Comments from the other side - Sixers 3/23

Somehow, basketball didn't seem so important by the end of the night. I was happy to hear somewhat encouraging reports that MP wasn't admitted to the hospital. Still waiting to hear more. When he first fell there were a few jerks making comments, but glad to see that there are at least some Philly fans that got the seriousness of it. I was apalled that Collins would mention paying for physical plays. That was just out of line.  I do have to say that I've never seen such lousy fans.   They trash their team the entire first half and then when they start winning start liking them again.  With fans like that, they don't deserve an NBA team.    Anyway, here are today's comments. Please continue to pray for Mickael.

Must win. Don't want to lose our division lead.

We don't stand a chance. I see Doug keeping Turner on a short leash again. This is an easy gift-wrapped hand-over of the division tonight.

I doubt we get an ESPN game next year with the way we have played on TV.
I also don't see us winning this game either. Boston is finally putting it together 3/4 of the way through the season while we are floundering.

Most important game of the season for both teams. Will be a close one. Which also means a loss. My confidence in this team is almost as little as Collins' confidence in Turner.

Damn now Meeks can't **** Ray with his slipnslide defense.. Then again...maybe Ray is ducking him. It's cool Mr. Shuttlesworth, I wouldn't want to deal with that either.

The Sixers have to WANT this more *****-footing around...D them up, get physical, take them to the hole and make the oldies run..

Sort of feels like a playoff game. It won't for long - our crowd always dies off - but it's good to see.

Maybe if they hit Turner with a chair he'll get a call.

Oh hell no, not those queers known as the Celtics.

Surprised it took this long for us to get down by double digits.

**** Pierce

I see we went from doubling Pierce in the beginning of the game, to leaving him wide open. Wise strategy

We look sluggish, slow, and the dreaded meeks factor(no spacing).

Bass just did what Hawes got called for a travel on, he winds up on the FT line.

This team stinks right now in all facets. Shame to watch.

Celtics shooting over 100%.

How many Tommy POints Do they have?

Good job Sixers you had the division right in your hands now your about to give it up without even fighting for it. What a bunch of worthless bums!!!

Wth is that fossil Battie doing out there

Terrific defense by Meeks right there letting Rondo go right by him.. Atleast he didn't slip and fall this time.

Boston is doing nothing but shooting deep jump shots and making EVERY SINGLE DAMN SHOT

When your "go to guy" can get completely shut down by Avery Bradley, hes not really a go to guy.

Avery Bradley is a freaking defensive animal!

Each Greg Stiemsma basket counts as 10 points. Crap.

Meeks shouldn’t be allowed to dribble more than twice

These old farts put on a much better show than our "Young and Athletic" team. Sad

Hawes got a severe facial our bigs are so worthles it's funny. I bet Nate Robinson could do the throw down a nasty dunk on our bigs.

Is meeks trash? Yes

We are getting the injury breaks tonight for once

his head didn't even get hit. Get up you ****ing baby!

If Pietrus didn’t hurt his back, he’s officially a better actor than Pierce

Really, a stretcher?

Are you people really that ignorant? He's obviously hurt.

I hope Pietrus is ok...All competition and such aside please let him be ok.. He's really one of the good guys of the NBA. Prayers go out to him....

Prayers to pietrus right now. Hope he is ok.

Who we gonna pick to shoot 'em?

Wouldn't surprise me at all if Doug gives it to someone decent. Maybe just picks the captain.

Well, I was wrong about that.

Good to see Ryan Hollins still Hollinsing his way through a career

NBA refs are a joke.

Avery Bradley is such a hound on the ball, it’s ridiculous

These refs are stinking up the joint.

Collins should get one more tech so they can throw him out

Nba is the worst most rigged sport in the world

There is not enough stupidity in the world for this team and the coachs

I really don't think we make the playoffs if we lose here

Sadly its very true. We lose we are the 7th seed only 3 ahead of the Knicks and 4 ahead of the Bucks. Both teams playing much better than us and have the tiebreakers against us.

I love our all star SF driving the lane and kicking out to our gimpy center for a three. I thought it couldn't get worse than Lou Williams isolation, but I've been proven wrong.

No Allen, no Pietrus, no excuse to lose

Why can't Brand play as efficiently as KG at his age?

Because he sucks

I often mistake Marquis Daniels for a WNBA player, he needs to get rid of that girly haircut....and maybe a name change would help too

You know what. Rondo gets a lot of cheap assists. He's got 13 and a LOT of them have come off of jump shots that were made, a lot of them challenged.

Don't double Rondo, give him space and let him miss

The offense does look nice this half so far, but Boston looks lost on D

We're the best

Announcer making excuses for the Celts. They only have two HOFers tonight and not three

it's like we flipped a switch on offense, this is totally different from what we've seen the last 4-5 games

Marquis Daniels is awful.

Can everyone now see how the Celtics offense and shooting leads to Rondo's crazy assist numbers? He's a fantastic player, but would be half as productive here.

Elton Brand is taking this game over

Celtics came out of the 2nd half with a low energy level and our guys are taking advantage of it.

We're just way better than the C's. Doesn't really matter who's out there

How long have I been calling rondo overated? Ask the guy to score in the halfcourt and its lulz time

And now Rondo scores on meeks lol

We are going to lose because meeks is in this game I can feel it. He couldn't guard a telephone pole.

Of course we are only winning this because Allen is out and then Pietrus got hurt

Marquis Daniels might be the worst player in the NBA, he is horrendous

Get rid of Iggy and rebuild the team around turner

You are seriously going to talk about that when we are kicking one of our biggest rivals ass?

I'm not agreeing with op, but I'm also not even remotely excited about beating the geriatrics from Boston their 2nd of a back to back

Can we trust them to score just one point to get the Big Macs?

Refs – you don’t make those calls not when the Big Macs are on the line like this!

Well, we won. The C's are not very good. Knicks prob finish 2nd

The C's just aren't in our class. It's cool to dismantle them.

Doug accidently let that slip about the extra pay.. OOPS

What'd he say?

He was saying how his team isn't dirty (regarding the foul on Pietrus) and he followed by saying something like "I even sometimes have to give out extra pay for physical plays"

Oh that's horrible timing with the bountygate ***** going on..