Would you rather watch Gasol or Rondo?

There has been a lot of trade talk recently and quite frankly I'm tired of it. From a business decision maybe some of these crazy ideas Ainge has in his head make sense. From a real person with a heart, it doesn't. Do the Celtics need a big man? Of course they do. But I'd rather see us go out in the second round with Rondo then go out in the second round with Gasol.

This is where we sports fans have to ask ourselves, do we care about our team or we we care more about potential? Look, I'd love us to win a title this year but the reality is we probably won't. Would you have rather watched some mediocre players you'll never remember squeak out a couple more wins or the team we have now? Reality check, for those of us my age and younger(26), these last 5 years have been awesome. If we were playing like this 10 years ago and were in playoff contetion we'd be celebrating like it was St. Patty's Day( extremely lame joke).

In conclusion, I ask us Celtics fans everywhere, do you like wins and losses or the Celtics? Do you like winning by all means or winning the Celtic way?  Most of you are thinking to yourself you want both, well unfortunately this isn't some sappy movie. Many people will say that wins are all that matters, but when your 87 years old rocking in a chair are you going to remember the March 16th game against the Kings where you won by 9 points or the time you saw Rondo. I'll leave that up to you.