Comments from the other side - Wolves 3/30

That was fun.  I love it when KG gets so fired up.  He's so much fun to watch.  Wolves fans have mixed feelings about the Big Ticket: fond memories, feelings of betrayal, love, hate,admiration.  You name it and there is a fan feeling it.  I think the comment that cracked me up the most was "Hey look it's that guy we traded for Al Jefferson".  Of all the hate for KG, Rondo, and Pierce on boards, this is the first one I've found with real Sasha Pavlovic hate.  Guess having him on your team for a year will do that.  Lots of fun comments today.  Any favorites? 

I suspect KG is not going to be received well by the crowd. I loved him when he was here but I have grown very tired of his attitude.

KG was over for me when he played for the first time against us and he pounding his fist on the Celtics sign. Disrespectful SOB

I hope there is a stream with the Wolves commentators because I almost punch my computer screen listening to the reverse garbage disposal that is the Boston color commentator.

KG has always been a jackass. We just tolerated it when he was playing for us and was the "underdog."

$5.00 says KG commits at least one hard foul (cheap shot) on love tonite. Thug.

KG probably get booed, He has turned into a big douche since on the Celtics, and thrown the wolves under the bus with the recent comments I read.

He threw management under the bus, not the fans.

I just find it shocking that no t wolves fan likes KG.

Well, we did when he was here. But the man is full of excuses in late game situations, bad mouths a team that set his family up for generations, bullies only little guys, and has burned his bridges with Minny fans. I am all for an athlete speaking his mind. You then need to live with the results of what you said. We tucked it away when he played here. Bullying little guys, being selfish, hiding in the corner when it was winning time. The CBA was what is was, so its our owners fault to some degree, but when KG asked why he couldn't get help, he should have looked at his direct deposit of $770,000 every 2 weeks and had his answer.

Rondo will probably get about ten assists to Pierce alone

Hey look it's that guy we traded for Al Jefferson

Rondo just threading right through out defense. 7 assists already and we're not even finished with the 1st quarter.

Dangit Pierce looks good

I'm really worried about Paul Pierce in this game Do we have anyone who can even slow him down?

Apparently Short answer to this question is “No.”

Damn, listen to the crowd when KG scores.

Hey, Kevin Garnett cheated What a jerk

The sweat is dripping off KG already

The sweat was dripping off KG when he was born and it hasn't stopped since

Okay rondo’s gonna get a trip dub

Celtics jerseys are a classic sport design. Up there with Arsenal’s red and white, the New Zealand All Blacks, Barcelona. And we’re wearing Muskies uniforms. A team that existed for one, single solitary year.

Boston: A well-oiled machine.

"Celtics also picked up Ryan Hollins" KG’s gotta love that move…

"Ryan Hollins was released in Cleveland" Which tells you all you need to know about Ryan Hollins really

Bass just blew by Williams from the top of the key off the dribble with no picks or help. How is Williams a 3 again?

Stiemsma looking very agile there

The Steamer would make a nice backup to Pek.

Did the folks at CelticsBlog stay up all night coming up with that name? Just a reminder of how cool Canis Hoopus is as a blog moniker. Hands down has to be the best in the NBA.

Maybe Drunken Irish Ballers was already taken????

The crowd loves Stiemsma

Who are these people cheering for Boston at Target Center

Kevin Love's getting outplayed by a dude with a blonde fade. C'mon man!

Far far too many green jerseys in Target tonight.

Awesome, pavlovich in We have a chance now…

Oh god Sasha frickin Pvlovic is playing. He was on the court for less than a minute and took a shot. What a shock.

They are going to Sasha for the final shot Are they even taking us seriously?

Also Rajon Rondo has fantastic handles Watching him dribble around the court is an education.

Always loved rondo.. he’s a baller.

KG is so unselfish, always passing to the open man Even when it’s Sasha Pavlovic

Pav is sooooo bad

How is pavlovic still in the league?

Sasha's gonna Sasha How he's getting minutes with the Celtics I'll never know.

How he's even in the league after this fella had an historic year with us is beyond me

Brad Miller is old.

Can we please be aware of rondo?

Why are we passing it to rondo!?!?!

Of all the things about KG That dude is seven foot tall, not 6’11"

He's... 6’12’’

6'13'' But definitely not a 7-footer.


What does Pavlovic do that makes him an NBA player?
Collects a paycheck

Hit wide open three's.

By "wide open", do you mean in an empty gym?

Correction on that, Misses W I D E O P E N threes.

KG was telling everyone what to do on that last possession. “Go to him! Now come here! Pick n Roll! Shoot!”

Keep Pavlovic out of foul trouble!

Good golly KG can play some defense Textbook closeout And shaded Love in his weak direction and trapped him. Textbook.

That was actually kind of funny. KG never got out of his crouch.

This is going to be a long night.

Longer than a Darko snack break.

Longer than a Rubio autograph signing at an all girls school...

I guess we think Boston is playing with 4 players because we're acting like Rondo is invisible...

Rubio and Rondo might be long-lost twin brothers

If they are, Mrs. Rubio has some ‘splainin’ to do.

Boston is a HORRIFYING defensive team Why isn’t their record better?

Rondo 10 asts, 4 rebounds, 3 steals, 0 tos. WOW! He's ridiculous.

Fan just hollered at KG: “Hey Kevin please come back next year!” KG: “No way.”"

Rondo's floater is scary good

It's a bit sad\ When the vanilla ice concert had more energy than your basketball team.

Like most Wolves fans... I loved KG…but now I just want to see Pek flatten him. Wish he was playing tonight :-(

KG Is in Love’s head

I don't remember KG setting the worst moving screens in history with us, which he has been doing a few years now. Could it be that we were so blinded with homerism we didn't see him getting away with pretty much everything?

A lot of Garnett's defensive game Seems based on intimidation. Did anyone else see him punching away Kevin loves arms there.

If any other team in the league played as physically as the Celtics every player would foul out…just sayin

KG is pushing the limits here it has to be said although we have fouled Pierce on drives a lot for no call

The Truth is pretty good.

Did old Kevin block that 3 by new Kevin?

This "hometown" crowd sucks

Man, Stiemssma is a helluva a perimeter defender.

How in the hell does rondo get these boards?!

How does he have 16 assists?
You get an assist by passing to a guy that makes a shot He did that 16 times!

Rondo is basically Luke Ridnour’s nightmares made flesh.

Is it wrong to dream about Paul pierce wearing Muskie blue and gold?

Luke and Kevin vs the universe If we could get as much out of our Steamers and Doolings and Bradleys…we’d be good.

Every time they close out on our pick and roll they totally body up on the point guard in a way that could be called a foul

Naw it’s just good defense.

We body up like that and it will be whistle-fest 2K10

Beautiful defense by Boston

Garnett and Rondo are two fairly intense individuals

Rondo has 16 assists. The Wolves, as a team, have 14.

Oh my god there is no talent on the court right now for the wolves

Well, they are playing Steamer and Pavs...

KG's just annoying now

Hard to imagine that Miller was ever a basketball player

Brad Miller's starting to look like Rip Torn.

Hopefully he doesn't sit in a wheelchair all day and drink his own urine

I might prefer that to what he's doing on the court right now.

It would be more entertaining to watch, though equally as sad

I would shit my pants if I were a point guard playing against Boston's D.

Before, during or after the game?


I would be wondering... How on earth Keyon Dooling and Greg Steinsma are playing this well against me

We did better in the Marcus Banks era than this. We can't handle toughness and our defense is a joke compared to defense like this.

To be honest that this is not a brutal hopeless blowout does not bode well for Boston in the postseason

Trade love for garnett

"why have one good player.…when you can have 35 SASHA PAVLOVICS?” -glen Taylor

Anyone else having issues with league pass tonight?

Yes, they're showing some horrible game

Kevin Love has been outplayed in every aspect of the game by someone who is 12 years older than him. That’s bad.

I've heard Garnett is a pretty good player

Garnett (and that terrifying Boston team D) have really made life tough for Love.

A 35 year old should not out effort a 23 year old. No matter who it is.

Well, that guy is also an incredibly-intense, incredibly-motivated, incredibly-talented, incredibly-skilled player who happens to be one of the best defensive players of all-time

To be fair, Rondo's assists have made Garnett's scoring easy And he’s the biggest player in the game by miles.

Garnett just whispered in KLove's ear “I’m owning you”

You don't need to read lips to know what kg was saying there “This is MY COURT”

Disgusted every time I see KG in that green.

Whether who said what or all that garbage... I still feel like he turned on us.

One of the first things he said after he won that championship, "This is for 'Sota." He didn’t turn on us.

Garnett did not want to be traded, The FO had to convince him.

The only positive I can come up with is Wes Johnson is still better than Sasha Pavlovic

Next game fan gear.

Manhandled by a two man team The high standard of defense that Rondo, Garnett, and Rivers demand must be admired. Say what you want about KG being a hack but he does not allow his teammates to be lazy on the defensive end ever

Well, it's still His house Not that KG ever needs motivation but we all know what be can do when he feels challenged.

Always the Big Ticket when he has a chip on his shoulder, and he usually does