Mickael Pietrus says thank you...

Mickael Pietrus has returned to Boston and spoke with CSNNE about his scary fall.   He has been diagnosed with a concussion, which means that before he can return to the court he will need to pass a battery of tests to show that he has no lasting effects from the injury.   It could be a day, a couple of days, or a week, depending on the severity of the concussion.  But the good news is that he will be back.  Here is what he had to say to A. Sherrod Blakely about his injury.  He still has some weakness and dizziness and he doesn't remember the aftermath of the hit but has watched it on video.
"Every time I see it, it just makes me cry," he said. "Because I know it could have so much worse for me."

"That [the outpouring of concern from everyone] meant a lot to me," Pietrus said. "To have the fans and players, my coaches and teammates, show they care so much about me as a person. That only makes me want to come back even stronger, and help us win games and just keep playing good basketball. For me, that was so sad last night. We really wanted that win, and were playing good basketball before I got hurt. I know my teammates were kind of down, but we're going to be Ok. We're Celtics. We're going to be OK."
Pietrus also posted some thoughts on Twitter to his fans:

I just love this team and I have gained a great deal of respect for Michael Pietrus. I echo what Mickael said: We're Celtics. We're going to be OK!