typical New England bandwagoners. Look how quickly they turned on the Red Sawks. They will do the same to the Patriots.

Well, we can't afford to drop any other games now. We'll get stomped by Boston in the playoffs.

The Celtics, when they are on their game and rested, are obviously a dangerous veteran team.

They got us tonight. But I am not afraid of them.

(Hansbrough reaches in on Pierce)
Heinsohn: And Hansbrough just pulled out a knife and stabbed Pierce right in front of the official. These refs should be chopped up into pieces and fed to falcons. (Only a slight exaggeration.)