Comments from the other side - Blazers 3/10

I really feel for the Blazer fans. All they wanted was a little effort out of their team. Kind of like the Celtics vs the Sixers. Only difference is the Celtics bounced back the next game and the Blazer fans don't seem to have that hope. They are hoping by some miracle to have Rondo after the trade deadline, though. Some great comments here. I was chuckling the whole time I was gathering them. I hope you enjoy them too. What's your favorite?

With the Celtics loss to the 76ers the other night and how big the loss was, I'm betting the Celtics are going to want blood, especially on their home court.

We could sure use a win, but I doubt we'll get it against the Celtics on their home court. Anything is possible though. I have a feeling we could upset at least one of the better teams on this road trip, why not the Celtics?

Because our team is mentally messed up right now.

We will lose. IDK about anyone else but I frankly don't even enjoy watching this team anymore

Being a diehard Blazers fan is like being a self-masochist!!

Blazers overdue for a big game. We're gonna make the Celtics look slow and old. Blazers win by double digits.

Perhaps we can swap Rondo for Batum for this game only just to see how it works out.

What’s the O/U on the number turnovers for Felton tonight?

I'll take the over on 6.

For some reason I am feeling really optimistic about today's game. Maybe its the beautiful weather. I think we will only lose by 6!

Crud, LP has the Boston feed.

Oh man. That’s enough to make me hit mute.

I have this worrisome feeling that Wallace is going to hurt Rondo tonight somehow. Do not like it one bit.

Nope Hes going to lay off of him since they will be teammates in a few days

U think we gettn rondo or sumpthin?

No I wish, though

Funny how Boston is talking about trading their best guy to rebuild

Rumor has it that all Rondo's team mates despise him.

We could use some of that compeititive, in-you-face attitude.

There's a fine line between in your face, and breaking a TV in the screening room.

Three turnovers in three minutes for POR But they tied it up because Boston is awful.

Boston's color analyst may be the biggest homer in the history of American professional sport

LMA looks cocky tonight.

Its cuz he hates KG

No one gets in your head better than kg

Wow, I see why Danny is trying to get value for his players while he still can. They’re definitely on the decline.

Ray Allen can still shoot lights out.

I still can't believe we get intimidated by Boston They suck bad now, and we have so much turnover on our roster.

They should just blow this team up and start over.

Boston or Portland? Oh yeah, both

The Boston play by play guy isn't too bad. Is there a way to mute just Tommy?

This game is here for the taking if the Blazers want it

Man if I had a nickel for every time I thought or said that and the Blazers lost...

You could afford to live in a bigger city...With a better team

Good thing Rondo can't shoot Otherwise he totally would have hit that…oh. Wait, he did

Rondo is good.

Hey Even felton makes a shot sometimes

That was a brutal quarter.

Are you kidding? We held a team under 40!

Even our tough guys are going easy on Rondo. They probably know something.

Get Batum out right now. I don’t care if he’s good.

Ah, and the embarrasement continues. Really, these guys should have just stayed home. Call in sick at least. It’s clear they don’t care anymore.

Boston TV crew continues to lead league in being jerks with horrid accents.

Play Aldridge 58 minutes 40 at PF and 18 at center LOL

Are we watching the globetrotters? Oh no its actually an ancient Boston Celtics team playing Portland


he's just doing his job However fruitless that may be

Let's tank. Please.

Failblazers are like watching a fighter get killed in the 1st 30 seconds

Greg Steimsma IS Bill Russell!

No respect for our guards. I can't blame them I don’t respect them either

It's sad when millionaires play like this.

I keep thinking: “this is rock bottom”
But the Blazers keep proving me wrong

Gerald Wallace for a 2nd round pick. DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I f***ing hate the Celtics. I used to be rather indifferent (even with KG), but then I lived with this giant toolbag who was a Celtics "fan." This loss is going to piss me off.

Classy Boston fans cheering on that missed FT. I could tell they were mocking us. Boston is a terrible place, so are their fans.. I guess two and two go together.

They cheered a missed FT. What is wrong with that? Our fans would do the exact same.

No they cheered laughingly. I could hear laughs.

Yeah. So. I laughed when we were beating PHX by 40 and Nash missed a FT.

The advantage of having a team like this: I don't get angry about losses anymore.

Blazers getting dominated by the likes of sasha pavlocek

Garnett and Aldridge will get in a tussle. I can see it.

Hold on Blazer bruthers, LMA is heating up.

Lets lose by 50. I think we can.

Which effort was worse this one or the one against the Lakers?

At least the Lakers aren't a .500 team in the East.

I'm listening to the Celtics broadcast and they aren't even really excited....they must feel like they got cheated they thought there was actually gonna be a game tonight.

I'm switching to the Knicks game....someone tell me if Jesus Christ returns and suits up for the Blazers

What do you think Nate is telling them right now? "Well guys we umm just need to umm execute and knock down our umm open shots"

Probably nothing. He knows they aren't listening..

They're all distracted by all being on the trade block

Time to remove the feeding tube and pull the plug Blazers arent waking from this coma anytime soon

I forgot how ridiculously fast Ray Allen shoots

There's a reason he's named "Jesus"

Yay! Our boy Rondo is in!

Stiemsma might be whiter than Budinger … I can’t quite tell. One of them is the whitest guy in the NBA though ..

Chris Anderson without the tats

Is there skin under his tats?

And the great resurrection ends in failure. From the ashes of the shameful JailBlazers and wretched aftermath came a tight, shining team that recaptured our hearts and attention … and now this. The thing that grew was killed prematurely, and now we have this withering dead snag slumping and howling hollow in the wind.
Even these awful Boston accents can’t make it sound as bad as it really is.
Woe is me.

Rondo is a good passer

This is awesome And by that I mean its terrible

Don't call a t on pierce Blazers deserve every bit of humiliation coming their way at this point

Can we forefit?

I coulda swore we already did

Boston TV peeps Why are you complaining about a tech when your up by 50000

You know it’s not a good game when the other team is the first to 30 and 60, and you still are yet to reach even the 30 pt mark.

The people in green look like a team that's having fun...

More TO's than FG's. NBA action is a ….train Wreck?

Maybe.. Felton knows hes going to Boston. A lot of the players do so their trying to lose this game to improve the C’s record! YES that’s it.

So has a coach ever been fired during halftime of a game?

I'm wondering if some rum will help ease this second half.

it's whole bottle kind of night

Blazers, please don't even play 2nd half’rv embarrassed yourselves enough. Fake some injuries, do something!

Can they pull the fire alarm like in high school?

Bostons superior athleticism youth and quickness is just too much for us to overcome

Nate has to be hot. I bet he hates getting outclassed in front of successful coach Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers is overrated too. Didn't do anything coaching the Magic.

You have to be impressed with the Blazers here. When tanking you never want to stick around too long because you risk accidentally winning. Very professional tank job.

This is worse than.. When we played Boston a few years back and KG started barking at Bayless.

Maybe he will bark at felton? I would donate $50 to his charity!

Class act that KG. I really like it when he starts running his mouth and pushes up on somebody and when they come back at him he runs.

So we lost Andre Miller, Rudy Fernandez, Jordan Hamilton, and the chance at Kenneth Faried for Felton?

Are you suggesting we got the short end of the deal?

Short and fat end

Rondo Taking a charge from Wallace up 37.

Bad call This loss is on the refs

Hahaha Awesome

Nate has a laptop out -- workin' on his resume

That Allen guy is good...

Nothing worse than listening to a Bostonian, except listening to a Bostonian gloat.

If Nate pulls Babbitt I'm turning the game off. Babbitt is the white Larry Bird.

Don't you mean the tanned Larry Bird?

We've outscored them 20-6 in the quarter

I say redo This is quarter one, anddddd.. Go!

Who says the Celts are old....they looks like prime contenders to me.

Damn didn't lose by enough. Was hoping we'd stay down over 30 and nate would get fired immediately after. Rats.

They had to put in everybody but the ball boys to let us catch up enough to make it almost semi kind of respectable I need a drink

The theory of relativity: The Blazers collapse will remain in place until acted upon by a freak win.