Is the headband to Rondo what hair was to Samson?

So guess who was back rockin' the headband tonight? He finished with 14 points, 13 dimes, and 5 steals (aka Grand Theft Rondo's) as the Celtics had their way with the Nets. It's interesting to note that back when Rondo's headband was worn every game he was one of the top 3 point guards in the league. Remember the 2009 playoffs, the series vs the Bulls, and how Rondo basically averaged a triple double for the playoffs? Then the next year he was an all-star, and was the MVP of the playoffs through the first 3 rounds.

Then last year David Stern made a rule that players couldn't wear headbands upside down. Rondo the head strong/stubborn individual he is decided not to wear a headband instead of complying. Rondo had an inconsistent year last season and got injured in the playoffs without his headband.

This season once again Rondo has struggled with inconsistency minus the dome piece. The shine on Rondo has disappeared some. Where he used to be contention for  the league's best point guard and an MVP in the playoffs, now he had dropped out of the elite point guard class (Nationally. I know his fans disagree, but nationally he isn't looked at as elite any more). So Rondo was back with the headband tonight. Should it make a permanent return or should he stick with headband-less look?