Comments From the Other Side - Raptors 2/1

Raptors fans are usually good for great comments during games.  I love that KG's bar fight comments keep coming up!  That interview was a classic.  Lots of KG hate among Raptors' fans though.   You have to feel for a team whose only bright spot is getting one step closer to a lottery pick.   I love how they talk about Ray being 57 years old and then talking about how they can't sag off him at any time.  Good stuff!  I hope you enjoy today's comments as much as KG enjoys Gino Time...

Going to be a very ugly game.


I'm for the Tank but just for one time I'd like to see KG's a** kicked.

Chalk up another win for the tank

Oh no doubt, we got this.

We should able to win no problem if Rondo doesn't play

Ray Allen will set the NBA record for most 3s in a game with Bayless or DeRozan guarding him. The only good thing I see is James Johnson getting Garnett's garbage outta here.

Can you imagine how awesome it would be if we got a guy like Paul Pierce or Joe Johnson? Is there anybody in the draft like them?

Realisticially, Boston is a team who's bench scrubs can win games against us so he's justified in saying this will probably be a loss. No Bargnani and DeMar back to his slumping ways yesterday doesn't give one the highest expectations to pull a win against a team that always seems to have our number.

It's Boston, In Boston and were on a back to back. Easy loss tonight.

Aren't we kinda due for a totally random hot shooting win in Boston ?

If Kleiza can take out Pierce or Ray Allen too I think the Raptors can pull this one out.

James Johnson with a throat kick to Garnett?

Its going to be a bar fight, and the Raptors will be the one taking the bottle to the head.

Casey looks awful, he knew what he was getting in to, but it must take toll coming from warm weather, feel good winning talented atmosphere and also less stressful. To going to one where their is not enough desks to bang his head on.

It wouldn't shock me if we actually won. They're old, have struggle and played last night on the road and it's their 3rd game in 4 nights. But if we don't come in focused and have a good start this will be done early. I still expect a loss.

When the hell is rondo going to play again he's killing my fantasy team!

The one reason I take other premiere pg's over him (westbrook included) is because of his health. The guy is always getting banged up.

When the game starts I will be cheering for the Raps but with the tanking mentality, It hurts a lot less when we lose.

Avery Bradley - curious to get a close-up of the player many assumed would be a Toronto Raptor

Hopefully Ray Allen is teaching Derozan how to not shoot airballs

Trying to figure out how Casey chooses the starters Do you think he throws darts? Randomly selects names from a hat? Asks Doug Smith for his expert advice? I’m at a loss…

Nice flop attempt by JO.

Jose won't score with Bradley guarding him.

Wish we had Pietrus

Whats wrong with Bradley everytime he brings the ball up he lookin like a hunchback

It's funny how Leo just praised petrius yet they wouldn't say anything about how we voided the trade cause of his knees... Even with bad knees he's better than butler

Here comes the #1 tank commander... Corporal Butler

Demar is the new tank commander.

This Boston team has to be the most annoying bunch of whiners I have ever watched. Every game they are constantly whining to the refs. I've never seen any other team like this.

Boston is making everything.

C’s second unit struggling again here tonight.

Teams like Boston would love a player like Derozan because they could get something out of him. He's simply lost on a horrible team, thinking isn't his game and he's forgotten how to react.

How do we suck so much in the 1st Q?

Well Ray Allen is a great defensive player and they roll coverages his way and make it hard for him to drive. Who else would even come close to scaring them with that lineup...

Keep Derozan until contract year. If he's not worthy of the Craptors get something for him.

There's a lot of stripping going on tonight. And no poles involved.

I wanna see Stiemsma.

JO is such a flopper.

Again DeRozan getting shut down by.. Ray Allen.. SMH

How can DD not keep up with Ray Allen? The dude's 57 years old.

All right, it's time to take off someone's head. Next time KG gets in the paint, send him to the floor.

According to this board and the Toronto media, DeRozan supposedly figured it out after the Jersey game. What happened? Oh right, he didn't figure anything out. It was just Jersey. If only the Raptors can play Jersey 82 times.

I thought Casey knew better to never sag off Ray Allen at anytime.

Boston held Orlando to 56pts I wonder if we’re gonna say the same again tonight

Boston’s D deserves a ton of credit here tonight. They’re closing out on everything.

Jose should just go ahead and fight Garnett. He gets ejected, KG gets punked, everybody wins.

I don't know why I'm still watching...

When KG is hitting a 3 like that, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the game.

You know you suck when KG hits a 3.

Anyone I mean anyone on our team that punches KG in the face deserves a starting spot

I swear derozen is scared of the ball.. he's always hiding

I don't like their coach he is whining and they are ahead by like 20

57 pts by opp team at half. Looks like last year's team. 35 pts at the half by us. Looks like our team this year. Such improvement... We've merged the 2 seasons, taking the bad from each.

Ah, tank on I love this. I'll watch it to the bitter end for the sake of the tank.

I think that being the Craptors that our movement would be appropriately reflected with a septic tank rather than a traditional military version.

We are like those depressed people who get pleasure from cutting ourselves

The NBA should forefit Raptors vs. Celtics games... Vegas should not make these games
Available for gambling. Its a giant waste of time

Look at the ball movement from that Celtics team. That's how you play team ball. I don't see their PG holding the ball for a good portion of the shot clock.

**** boring ass **** game **** bull no **** competition I **** hate the **** raptors right now ****

The Celts pass the ball as soon as they receive it if they're not going to make an offensive move. It has nothing to do with dribbling the ball. The bigs do the same. They've gotten a ton of easy buckets at the rim tonight because of it.

Paul Pierce=Magic Johnson Dishing all those assist unreal

Much more of a “point forward” than someone like Melo.

I've been sent here by the NBA. To congratulate you for using the words “point forward” and “Melo” in one line, without using a single negative.

Barbosa has got to be the most selfish nba player in the history of the game lol

A Barbosa Assist Spotted ... The Apocalypse is Nigh!!!

Wow this is a slaughter This is worse than "tanking".

I agree, especially considering the Celtics barely beat Cleveland last game. Were not just losing, but embarrassing ourselves.

This basketball game is a brilliant satire of an actual basketball game.

Games like this make me think Toronto shouldn't have a professional basketball franchise. Losing by 30 points to a mediocre team without their starting point guard. Wow.

One of the worst games ever. An embarrassment to this franchise.

Pietrus is a great addition to their bench.

Amazing that we cant even get a call down 40

Raptors need to sign one of Shawn Kemp’s kids. Surely one or two of those guys must be draft eligible at this point, right?

Doc Rivers laughing his ass off on the bench, what a way to end a blowout.

I hope we draft Austin rivers just to piss him off

This game was dedicated to the commish , just in case the lottery is rigged