Celtics aren't lucky on St Patrick's Day losing to the Nuggets 98-91

Early season first half woes have seemed come back.  Struggling to score in the first half has led to awful results for Boston, as of late, as they lost another game tonight.  This time the Denver Nuggets walked away with a 98-91 victory at the Pepsi Center.

Trying to play a different style of basketball never works.  This is what happened in Sacramento and is continuing tonight in Denver.  The Nuggets put up 29 first quarter points with Boston settling for jump shots.  This was another game with a deficit due to the same results.  Denver out rebounded the Celtics 19-7 in the first.  At times, it appears Kevin Garnett is boxing out two players while the other three roam free. The Celtics inconsistency has been their Achilles heel.

The Celtics continued to get out hustled in the second quarter.  Without much help from the bench, the starters have been forced to play extended minutes.  Doc Rivers has been staying with his 8/9 man rotations throughout this road trip.  Paul Pierce is battling a rolled ankle, which has affected his speed and quickness.  He is struggling to shake off defenders and when he does, he’s not getting enough under his legs to put it in.  Teams continue to run on the Celtics and Denver was no different with 13 fast first half break points.

What this team needs is for Greg Steimsma to start.  I honestly believe Bass is better suited for the bench.  The minutes won’t change, just when they will be seeing the floor and who they will play with.  Bass is too hesitant with the starters on this road trip.  Have him come off the bench and he knows his duties and executes them.  Tonight he had a rough first half as Kenneth Faried ate him alive.

The third quarter, although technically successful, was tough because Paul Pierce picked up his 5th foul.  The Celtics trail by 12 and appear to have one last quarter to steal this game from the Nuggets.  Denver has taken advantage of the lack of size and attacked at every moment that they could. 

The Celtics showed some life in the fourth quarter, bringing the lead to within two points.  Kenneth Faried became the second power forward to tally over 15 rebounds.  Clearly Brandon Bass is not doing his job by boxing out his opponent.  The officiating was difficult in this game as Paul Pierce fouled out with 4 minutes to go.  

I can’t solely blame this loss on the officials because the Celtics continue to lack aggression in this game. However, the Celtics did lose a game in which they made more baskets.  My number one pet peeve because it logically doesn't make sense. Seeing the other team be the one who makes the extra pass is not something Celtic fans are used to.  Well I guess onto the next one.