Rondo says relationship with Doc is improving

Gary Washburn, Boston Globe
Rajon Rondo today at shootaround:"I'm doing all right. Like they say it's part of the business. I'm happy just playing basketball. I'm happy with the guys they surrounded with me, the coaching staff. Danny and I have talked quite a bit this year so his (best player on the team) is not new news to me. I don't get discouraged when I hear my name in trade talks. Obviously that was big of Doc to come out with that statement but I know the relationship we have. It's gotten better each year."

In other Rondo news, Adrian Wojnarkowski was on WEEI today and says that he doesn't see Rondo being traded and that the Rondo/Gasol rumor was never discussed.

The Boston Herald reports (from a source) that the Celtics are "desperate" to trade Rondo, but say his value around the league has lowered and they can't get any offers close to fair value.

This leaves the Celtics with two options: They can either go on a campaign to say that Rondo is their guy and they're not moving him (which they did yesterday), as a way to try and bring up his trade value. Or they can do the same, but just decide that they're better off retaining Rondo and making the best of the situation. Good to hear the Celtics aren't just giving Rondo away.