Comments from the other side - Nets 3/2

Good stuff from the Nets fans.  Love how they start out predicting a blowout win for the Nets and then hating on their team at the end of the "genocide."  Also love how they complain about Pierce whining and then proceeded to fill up about 10 thread pages of whining about the refs.    And also from how bad Rondo's jumper is to how he was killing them with it.  And of course how much better their PG was before our PG played circles around him.  Enjoy today's comments....

As for the Celtics, they're the type of teams we beat. Not very athletic, terrible rebounding and no post presence. Would like to see Lopez involved in the offense early and often.

Regardless of trading for Howard or Howard signing in free agency, I'd go hard after Garnett in the summer. Celtics are trying to move him apparently, he's an expiring; will hit the open market

Gerald green is going off I'll bet

Gerald "The Savior" Green?

With the way rondo is playing this season we def need Deron to show up for this 1

I hate how Orlando writers and fans are now suddenly saying "Maybe Lopez doesn't suck". Well **** you b1tches just cause you never watched him play doesn't mean he sucked.

Winnable game As long as The Big 4 doesn’t run amuck we have a chance.

We will blow them out Hump and B Lo all day

Wonder which scrub is going to kill it against the nets

Whoever replaces Ray Allen

Ray Allen whats up with him his not starting?

He's scared of Morrow outperforming him

My pick for scrub of the night is jermaine oneal returns to form

He isnt a scurb.. But his jumper is.. Lol Rondo will hit like 10 jump shots.. And 3 3point shots..

Lopez should destroy Boston's Cs JO, Wilcox, etc. There’s no way those guys can guard B-Lo. Feed the big fella.

Gerald Green sounds like a smart kid With a good attitude.

How green lost his finger will haunt me for a couple days Really like him

We match up nicely Id take our pg over theirs, our sg over their, id take their sf over ours, put id take our pf and c over theirs. Should get this dub

D-Wll on G.Green- you can pretty much throw it up anywhere and he will go get it ... Hope to see a couple of those tonight!

Ray Allen is out to night per tonight is going to be a great night.

Not really The way no name guys been killing us.

I gotta listen to the Boston broadcast? The only thing worse than listening to the knix commentary is Boston and that old guy that seems like he is gonna say something racists every 5 minutes

Garnott , Beetlejuice , and Frankenberry are in trouble tonight !

I see a blow out win tonight

TD GArden just booed Hump during intros. Theyre going to wish they didn't.

I thought about going to college in Boston. But then they booed humphries...


Garnott is washed up.  Brook will destroy him. 

When Sheldon Williams takes 1dribble or holds the ball for 2 seconds an angel cries

Rondos weakness.. Mid-range haha kind of funny and I kinda feel bad

Sheldon Williams has NNOOOOOO HANNNDDDSS....better yet hands like fying pans

Celtics announcers Are NOT big fans of brook Lopez at all. Keep talking about his terrible defense

There not fans of anyone but the Celts complete homers.

Celtics looks wayyyy quicker than us

Boston sucks at everything

Deshawn simply cant shoot He can’t do it.. Its impossible

The Celtics are playing like they want this more.

Over/Under on the amount of times we hear KG curse the rest of the night 5.5

Seriously start green way better then Stevenson

Rondo is a turrible shooter I love that lack of respect they are giving his J

Pierce doin work

By the time game ends C’s players will foul out

Is pierce kidding Shut up

Needs a good stabbing I'm joking!

I’m not worried about the bad start because I think the Nets are the better team.

So why do they want to trade Rondo?


Celtics’ ball movement killing us

Celtics announcers are saying Lopez is the clumsiest guy they've seen

We need KG to get on foul trouble

Man, I hate this team so much.

I think Marshon is finally getting exposed. As much as I like him I think we need to start thinking of trading him if we can't acquire Dwight through trade

The Celtics are putting a show in the defense end

Stevenson barely touched a Celtic and there was a foul, but Rondo swings his elbow and ohhhh no foul there, nope, none.

Gerald Green is a beast

I hate Petro sooo much

Wow we look sloppy as ****!! I really thought we could be an 8th seed **** it I'll take the top 5 pick

Celtics will get tired

Celtics 3rd unit Is outperforming our 1st

Pierce is SO WHINY God I hate him

Pierce raising his hands up showing up the refs! T HIM UP YOU COWARDS

Refs giving the Celtics breathing room

Boston refs have always been like this as far as I can remember

Refs going blind I see, c's not covering the spread

Nba refs deserve a special place in hell

Refs trying to give the Celts their last win over the Nets..They know with Dwight we will dominate them for the next decade..

Refs are going crazy Offensive foul and a delay of game on pietrus.

This is really inept Boston’s D can’t be THIS good

The Nets finally getting calls?... I think in dreaming…

Pierce went offensive lineman on shewill I just witnessed a mugging.

I swear Sheldon has two flippers for hands Like a dam seal out there

The refs cheating completely turned this game

These damn refs screw us again

That's the first time the refs have ever called an illegal screen on KG.

Bass barreled Lopez, no call. Stevenson touches Pierce, it's a foul.

Well at least Green can bring us little moments of entertainment.

Wow talk about an avg team giving the game away to an aging team

Nice adjustment by Avery after Rondo his a jumper. By letting him another wide open jumper! Lol

A real coach would taken a tech and scream at the refs.

Willcox-your scrub mvp

Omg what AWFUL officiating..just a complete joke

NBA refs have never been, and will never be, good. Complaining about them just makes us look bitter. The refs are not the problem right now – our inability to control the ball or play defense is.

Pietrus scrub of the night

Garnett is just murdering us right now

Stevenson just airballed a layup Anyone who turns it off now is completely justified

Avery needs to get thrown out of this game. And every other game, too, come to think of it.

Avery is known as a defensive minded coach?

Avery and Mind in same sentence...Didn't think that was possible. Well done.

Why are Pierce and KG so good today

I can’t take anymore. Time to get drunk

Wow pierce, Garnett look like there in their prime against us

Worst officiating in nba HISTORY

Why are the Nets playing with no energy after TWO days off?!

I can only assume they all got drunk

Can't believe we loss to the old Celtics

Get rid of every big man on this team besides Lopez Sign D League bums I don't Carr

Keep green please Green worth his every penny so far.

G. Green Dunk contest next year!? BK Nets!

LOL he’ll probably be our big star going into Brooklyn

Rondo is making all his shots, and we are giving him all the space he needs

Really want Petro to get hurt Usually I never root for injuries, but this guy is the moisoing exception!

Let's beat these crappy Celtics, isn't it there bed time?

Ask their nurses

Grandpa Celtics Man I hate the Grandpa Celtics, but I was really expecting us to do better than this oh well.

I'll show you a TOMMY POINT

Rondo owning dwill

Green just asked to be sent back to D LEAGUE

He probably feels right at home

Avery Johnson is an idiot..... That is all

Would anyone want to trade Avery for SVG as a filler in the DH12 trade?!

I continue to be unimpressed with DWILL as a PG. This guy makes too many bad passes, turnovers, bad decisions, etc.. He can score in bunches but the rest of his PG instincts are not that great.

Green should be our starting SF

3 rebounds for brook Boston doesn’t have a 7 footer

I want to throw up

I'm beginning to believe deron is part of the problen

We have crossed the definition of blowout, this is nearing genocide.

Petro could injure himself killing momentum in a blowout

Petro will have a clean bill of health every day for the rest of his life As per the deal he made with the Devil

4 of the Nets 5 on the floor are former D League players...

Has been like that the last 3 or 4 years, can even remember ... Sucks being a Nets Fan ....

I don't mind losing, but I hate making a shitty team like Boston look better than they are

Boston sucks

If dwill does not change his attitude towards the game and become consistant every night giving great effort, we are going to be very disappointed even if Dwight comes here… He only plays when he wants to....I can see why sloan and him got into fights
doesn’t have the heart of a Malone/Stockton And this is who the nets are building their future around

I hate KG if we sign him in FA I will disown the Nets. He is so fake. So soft. Man only if hump wasn’t injured.

Guess seeing that Avery has NOTHING to do with any loss or win We can just put a corpse in there as HC and we’ll get the same results

I vote for The corpse of Red Auerbach

Boston just had a good game this time, they've been stinking it up too

Rondo is just a better leader

And that’s with the big 3 and all that

An old big 2. Allen did not play

Pierce still way better than any wing we have, KG still got a double-double Bet DWill would have more than 8 assists if he played with those guys.

Because he dosnt like to lose and is not afriad to get into your face

Yes he is... He makes his teamates better

Lol he's teammates don't even like him There a ton of leaders on that team that’s why they’re so solid

His teamates respect him. He runs that team well. He competes on both sides of the floor

He does all that I agree But there’s a reason they don’t want him there and it’s that they don’t like him
Garnett and pierce are better leaders than he is and that’s not even debatable

Garnett and pierce are in their mid and late 30's. Ofcourse they are better leaders But rondo runs that team

We would have like 6 wins with Rondo on this team because the players on this team suck and we don’t have Doc