Celtics close out season with 87-74 victory over the Bucks

This game went exactly as planned for Doc.  The Hall of Famers started this game but with a large lead, were able to get plenty of rest.  The Celtics beat the Milwaukee Bucks with a score of 87-74.

All wasn't good news as Paul Pierce only played 6 minutes after injuring his big toe on his left foot.  Yes, I laughed as I read that sentence too.  The Celtics didn't play any player over 25 minutes while giving 13 players a chance with 12 of those players getting double digit minutes.

Avery Bradley won the game for the Celtics, leading the team in scoring while controlling the tempo on both sides of the ball.  Offensively he was confident while nailing down jump shots and aggressive to the back utilizing the back door screens.  The bench played really well with Bradley running the point, except for JaJuan Johnson missing every single dunk.

The last side note of this game is Rondo's box score.  To me, these are the best lines he has because team's still can't stop it when he becomes one dimensional. 15 assists in 25 minutes while taking only one shot attempt.  Now that the regular season on, let us get ready for the battle in Atlanta on Sunday.