Comments from the other side - Mavericks 2/20

Another game, another ugly loss. Although without KG and Rondo and then eventually without Wilcox and JO, it's not a surprise that the Celtics lost. Once again, though, I'm surprised by how much a team's fans dislike their own players. They are way harder on Odom and Terry than they are on the Celtics. Hopefully after the All Star break, we can get our players back healthy and then make a run. Then these comments will be a bit more fun.

Mavs vs Celtics: Very old vs really old

Too bad Garnett might be out. Would like to see Dirk schooling him again.

So beating an old, decrepit, and probably depleted Celtics tonight will make me feel better about the loss to Knicks yesterday??? Umm yeah, it will.

No KG would mean that Dirk can actually get touches in the post without being fouled every possession.

Let's hope Odom isn't a bitch today and contributes in some way.

With Rondo out the absence of Roddy and West shouldn't hurt that much, Boston is a mediocre road team at best and their bench sucks badly.

All of those pseudo gangstas from Boston play dirty. JUST DESTROY THEM!

Wish we had kirilenko instead of odumb

I don't even blame Rondo for that, the officials have been **** this year.

Odom should not get a single minute tonight. He is done.

I hope someone punches Paula in the face.

Sounds like no KG tonight. Really gonna miss his fake toughness and random barking at people

No excuses today that's one scrubby lineup for the smeltics

Ray Allen has missed 2 gimmes already.

I hate ray Allen so ****ing much, all he does is run off the screens, cant create his own shots

If the Mavs lose to Boston without Rondo, KG & Bass they are worse than I ever imagined.

Dirk Schooling Wilcox.

I saw some of the Boston game yesterday these refs needs to be replaced with some better ones

PP with his first little bitch scream

Will PP bitch more than Jeremy Lin will turn the ball over tonight?

Very likely, yes. He's a bitch machine, always has been. Same for Garnett and Rajona Ronda...

Refs are on our side tonight! I like ;)

I can't believe Vince got blocked by Jermaine.

I'd like Jermaine on this team, dude can control the paint

This Stiemsma guy needs to lay off the tanning beds

Lol @ Lamar drawing boos

You can see from the green's where delonte gets his style of play from Whoever has the ball shoots disgusting

Mickael Pietrus? I remember this guy lighted us up every single time we met. He dropped like eight threes once with a Jordan shrug lmao

PP is the 2nd ugliest nba player behind Chris bosh

Just leave, Odom. Leave and never come back.

Jones travelled bigtime took like 5 steps but ill take it ;)

Lol theyre gonna run out of big men

I feel bad for the Celtics' offense. Jeez.

Need to finish them off early so Doc will be quick to wave the white flag and rest his old guys.

Drives me Crazy Pierce gets calls but Dirk does not

If DIRK gets the same calls (like Pierce, Kome, Dwhiste, New HOF JLin ETC) He will score 100 a game I don't think stern wants that

Bradley is too good of a defender...he will shutdown DoJo

What's with Doc Rivers' whiney face all the time?

The fact that his son can outplay pretty much his entire team

It's just sad to see Jermaine O'Neal now Not quite to Tmac levels, but still sad…world’s oldest 33 and 32 year olds

I would gladly take the Steamer over Mahinmi since Doc doesn't utilize Greg properly.

Damn Boston Celtics are dropping like flies.

I'm glad to see my Mavs in HD But the Celtics do not belong on national TV…

****, O'neal and Wilcox out..poor Boston.

Terry swatted by the Steamer on a 3...SMH...Why doesn't Doc play Stiemsma more

Don't know how that wasn't a travel by Jones, butnice

Jet trying to pad stats here...get outta here with that. Talk about selfish

Trade Terry, he is a joke

Odom can't even secure a rebound against a 6 foot 1 midget like Bradley, just flat out pathetic..

Its cute that the Celtics are still trying to win this.