Comments from the other side - Pistons 2/15

 Another team that is set on tanking and then ends up cheering to beat the Celtics.  It's amazing how much beating the Celtics means to most teams.  There's a lot of Celtics hate out there.  And more fans who hate the players on their own team.  And, of course, more hate for the Celtics announcers.  I know the comments are more fun when we win, but there are still some good ones in here to enjoy. 


Yesterday I said we'll win and we almost did...Today I'm going to say it again...I think our guys will have a good game tonight and we'll win by 8...

I drifted away last night due to the premiere of Real Housewives of Orange County and then of course the finale of Teen Moms 2.....

It's sad ....never in my life have I givin up watching the Pistons...but minus Moose & Knight this team is just too boring to watch for a full game.

Go shitty team. Go!

We may not be good but were young and building. Take that over an old team that will just get run out of the palyoffs again

Screw the lottery for today. Must. Beat. Celtics.

Brandon Knight is getting baptized by Rondo now.

Rajon Rondo will be the 5th person to attain a Quadruple-Double Tonigh: 24 pts, 11 ast, 10 rebs, 13 stls

Seems like rondo wants to play a physical game with knight.

Knight look awful with rondo.. Why doesn’t stuckey guard him

Would Knight on Ray Allen be even worse? Do we want to see a record set for 3’s tonight?

You know you're awesome when... All you have to do is stand up, 30 years after retiring, and you get a standing ovation from 15,000 people. (Bill Russell)

Heh, that dude can pretty much get keys to the city if/when he wants it.

I'm not sure if we're doing ok or they are doing bad.

I'm so sick of the refs this season, that was 2 obvious offensive fouls, but went wrong way

Garbage calls. I hate they call that **** when the offensive player jumps into the defender..

Come on you know call like that will happen when your at Boston.

If Rondo is going to flop like a bitch every play and get the call every time then make those fouls count. Lay the hammer down. Make him hurt for playing like a bitch.

Will we employ rake-a-rondo late in the game if its close?

Ben Gordon is terrible.

You have to be KIDDING me with that foul on Stuckey. WHERE WAS THE FOUL? WHERE? The ref blows the whistle 3 seconds after Allen misses the shot.

Apparently Isaiah Thomas got booed by Knicks fans. Damn, I guess that name is like Voldemort to Knicks fans.

Ben Gordon is simply an awful basketball player.

We look awful but we’re still in the game?

Damn Boston sucks

Aughhhhh, did you see Rondo posing after that basket?

I really dislike Rondo. Googly eyed bastard

Man, it sucks to not have a single guard on the team who can run pick-and-rolls consistently with.

What a boring game. This is almost unwatchable

These refs are horrendous

I know rondo can't shoot But that doesn’t mean you sag off him to the point your under the basket

I don't care how good stuckey plays I still cant stand his game.

The only consistent thing about Stuckey is his inconsistency.

The Celtics are doing well offensively because of Rondo who’s having a great game. However, their D look sort of pitiful without KG out there and is keeping the Pistons close.

I'm confident Boston will try at some point And put us out of our misery

Geez… Rondo can’t miss right now.

Hopefully he will aim for tayshauns face then.

Rondo's just been pretending he couldn't shoot all this time just waiting to sucker us into leaving him open. He's hitting everything.


When the hell did Rondo get a jump shot?

When he started playing the pistons

Somebody needs to stop this kid,Jesus.Well I guess well be on sportscenter tonight after rondo gets over 30 on us.

Celtics announcer thinks Moose is too big
“he’s about 10 pounds away from being out of shape.” What a jackass

I don't think he's close to being out of shape, look at Jermaine O'Neal, he's a blubberbutt.

Boston and Chicago have the worse announcers Sean Elliot from the Spurs can be pretty annoying too.

Funny, that’s how I’ve felt about Paul Pierce.


Want. To. Punch. Celtics. Announcer. Must resist temptation to clobber my laptop.

Congrats Johnson, you blocked the shit out of Ben Gordon, something everyone in the league can do.

Was jujuan Johnson available wen we picked singler?

Rondo. <3

I thought Gordon is an intelligent player He always looked so smart jacking 25 ppg in Chicago and giving up 27.

It’s kind of amusing that Detroit’s still in this game.

The whole time, Boston appears to be having their way. Scoreboard fairies are keeping us in it.

they’re letting things happen, like Tayshaun rebound his own brick for a 2nd attempt and 2 pts.

Weird. Doc Rivers must be close to an aneurysm by now

This Chris Wilcox guy is pretty good! 8/10 from the field, 17 points! I wish we had a guy like that.

I’ll believe there’s no 4th quarter collapse after the 4th quarter ends without a collapse.

Pierce/Allen Have done nothing.

Wait is this score correct, it says we are WINNING by one

That's right... You have unknowingly entered the Twilight Zone. Welcome.

Beating Boston would be nice, everyone must agree with that

Boston would be one of the few teams I would accept the Pistons beating instead of tanking

Celtics announcer:
“I want to remind everybody that the Celtics have 2 power forwards who arent playing tonight”

Lmfao, wait really. Haha excuses

Only reason KG isn't playing is cuz he remembers how maxiell owns him

I hate Paul Pierce so much.

Once they don a C’s uniform, they’re scum.

Celtics need points and what do they do? Send Pierce flopping into the lane.

Stop winning idiots

But but this is the Celtics..

I just wonder, are the Celtics this bad or the Pistons just better than I thought? Cause I expected this to be a blowout with the C’s winning by like 30

This Celtics team doesn’t even look familiar. Who’s this Johnson guy? They look totally different than the good Celtics from a few years back.

So basically the C's are just that bad lol

Chris Wilcox with the horrible ass defense we all remember and loathe.

It was almost worth it for the dunks, efficient shooting, and random-ass sweet passes out of nowhere But his defense was bad enough to negate that.

Yeah, my scorebook was wilcox whole package minus defense +2.5, wilcox defense -17.

Ben Gordon having the 1 night of fire for the entire year. And he will promptly return to playing many minutes a game and doing nothing of note next game

Thank god we might get to beat Celtics

Ben Gordan does not like the Celtics

Chris Wilcox should still be in a Pistons uniform.And Tayshaun shouldn’t.

Bad defense or not I’d certainly prefer him to Maxiell.

Damien Wilkins is just awful How is he he stealing Jerebko minutes? How is that something that’s allowed to happen?

he’s actually kind of sort of shutting down Paul Pierce right now. Or maybe Pierce is just doing it to himself by taking bad shots.

He’s wearing down Pierce with the pump fakes, to the point where Pierce doesn’t have enough in the tank to attack on offense.

Wtf Boston Are they trying to beat us in a backwards sort of way just to be funny?

Love to see the Celtics go down in flames.

Boston Gardens here is a spooky quiet place. Is being deathly quite the sign of a complacent, good Celtics fan?

The Celtics suck.

No more wins! Someone needs to stop this madness!

Key to beating the Celtisc let Rondo score 30 and take away his assists?

Celtics Killer=Ben Gordon. Joe D. Did say he signed him because of that Bulls-Celtics series. I'm glad that we signed a player that is effective 4 games out of the year.

Ray Allen’s defense, on an island, is a terrible thing.

If I was Rajon Rondo, I’d flip it on Ainge and demand a trade.

Ray Allen with that punk move final hoop to make sure he gets one field goal.

Sound of Losing Lottery Balls < Beating C's