Comments from the other side - Hawks 4/11

Poor Hawks fans. They were so ready to get a big win and then the Celtics took the air out of their sails. Some fun comments from the one about KG having dementia to the guy who hates Pietrus so much he's worried about himself! Of course they got the Paul Pierce stabbing and wheelchair references in. Have fun with today's comments and be sure to list your favorites in the comments.

I hate the Celtics. Right up there with the Saints. I hope the boys smack'em around good.

Can't wait to stick it to these bastards tonight.

Their center has dementia. Can't remember who plays PG for the Hawks. His
Real name is Mr. Intimidation becaise he believes himself to be the greatest,
Regardless of what Mr. Ali has to say about it. Too bad about the dementia.
Things like that happen when you get old.

What is up with the 8pm start?

1 hour extra rest for the Celtics since last night, conspiracy against the Hawks

I think this was originally an ESPN game that was FLEXED

Wow, we got flexed for Bucks vs. Knicks I would feign outrage, but considering our tendency to underperform on national TV, getting flexed

It is my sincere hope that Jeff Teague has a career night and makes Kevin Garnett remember his name. I can hear it now, shades of Ali/Patterson. Every time Teague makes a basket he should yell “What’s my name?” to KG. Man, would that be sweet.

Hawks got this. C's played last night. We are young with fresh legs. No way they beat us. Let's grind them into the ground and chew them up and spit them out.

The way Cs are playing, I wouldn't bet against them finishing third

Hawks v Celts, always a helluva game for no rivalry!

Ray Allen Is OUT

Great for us, one less hall of famer to worry about

Damn, who will Teague taunt post dunk?

Pierce? When was last time Pierce dunked?

Side note, Mickael Pietrus is active

LD for coach of the year!!!!

Any chance we can fire him before the playoffs and hire, I don’t know, Hubie or somebody? If Van Gundy gets fired, we’d better the first people calling his phone

Apparently this Avery Bradley is some defensive whiz.

Boston has played two games since we've last played. No excuses tonight, not even the refs, so we better win.

When was the last time Garnett missed a jumper

Teague is killing this Bradley kid

Haha left rondo wide open

Rondo jumper= win for us

Paul pierce got a bloody nose suck it up Its not like we stabbed you or anything

People his age just tend to get nosebleeds.

Get Pierce a wheelchair call the paramedics

Dammit Pietrus is in

Pietrus.... The Hawks’ worst nightmare…

I F***ing hate pietrus

Ivan vs. Stiesma Tommy Heinson is gonna lose it…

Can't stand him, the homerest homer I've ever heard

Brandon Bass is now a Hawk Hater

Not like he's playing that great We’re just leaving him wide open for whatever he wants.


Rondo is really the one killing it. 7 assists in a quartrer? Gotta try to corral that ball movement.

Is their a player I hate more than pietrus


Someone needs to seriously find some super glue and attach Willie's ass to the bench!

Get Kirk in

Ugh please don't

What's he done that is so objectionable?

Is more what he hasn't done and can't do. Which is anything. And then there's this sacrilege.

Someone gave Josh Smith that stat that says Boston owns his soul.

If josh hit that 3 David stern should have flown in and stopped the season.

Boston is doubly annoying with the homer announcers

I hadn't realized Doc is looking so old Makes me feel old, myself

Doc Rivers was looking old by the time he got to NY

My God Stiesma is destroying us on the boards

Stiesma saves the Celtics again.

Wait, maybe the skinny white guy CAN shoot.

WTF Stiesma I don’t care if he is wide open

Of course this is the night rondo is 100% from FT

Have to play perfect ball the rest of the way

Perfect basketball the rest of the way? We’re doomed

If that's the case, I am turning it off now.

I had no idea Cs have cheerleaders!!!!


Pietrus makes me want to throw my laptop

Please can we get Joe Jesus Johnson

I thought Jesus played for the other team Only his ankle is swollen or something…

I hate Pietrus so much I'm worried for myself

I hate the Celtics more than an other team in the league. They cry more than the Heat and that is hard to do

Their fans cry, their announcers cry, and their players cry

I haven't been too upset with the refs tonight, actually

Is that considered an assist by JJ?

Should be Dud didn’t even come close to drawing iron

Can we assume "Dud" is a Freudian slip?

KG was a lot easier to like when he was on a perpetual loser

Good thing the hawks did this quarter, RACK UP THE FOULS!

So where are the guys who said they would love to see Boston in the first round?

I'm not one of them, but it surely would be exciting and competitive.

Dammit rondo isnt going to shoot watch everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting killed on the freaking boards tonight

How does the worst rebounding team in the league outrebound us by so much? wtf!!!

Cs got lucky with that rebound.

Yeah, that's not luck, it's poor rebounding.

LD...pass AWAY from Pietrus, please.


Because you want cold players off the bench to shoot game-winners.

Again I ask who are the people that said they wanted to play Boston int he playoffs?

Pierce crowds and locks down ISO Smith

That happens when you can't dribble.

Lot of F-Bombs here.

Its the Celtics of course there is gonna be

Hey we found a way to stop Bass.

I hope Bass is ok...but leaves the game

JJ can't hit shit Teague deferring to him all the same.

Rondo is on Teague and I think they are afraid of Teague turning it over.

Can we be scared of JJ missing two shots in one possession, then?

It's not like Mickael effing Pietrus isn't on JJ.

Bob with the funny Pierce joke!

Was it a Stab joke?

Wheelchair joke


Good call ref throw him out

Josh and JJ getting calls! I got Tommy Heinson on telecast! Hilarious!

He's positively apoplectic It is fun!

Did Doc Rivers sleep with the refs sister and not call her?

If that's true then he wouldve got a tech a long time ago

I think he shot his puppy...

I hate Paul pierce

Well the refs tried their hardest to give it to us.

Must be disappointing to be 8-12 shooting on the night for 21 points And to not get the ball passed to you when you’re wide open on the last possession after not getting to touch the ball for the whole overtime period.

Particularly when you're the freaking PG

F' Josh Smith He’s the dumb shit who didn’t swing the basketball.

Why didn't josh swing the ball to teague?

Because it just isn't in him to do that.

Watching hawks basketball typically tends to fry my brain

I F***ING HATE THE CELTICS! They are just straight up B***hes!

Yeah that sums it up

Outrebounded by 20. Rondo 10-10-20. No Ray Allen. This sucks.

Teague turned the ball over too much tonight Which makes me wonder what we need to say about the 6 tunovers that JOSH had.

That he also turned the ball over too much

He's not even a PG Well, not one in real life-but he does play one on TV

They just don't have a lot of IQ among them, sadly.

Why can't we beat the teams we hate?

When Joe was going up with the ball and got fouled how was that not a shooting foul?

I'm not going to complain about the officiating Dudes gave us like 6 straight chances to tie the game and we effed up all of them

This loss hurts more than anyone this season. Hawks have no guts

No Ray Allen, the AARP group played last night. We had 3 days off. The refs gave us all they could and we still lost Why do I even watch this team? I need a drink.

No point in getting your hopes up about this team. Can’t even beat old ass Celtics in OT