Comments from the other side - Knicks 4/18

 I know that comments aren't as much fun to read when we lose, but these are worth it just to show how absolutely pathetic Knicks fans are.  I've never seen so much complaining about the refs.  Even the TNT announcers mentioned the fact that the Knicks were so physical that the refs could probably call a foul on them every time down.  Yes, the Celtics shot more free throws than the Knicks, but I could have pointed out just as many fouls they committed but didn't get called for.   And these fans are the dregs of society.  Wishing that Rondo has herniated discs and Pierce tore a ligament.  That goes way beyond what is acceptable.  Yep, you have to read these to realize just how absolutely ugly and pitiful Knicks fans are. 

We need to do to the C's what teams have been doing to us on the offensive boards. They suck on the boards and we need to make them pay

Until its official I'm not giving up on trying to go for the division. Gotta hope for something

Must slow down Rondo....

Take a few T's for the team but send a message just like that thug Garnett does. But if I am Woody I tell TD to go 190% and fake tripping on a screen and go right at Rondo's legs. F them. Boston is a dirty team. Moving screen kings of the NBA.

Let me guess Ray Allen will be back for tonight's game? This **** makes me not even wanna watch the game. That's atleast about 10 people now who have done that.

God I hate the Celtics. Can we beat them for a change and wipe that smirk off Pierce's face.

It's funny how everyone was saying at the beginning of the season that because of the 66 game schedule Boston was gonna be all banged up come playoff time because they are too old....yet here are the Knicks for the second year in a row with most of its key players injured or banged up and the senior citizens Celtics are at full strength playing their best ball. I think our roster is half their age ....go figure

Is there any way our players can not say anything about Paul pierce this time??????????????????
It was always q bad mouthing them and then they would destroy us
Then it was dantoni claiming pierece is a nobody and he crapped all over us
I mean. Can we just shut up?

We almost beat the Heat, we will definitely beat the Celtics...

Let's not get too cocky. Celtics handed out 2 straight ass whuppings to the Heat

Every loss against those old bastards stings me

So will Rondo get 30/30/30 this time?

I detest the Celtics. I don't like KG, Rondo or Pierce. I have a good feeling about this game if we somehow stop the hall of famer Rondo....

Deprive Rondo of sushi at all cost!

Paul pierce lives for these types of games. He needs to be put on lock.

My raps beat them with 3 d-leaguers..jump on them early guys should be ok

That is all nice and good...but what you don't realize is that Paul Pierce plays like the Lord himself when he faces the knicks.

Yup, he loves to put on a show against the Knicks. I've never seen Pierce have a bad game against the Knicks! Rondo is another one that loves have a hall of fame game against the Knicks. Probably because of D'Antoni calling him overrated during the playoffs last year.

It's time for Woodson to focus on incorporating Jorts and JJ more. Can't rely on Amare.

Man, those are some scary words considering what we are on the hook for with this guy. I wish we could amnesty him cause he's done...

Ain't winning this game. They will all over the offensive glass.

We'll be ready this time. Not going to lose two in a row at home. Just can't, it would be unacceptable.

I've come to expect soul crushing loses against Boston.

D'Antoni is gone. Its a new day.

Allen will have no restrictions in terms of playing time. Surprise, surprise. The Knicks are like the magic elixir.

One hard hit on him and then they'll think about restricting him tonight

Don't let Rondo get 20 rebounds for the love of god.

Avery Bradley has all the tools to kill us tonight

Rondo will get 20 assists without making one pass

60 assists, all to Paul Pierce

I just hate the Celtics I just hate them so much.

I hate everything Boston. SMASH these guys Knicks

Fields on pierce makes me scared

I really really really don't like Rondo

I hate the Cs, but they have the best defensive backcourt in the NBA ....Sheesh

Bradley is a beast Watch him play...he's quickly becoming one of my favorite players in the league. Too bad he plays for Boston..

Garnett sets an illegal screen every possession but they never call it

Pierce gets so many more calls than melo

I see we are going to get 0 help from the refs tonight

Baren Davids is drunk again

I would love it if Rondo's double digit assist streak ended against us

Melo getting calls

Boston is just trying to ride this Avery Bradley thing.. He is a good story and plays hard, but he is not big enough to guard a carmelo

2 on Bass. NICE

Worst starter in the NBA landry fields.

Is pierce really being fouled all of these times, or are the refs betting the over/under on how many times he goes to the FT line? Seriously..

He gets all the calls... I swear it's the uniform.

Boston looks like a young team against us.

Baron is soooooo slowwwwwwwww he just sucks now

Pierce going to need a wheelchair?

Hate to say it, but I hope Pierce is done for this game at least.

JR is soooo good when he doesn't suck.

Let's put these geriatric biatches out of their misery.

If they weren't getting so many calls we would be up big right now.

Marquis Daniels, the Celtics version of Fields

I hate Pierce with all my being

Hope Pierce has arthritis and retires

We all know Pierce is not done Hes going to try and pull another Willis Reed....sigh

Boston should just rest its players because if jr is on fire pretty much the game is over.

Damn Pierce is back! Willis Reed-wannabe ass clown

Pierce getting the treatment again, going to the line. Can't stand that fat gangbanger

Rondo is a joke.

Celtics get away with murder.

Ref, do you know who the **** I am? I'm Paul Wheelchair **** Pierce ... Look he hit my finger how do you call that

No lead is safe against Boston,especially the one which was a result of a three point shooting.

"The Wheelchair" I remember that game ..... Just hilarious ..... And the refs still give him the benefit of the doubt

Celts feeling the refs wrath ...... Ha, how does it feel ?

If only the Knicks could shoot like this on a regular basis.

Some of these fouls.. Smh... The refs need to help these old scrubs,

I hate Rondo. Such an annoying player. I hate that bitch ass flop move

Refs keeping them in the game. Not trying to make excuses but they are getting phantom calls.

Rondo and Bradley going 6-6 from 3 is more crazy than all the Knicks 3's.

How did KG get player of the week, Melo should get player of the week and month

KG's jumpshot is beautiful I must say

I really like Bradley...

I hate Fields with such a passion.

Garnett moves on every screen, never gets called for it.

PP gets every fkn call. Refs are going to put that ugly punk on the line every time!

Does Paul Pierce go to the line more than anyone? Not saying that wasn't a foul, but come on.

I wish someone would punch KG in the face. Dude talks much kaka..

Rondo flopped... No way that was a foul

Rondo flops every play

Man did you hear that thud


Get your ass up chump!!!

Sucks for Rondo..... So, can someone scrape him off the court so we can keep this game going?


Rondo's not even injured... He just doesn't want to get up because he didn't get the foul call and doesn't want to be exposed as a flopper

Loose ball foul on Rondo but the refs love to cheat for Boston.

Screw rondo. Cant stand the guy

He should know not to jump into a 7ft dude boxing out for a rebound

Lol chandler bodychecking lil princess ...

Karma Rondo, karma ..

Let's chill on the Rondo hate. He might be really hurt. Can we just focus on winning?

He's an opponent, I have no pity.

****. Refs trying to get us into the penalty early.

Rondo is fine and the Celts will continue to set illegal screens

Refs gonna put them back in the game now?

Everytime we play the Celtics they allow them to play physical but not us.

Good job refs...way to get the old scrubby Celtics in the penalty

**** refs. What a coincidence. We're blowing out the Celtics at the half and we're in the penalty with 7 to go in the third.

Doc River: All right guys I want you to drive and flop

This is so **** blatantly obvious what they're doing, it's disgusting.

Is this Bass or prime Shaq??? WTF keep this fat clown out the paint!!!

No foul on that! The refs are in full swing now

Knicks vs. Refs... 61st Edition.

Cheat more! U **** refs

Refs are in full Celts mode!

3rd quarter: Refs 15 Knicks 9

It is laughable how bought and paid for these refs are right now.

We are getting jobbed by the refs right now.

The fans need to start throwing $hit at the refs!

The refs got a agenda

Refs making a comeback, attacking hard to start the 3rd

The Refs are scoring all of the Celtics points

These refs singlehandedly brought them back into the game.

Refs and Davis are throwing this game

Can we trade Davis for Bradley?

Wow!!!!! Refs in the pocket of the Celts!

These refs clearly have invested a lot of money in this game - money that they aren't willing to part with

Efs single handily bringing back the Celtics.

Stagnant offense + Boston refs + Landry Fields + Baron Davis = uh oh

Baron is morbid. Dude is all beard no swag.

You have to drop kick a Knick for them to get a foul

Boston is asking for a fight.

Finally they call a foul on stiesma. Wtf he has been fouling Chandler the whole time.

Melo has to get killed to get a foul.. Man

It's true. Refs will NEVER let Knicks blow out the Celtics

Melo has to work his butt to get to the line, but pierce you breathe on him and he gets to the line.


He Knicks need to flop more to level the playing field.

Stiemsma needs to get body checked into the basket stanchion.

Is that white guy only in to foul?

This bitch Stiemsma is asking to get dropped

Lemme find out Doc got Stismsma as a goon out there trying to hard foul us

I hate the Celtics but I love the hard nose mentality Rondo is displaying.

Stiemsa = the monk from the DA Vinci code


Someone put Pierce on the damn ground!

Doc put that white boy in to hurt our players. It's blatant

Paul pierce has more attempts then the entire knicks team. I hope Boston fans realize the absolutely one sided officiating

I hate the Celtics. Always trying to start a fight and trash talk.

The freakn refs are keeping them in the game!

The refs cheat for Boston because they're old vets and the refs think they can't do anything wrong. This game is being called very unfairly.

Pierce has basically taken all jumpers the entire game and he has 14 FT attemps! Melo attacks almost every other possession and has 6

We need to D up on Pierce! That bum is killing us right now

I can't emphasise enough how much I despise Paul Pierc

Yo the refs gunna have police escorts after this game

I think doc rivers is a good coach but I want to smack the smug look like he thinks his team doesn't get the benefit of every f***ing call!

Paul Pierce sucks chants..

WOOOOOW these refs want us in the penalty so bad.

We can't play defense! The refs wont let us

Paul Pierce just please DIE ALREADY

I hate pierce with a deep passion but he's the type of guy that you love playing against

It's amazing we are winning with how bad the refs are calling this game.

Send in Walker to drop kick Pierce!

Pierce is a disgusting human being. I hate that man.

Why can't we guard pierce ? He is killing us!

Either we defend him and he gets a call, or we lay off him and he hits open shots. We can't win either way.

We better hope the Cetics start missing shots because they are playing 8 on 5 right now

Why are we always robbed by the refs ON THE HOME COURT ?

As much as I cant stand him- I'd take pierce over Lebron and Wade.

God forbid the refs let us get a stop

Ref are killing us!

This is absolutely hilarious. But it's also horrifying. These refs are so paid up it's unbelievable.

I am so livid at the reffing in this game.

The Celtics are absolutely relentless against us

I despise pierce But man this guy is a BALLER

We get no calls but Boston gets a whistle every single play

Paul Pierce against the Knicks is just unreal

Novak >>>>>>>>> Bird

Novak is the best shooter in the history of basketball. Reggie who?

Novak is as good as gone...

Whats the deal with novaks contract?

Unrestricted free agent end of season

Somebody please break Novak's leg so we can keep him. Sorry Steve, but it's gotta be done.

Go **** your selfs Celtics you **** old pieces of **** the refs tried bringing you back in the game as much as they can go **** your self Pierce go **** your self Garnett go **** your self Bradley ... I'm just venting my anger these refs are so close to making me make a hole in the wall

Right now Pierce is my most hated player in the league. I hate it when he plays against the Knicks.

**** pierce and his fake *** limp....

I hope Rondo herniated 3 discs and Pierce tore a liggy

Bench points, NYK: 55 BOS: 2 This is ridiculous. Two extremes on both ends of the spectrum.

Refs still wanna keep Boston in the game.

At least Celtics are blown vs a hot shooting magic team

I cant believe the Nets traded their top 3 protected pick to the Blazers for Wallace instead of Pierce

Great win, we needed it bad, although it got sketchy at the end. This Bradley kid for Boston is the real deal, very impressed with him.

They are licking their wounds. Tails between their legs. Back to Boston bitches.

Wait!!!! I heard a whistle. Pierce is coming out of the tunnel to shoot 3

As a Knick fan who lived through that Reggie Miller debacle, I will only be happy when the clock is at 0.0.

Amen. Thank goodness Ray Allen is out.

The refs played better D on us then the Celtics Guess you can see who the refs bet their money on tonight

Even though the Celtics lost, I thought the refs performed well for them tonight. No doubt they are the odds on favorite for 6th man of the year...

Be nice if Dolan files a protest. For once, it'd be nice if the crack head does something to help.

Great game, great win. The Celtics are scary. Even with us going monkey-paw behind the three point line, they still made it a game.

Any 8 man team can give you a fight against 4 (not counting baron