Comments from the other side - Bobcats 4/15

 Gotta feel for Bobcats fans.   No talk of tanking here.  Forget ping pong balls, they just want a win.  Any win.  Just not to be the worst team in NBA history.  I think my favorite comment was this one: "Even though we're a horrible team, and we suck, atleast we're not the Kings!" with the one asking if Bass was aware that he was allowed to pass to his teammates a close second.  Even with all the losing, Bobcat fans still love their team and that's refreshing after reading how much Heat "fans" hate their team after one loss. 

Trying to decide if I want to go to the game tonight or stay home and stare out my windows. Tough decision's ahead.

Avery Bradley is the guy who I thought we would have drafted in 2010 had we never traded that pick away for Alexis Ajinca. Seemed like a player Larry Brown would have drafted.

I sure we're going to get blown out tonight but it would be soooo nice to put an end to our losing streak with a win over Boston. It's not healthy to lose this much.

Third game in three nights for Boston's old farts, we should use the opportunity,

Seems like a game where a "do you want to be the worst **** team of all time!?" speech by Eddie could come in handy for our young guns.

Rondo is clearly their best player. I don't get why its called the big 3 anymore.

This is a game we should win with Allen, Garnett, and Pierce out tonight.

If you are silas do you give a motivational speech prior to the game about how the Celtics have so little respect for you they are benching 3 of their starters?

I am ashamed at the amount of Celtics band-wagoners at the game.

If we get blown out tonight by this Celtics team, I think it says more about our coaching staff than it does about our players. This is the closest talent gap we have had all season.

You know it says something when you'd rather work on a paper on Sherman's Savannah Campaign than watch the game

I just want to see Biz learning some tricks from KG. He said before that he digs KG. If we can get Biz to hold down his career with the drive and charisma that Garnett has had…that's half the battle.

We're going to win. KG, Ray Allen and Pierce are all out

Shows how highly Boston thinks of us

To further add insult, Celtics big 3 cant even be bothered to come to the game. They are still in new York.

Stiemsman ( No idea if I came close to spelling his name right ) is making Biyombo look silly right now.

Watching Augustin guard Rondo is embarrassing.

Its a shame NBA fans don't chant during games like soccer fans. I would love to hear some "you don't know what you're doing" chants aimed at silas this year.

We seriously gave up 34 points to the Celtics in one quarterwithout their big 3?

I swear, if we get blown out by the Celtics backups...

Boston ahead by 9 after the first with half of its team resting/hurt. Pathetic

Other NBA teams treat the Bobcats like IUPUI, rest their best players and still expect to dust them

I think moon just realized how bad this team is. You could see it in his eyes.

I can't believe that Rondo already has 12 points and 7 assist.

This game is
1. A testament to how underrated the roleplayers of Boston are
2. Biz isnt ready for the big time yet…
3. How overrated and horrific our players are
Didn't want to put the third one but Jeez…we stink…

Juan Johnson and Etwaun Moore are pretty good…and I know playing behind such NBA allstars they have only gotten better

LMAO. 3 fouls in 2 minutes of PT. 54 fouls per 36?

This team has the worst offensive and defensive awareness I've ever seen.

Moon with the airball. You'll fit right in jamario. Welcome to the lolcats.

I could see rondo ending up with 30-20-10 in this game.

Someone needs to go get Bradleys ankles off the sideline. Henderson has been flat out abusing him the entire game. So much for him being a "Defensive stopper"

You know your a Bobcats fan when: a 7 point deficit in the 2nd quarter is insurmountable.

How many more games would we have one if we traded DJ or kemba for rondo? I'm thinking at least 10.

Doubt Ainge would ever be that stupid.

Not in a realistic trade sense, in a magical hypothetical sense... We'd have to trade our entire team + our pick to get rondo.

Rondo is arguably Boston's best player So, I don’t care if the “Big Three” are not playing. With Rondo playing, Boston can still beat a lto of teams.

Yeah He’s a pain to watch as an opponent because he just effortlessly carves up your defense.

Even though we're a horrible team, and we suck, atleast we're not the Kings!

Even with the C's starting lineup w/o KG & PP, the Celtics would still make the playoffs in the East. Rondo is still an All-Star. Avery Bradely, Brandon Bass, and Mikael Pietrus are starters.

Is Brandon Bass aware of the fact that he's allowed to pass the ball to his teammates?

Damn, Steisma has 6 blocks

Nice block by stiemsma. Dude can definitely protect the rim.

Stiemsa with 4 fouls now. Time to put that big fella on the bench

He is key to the Celtics ability to go far in the playoffs! Really impressive for a guy who never got more than 12 minutes per game in college!

He is actually a player that I would like us to persue next season if we cant get Jordan Hill, Sean Williams or Ezeli…

Moons only good attribute when he was younger was his athleticism. Now being 32 years of age that has all but disappeared. No idea why we signed him.

LeBron was unavailable. You know, like nearly every other NBA worthy player.

Kemba does not have an NBA jumper, I would rather have Rondo shooting 15 footers than him!

Kemba has that killer instinct to put a team on his back, take over, and lead the team to victory. Pity he's not actually good enough to do it.

Biz with his 1000th dropped pass of the season. That has to be an NBA record.

That was an above average game for us, only losing by 12, pathetic!

I love this team. Even if they’re terrible.