Allen having 2nd thoughts on whether he wants to stay in Boston

Boston Globe
It’s been a disappointing season for Allen, because privately, he feels somewhat slighted by an organization for which he developed a loyalty and trust - and his demeanor has changed over the past few weeks.

In addition to being nearly traded, Allen was relegated to the bench by the emergence of Avery Bradley, a move that has made the Celtics more athletic and more effective defensively.

It appears that Allen would appreciate better communication from team management.

It seems while the Celtics have undergone a resurgence - primarily because trades for Allen and Pierce never materialized - there has been a breakdown in communication and perhaps regard between management and those veteran players.

The wedge may be too late to close. Allen wants to finish this season with a championship, but the likelihood of his return next season has diminished.

Up until now, staying in Boston was always Ray's first choice this Summer, so this is news, though not unexpected. I had a feeling that Ray's absence in postgame interviews had to do with his dissatisfaction. Exploring trading Ray Allen wasn't wrong. The problem was when they had a trade and then it fell apart. How are you going to call a future Hall of Famer and tell him he's been traded and then not trade him?

Expect to see Ray either sign outright with another team this coming Summer or be involved in a sign and trade.