Comments from the other side - Bucks 2/29

 It almost takes the fun out of it when the other team's fans want you to win.  Pretty funny to see the Bucks fans cheering for the Celtics.  Another fan base that hates their own players.  Seems like a lot of those lately.  They are coveting Ray and Rondo, though.  Eight triple doubles in the NBA this season and Rondo has 3 of them.  No one else has more than one.   I just don't get Danny wanting to trade him.  I don't care what quirks his personality has.  The kid's a talent and we need to keep him.  Or, in the words of one Bucks' fan: "He'd have to be banging every wife/girlfriend in the organization before I'd get rid of him on that team. He's a terrific PG."   Enjoy.....

Tankers dream game tonight. Go Celtics.

It almost looks like a lock that we'll lose the next 6 games.... Let's get our plummet on!!!

This is a must lose to help ensure that the Celtics don't blow it up

Hoping for a loss and a Celtic desire for Ersan and Dunleavy.

Can only hope its a loss and Ersan/Dunlevy/Delfino play well. But March 16th will come and they will still be on our roster. I hate this team.

I.... Want..... Rondo. Hopefully everyone (Jennings especially) is auditioning tonight so we can get Boston to pull the trigger.

This is a must lose game

I don't get why the Bucks didn't go after Steimsma? He's nothing great, but he's good value for a backup center.

I could see Ersan going nuts on the offensive boards against an old tired team like Boston.

Let's get up and lose big tonight guys. The only problem is if (like Washington) Boston are now driving a bigger tank than ours

This team lacks character And tanking just adds to it.

Ray Allen? Should be where Livingston is?

I miss Ray.

Ray is a free agent this summer, correct?

I wish Bogut had a free pass today.. Just so I can see him destroy KG

Hoping Carlos has the kind of good game that makes Paul pierce go mad.

Our offense is just unbelievably awful lol.

Nine years since we traded Ray Ray

9 years since we've been relevant.

Rondo drives by Jennings, met by air. Jennings drives by Rondo, met by KG/Bass.

Gooden's help D is and was despicable, but no one expected Jennings to let Rondo walk straight by him like that on that play.

Rondo is so much better than Jennings.

What the hell is happening! Come on Boston.

Udrih is so awful.

The Garden is quiet! And right now the bench is holding some of the starters down! Go Bucks!

Put Rondo back in. ****.

Sanders has owned KG.

Anybody know why Garnett is upset?

Because Larry is holding him to 4 pts on 2-7 shooting?

What was Sanders doing, it looked like he went up to push Garnett as he was going to the bench.

Studio thug.

I'll back Larry in a fight.

At least he's not picking on a 6 foot European guy for a change

Larry would kick the **** out of KG.

KG being KG and Larry just not caring

Is Jennings sulking again? Only 1 shot so far?

5 assists, he's playing well besides Rondo being superior on offense.

I hate this team.

Look at the bright side: At least we’re not the Clippers.

Wake the **** up Celtics

The Celtics are awful.

Celtics look old.

Wow, the Celtics are BAD.

Don't worry guys if we can blow a 22 point lead at home to Washington, we can certainly do the same with a 9 point lead on the road in Boston.

We'll play our usual 3rd quarter, be down by 15, then make a fourth quarter run but still fall short. Not worried at all

Remember when everyone was hoping Tobias Harris could become a poor man’s version of Paul Pierce? He has a better PER than Pierce right now.

Paul Pierce is a poor man's Tobias Harris.

**** the Celtics. No chance they aren't tanking. This is like that 2007 game all over again.

Time for the Bucks famous 3rd quarter fade away. C'mon guys you can do it.

Wow, Skiles is sticking with the starters, maybe he is stealth tanking

Bucks are 3-14 in quarter. The tank is on!

It would be quite nice if Jennings could strike a balance between scoring and passing Instead of just one or the other…

Jennings see a therapist. You’re a f***in headcase

I haven't watched much Celtics ball this year, they can't be this bad. Maybe they are just tired from the back to back.

They are old, getting older, and should have been broken up 6 months ago. This is one of their better recent performances.

Geezers gonna geezer.

The tank is in full throttle.

This isn't even tanking. This is just sucking.

What is going on with Jennings this time?

Hasn't scored. Doing his Rondo impression.

Rondo without the rebounds and defense.

Remember when the Bucks scored like 18 points in an entire game against the Celtics last season?

It may have been fewer than 18.

Oh dear. That was not fun.

Did Dooling ever throw down in Milwaukee? Does the team suck away athleticism as well?!

That must have felt good for Dooling, to throw down on his former team.

Put a fork in us, we're done. That's some high quality coaching through that third quarter Scotty, keep driving that tank.

Skiles isn't tanking. This team is terrible. Boston was sleepwalking through the 1st half. Then they woke up.

Wow, this team is horrible. Just horrible.

I'm all aboard the tank, but I still hate losing to KG and the Celtics.

Yup. I haven't really gone through the list but these guys are close to Chicago guys as most annoying.

Can't believe Dunleavy didn't get tossed, looked like he was about to kill that ref

Okay Celtics..this isn't cool. Give Ray the ball to get fouled!

This could be a franchise-crippling win. Let's go, Celtics.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of...defeat.

Jennings is the anti-clutch. Maybe we can trade him to some other team that needs to tank after this year.

Lol @ Post Game show covering the Jennings vs. Rondo 'match up'. Jennings vs. Rondo slaughter is more like it.

Good for the tank, but I still hate losing to that group.

Our "core" point guard is now shooting under 40 percent this season (32 percent from 3). Let him exit where the trash is taken out.

I do enjoy watching Rondo play....used Jennings like a napkin....did everything but slap him on top the head.

He'd have to be banging every wife/girlfriend in the organization before I'd get rid of him on that team. He's a terrific PG.

Celtics almost out tanked us. Glad we suck more than they do!