Comments from the other side - Heat 4/24

Well, this was a strange game.  At first I was wondering if the Celtics would reach 50 the way they were shooting in the first quarter.  Brutal.  But they righted the ship and ended strong.  Three wins over the Heat in one month.   Love it!  We even spotted them 11 points in this game.   It always cracks me up to read how they trash every player on their team.  These guys are the definition of bandwagoners.  My favorite comment had to be the last one.  Do they really think they tanked this game intentionally?  Talk about delusional.  So... What's your favorite comment? 

Hopefully the Celtics rest their big 3 and we can play against their bench.

If you really believe this team is headed to the finals, you don't risk HCA against OKC for a one game rest. Our role players aren't reliable enough to take that gamble.

With both teams pretty much locked into seedings we may have high comedy in seeing our Big 3 and their Semi-Big 4 sit.

Big test for our bench against the Celtics

I don't see why Boston would play their 3 with none of our 3 playing. We'll still lose though.

They'll play at least 1 to keep the crowd happy.

God I hope Boston's entire big four is resting or this will be an ugly massacre.

I want to see Chalmers,Miller, Pittman, James Jones and the rest of the bench beat Boston's big 4. That would be a huge boost for the playoffs.

Boston's bench has played well when it was just them alone I must say. I won't be surprised if our bench gets blown the **** out.... We already can't score, then to score against Boston's half court defense?

No matter what the outcomes ..just keep our players injury safe .. Except for Cole

Let CB play against KG. He usually struggles against KG.

Yup, KG is the antithesis of CB. They are both roughly the same size, but one is so mentally tough that he dominates the other. Pretty sad when you consider that Bosh is supposedly in his prime, and Garnett is not. Next time I see a shooting star, I'll wish that CB gets some athleticism...

This game... Sucks.

9-0 wut

How long until Pierce takes over?

Haha, 5 minutes and no points for C’s.

First team to 60 wins

When did the TNT start televising D League games?

I can see us taking no FTs tonight, lol.

God I hope Pittman doesn't play a single minute this postseason. Just sayin..

The defense is actually really good so far. C's just missing shots too but am proud of the bench so far. Now don't let the C's go on a 20-0 run k thanks

They better count TO instead of points, might have a bigger score at the end

I really wish chalmers had some semblance of a point guard who could create good shots for others

Norris Cole is top 5 biggest scrub chucker in the NBA

Cole is so damn lucky, he get to play in the NBA and be literally the worse player in the game.

I don't like Haslem starting at all. He can't protect Bosh the way Turiaf or Joel can.

Juwan Howard should not be out there

Joel sucks, we look bad with him on the floor

I've gotten to the point that I can't stand Cole on the court. It's like this little short guy running around and just... I don't know. We might as well have gotten Nate Robinson.

Nate Robinson can actually shoot

Cole is playing agasint 3rd stringers...and sucking

Is it just me or Kenyon dooling makes everything against us smh

JJ = artest

Pound that ****ers head

Nice elbow, Keyon wants to play aggressive, better be ready to deal with the contact.

Get your punk ass up. Love what I'm seeing from JJ. EDIT: Damn son that's like a boxer's cut. My bad!

Flop O wait Well, it looked like it

That was for the flop earlier against Harris. JJ always taking one for the team. Class act there folks.

Wow, we suck

If elbowing someone while having previously been suspended a dozen times only gets you 7 games, then why don't we just have Juwan go out and elbow Rose in Game1 of the ECF? It's not like we're gonna need him in the playoffs.

I really don't understand that ruling. He deserved to miss the playoffs at a minimum.

He's a Laker, that's why.

Miller isn't very good

We're leading at halftime, I'll take it. Still don't think we'll win this game.

Paul Pierce comes in the 4th to win for Boston... Yep...

Miller can play PG, but would you want him defending any of them? I have problems with Miller guarding a statue, much less a speedy PG.

I hate Dooling Is there anyone on our team that can catch and shoot like that?

Whos is that skin head who plays for Boston.........

So none of these Celtics scrubs have committed a foul yet? Really?

So seriously we have not ONCE been fouled attempting a shot?

Our coach is a punk and allows this **** to happen. A good coach would've gotten himself ejected by now.

So if we win the Celtics will start the playoffs on the road?? Wow we should go for the kill if we can!

Even our scrubs are adept at choking.

Commentators noticed that KG and some players weren't sitting on the bench, but were in the back. Kerr then made the joke about them drinking beer and eating chicken.

"Drinking beer and eating chicken" :o

So I'm not the only one who heard that? Lol wow.

Juwan's rotations are the slowest thing in the world, the only thing slower than his jumper.

Bonehead Spo continues to play worthless trash like Cole and Howard.

Spoelstra is the dumbest coach, Its official

Lol these commentators.... No Pavlovic won't help Boston in the playoffs

Miller really is a worthless piece of ****.

Boston just rubbing it in now. I take back my praise, our role players are something else. Something bad.

This game doesn't mean anything guys. We already knew our role players were ****.

So is Miller done cause he was limping?

Oh great, looks like Mike is injured...AGAIN He's the most disgusting contract we have

I hope miller is fine.

Miller walks as though he has the knees of an 80 year old man, and you hope he's fine?:lol::lol: :lol: :lol: Miller will NEVER be fine, but he will ALWAYS be a thief.


Their white guy beat our white guy. UNFAIR

I'll come down to Miami and run across the court mid-game with a loud speaker screaming "BENCH COLE" if he plays. It would be worth getting arrested lol. Can't stand him. Didn't think it was possible to have a lower basketball IQ than Chalmers. I was wrong.

This coach has 0 killer instinct and it reflects in how we play. I see killer instinct In Doc, I see it in Thibs. I'm tellin you it matters, we don't play hard. Even our scrubs who supposed to relish playing time. No heart.

We all already know spo isn't even close as good a motivator as Doc and Thibs. Dude sounds like a computer

Our bench should have won this. Boston is old. They wont get past the hawks. Hawks just ***** the clippers with cp3 and Blake both hitting 34. Boston is done. Home court wont matter.

Every call is going the Celtics way.

If I ever see Spoelstra on the street, I'm gonna walk right up to him and ***** slap him, only because I know that he won't do anything about it.

Now okc has hca against us .. And spurs too ..

We would beat the Celtics in the playoffs.

U think guys phily or knicks will try to avoid us in the first round ? they will intentionally lose their remaining games ?

Philly will do whatever it takes to avoid playing us, even if that means Collins forfeiting we have a date with the knicks, Sunday 3:30. Gonna **** those kickerbockers up

I think we might have tanked this game to secure the 2nd seed to go against pacers/magic in the second round.