NBA considering letting advertisers put logos on teams' jerseys

If you were watching the Celtics-Bobcats game tonight on NBA League Pass, during halftime the NBA aired a segment discussing the idea that advertisers might be allowed to put their logos on players' jerseys, like in NASCAR and other sports.

I personally am not a fan of the advertising idea, but it did spark a rather funny discussion in the shoutbox about potential sponsors. Some of my favorites are listed below. Any other funny sponsor ideas? Leave them in the comments.

LeBron James - Rogaine for his hair line
Metta World Peace - UFC since he has demonstrated his fighting prowess during Malice at the Palace
Doc Rivers and Tom Thibideau - Cepacol for their sore throats
Rajon Rondo - LoJack since he is Grand Theft Rondo
Carlos Boozer - Kiwi shoe shine for his paint-on hair
Chris Bosh - Kleenex for when he cries
Glen "Big Baby" Davis - Gerber's baby food
Eddy Curry - Weight Watchers
Mike D'Antoni - Pringles... oh wait, that is his face on their logo
Pau Gasol - Old Spice Odor Blocking Body Wash
Joakim Noah - Geico, since he looks like the Geico Caveman
Delonte West - Cougar Town