Comments from the other side - Knicks 2/3

Knicks fans are always good for some fun comments.  I've never seen a team complain so much about the refs when most of the calls were going their way.  Truth is they let a lot go both ways.  They call the Celtics thugs but yet, who ended up with the black eye?   I love how they complain about Pierce getting away with flops and then proceed to talk about how many flops Melo was getting away with.   Again, it always amazes me when fans wish injury or death on someone.  These guys do it even for their own players.  Enjoy today's comments and let me know which was your favorite.  I have so many it would be hard to list them all! 

Thank God Rondo isn't playing. But Allen has been playing well. Should win this game unless their defense goes HAM

So, any news on Rondo's status? Will he make a return for Fridays game, or is he out 100%? If Rondo doesn't play, that'll be two teams without a starting quality PG. Should have no excuses with Rondo being out. He's their engine that makes them run.

They've actually played better w/out Rondo....oddly enough.

Just out luck. He;ll return against our struggling Knicks. And yes, the Celtics can play good ball without Rondo leading the way, but Rondo is a player who simply destroys our defensive,

Wouldn't you want to return against the Knicks too? Gets your stats up every time.

Yes, we do suck. But so do the other bottom feeders in the east. As awful as we've played, we're 2.5 games out We'll be okay.

Please beat the Celtics. The #1 team I hate.

We haven't won in Boston since 11/06. As a dvision rival who plays them twice a season there, that is embarrassing.

Let's beat the Celtics. It's a special feeling to beat them. Only team I hate more are the Heat.

It's GINO time at the Garden.

I hate Pierce.
I hate KG.
I hate Rondo.
The only one I don't hate is Allen but he's getting close

I believe the Knicks will lose this game, Pierce will put on a show and Rondo will have another of his hall of fame type game on the Knicks. Yes, I know he's coming off an injury.

This game is going to be a bar fight!

Knicks win by 50 after Rondo goes down as Lin breaks his ankle, literally

If he doesn't play Lin tonight and we lose, I will personally go to Boston and kill D'Antoni myself

I'll be happy as long as we knock Rondo to the floor once he starts driving on us. Tell Pierce to get the wheel chair ready!

Let it get worse before it gets better. Lose this game and fire Dantoni.

Must win game. No excuses. If knicks don't win, no playoffs. Guaranteed

Must win. Knicks should treat this game personal.

I have a strong feeling that the Knicks win this game. Just a hunch.

Even after playing last night we should win because they are old.  We'll run them out of the gym.  

A loss 2night will break my heart...I don't think I can legally purchase enough alcohol at 1 time to ease the pain.

HaHa...No doubt...If PPierce hits the game winner n does his dance I'm just gonna IV the rum..

I hope someone sticks him in the f*ing groin after the game.

Should be able to rest our starters a bit considering the Celts bench is no where near as good as the bulls.

If I see Douglas defending Rondo at any moment of the game I will stop watching. Its a 100% undeniable fact that Rondo eats eats eats Douglas for lunch, breakfast

Watch the Knicks let Brandon Bass go crazy tonight.

Toney D is soo bad, the thought of him running the PG makes me want to cringe up into a little ball and cry

You can't switch on the Celtics! Pierce and Allen will kill us all the time.

Anyone else see that moving screen on O'neal?

Celtics get away with those

Is amare back?

Only until the All star reserves are selected

Celtics get away with a lot

Van Gundy wants the Knicks coaching job bad.

Refs only calling fouls on one end I see..

Switching is sooo annoying Why is our center defending their point guard!

It's about time a Knick gave a Celtic a black eye. Shame it wasn't Pierce.

I hope that Rondo's eye is OK and that he can resume playing tomorrow

If we loose tonight then at least someone got punched... I'll take that as a consolation

Brandon Bass is gonna play like an MVP tonight

My hatred for Pierce knows no limits

I cannot stand these refs. A bad call leads to a 3 point shot

I hate the floor in Boston...It's annoying ..

Celtics have the best home refs in the league. They always get questionable calls going their way. ALWAYS.

Of course Celtics get the call...I told you...HOME REFS

Celtics are getting EVERY call!!!

Even if they play well enough to win, refs won't have it.

(My note:  at this point the Knicks have shot 11 free throws to 3 for the Celtics but the Celtics got EVERY call)

Jeffries would be a better player without index fingers.

Pietrus either shoots a three or dunks. That's all he knows how to do...So pretty much Bill Walker...

I hate wilcox. Definition of a scrub.

KG single handedly killing us

Since when does KG shoot 3's

Garnett cannot handle Amare

Pierce = Drama Queen

If Bully Walker had ANY sort of head on his shoulders, he’d be a productive NBA player. Too bad his Basketball IQ is comparable to Antoine Walker’s investing acumen…

Doc trying to get more calls for his team.

I don't even know what KG is saying.. ..but the constant moving of his mouth makes him very punchable

Umm could Jermaine O'Neal get a foul called on him?

Refs calling everyone against us damn LOL

The reach-ins the Knicks do get fouls, but the Celtics don't get that called on them

Refs see Knicks reaching for steal. Refs know Knicks play no D. Must be a foul. Stupid Knicks.

We should be up by at least 15 right now The Celtics are playing like trash

Pierce with the most blatant illegal screen I've ever seen

Boston gets away with a lot of dirty play.

Celtics getting desperate, starting to push and shove.

That's not a shiner rondo is just Sam cassel ugly.

Celtics playing way over their head.

Pierce is on pace for 40 minutes his old ass will slow down soon

These calls are unbelievable

I hate these refs

Knicks can't get a call.  Celtics getting phantom calls.  This game is rigged!!

We can't win if the refs are calling everything on us and nothing on the geriatrics 

(My note:  At this point, the Celtics have 7 free throws to 17 for the Knicks)

So the Celts are allowed to triple-team foul Amare and Chandler and even Jeffries in the paint, maul them and no call. Rondo gets blocked and it's a foul. Unbelievable.

Can't let this get close, refs gonna screw us.

If only the refs would call a foul on Jermaine O'Neal I would be happy. Maybe that's asking too much.

It seems like every single game the refs bias against the Knicks comes to light. They get no home calls, they get blown calls when they actually play defense, they get mauled with no calls regularly.

Doc is good at in game adjustment, heres to hoping pringles out coaches him the rest of the game

Nice. We got away with one.

Man we own the Celtics with our athletism especially our bigs. That's why every game is so close even last year. They must hate facing athletic teams

The problem with the Celts is that they think they're still superstars

I'm glad I'm not ray Allen's gum

Celtics get away with so much crap.

Celtics look old..... Make way for the younger folks

The ref keeping Boston in the game, hilarious.

The NBA is such a joke. Refs clearly favor the top teams

It makes me wonder if the Knicks will ever go to the Finals if they get calls like this against elite teams

Someone punch O'neal in the face

Oh come on. We get no calls.

(My note:   At this point the Celtics have been called for 17 fouls while the Knicks have been called for 10)

Lol Boston Generals

Ray Allen 4 fouls.. Nice get him another one

Possession saver... Pietrus got beat up on that play

Who is this team and what have they done with our awful Knicks?

Refs trying to get Celtics back in the game!

That was a foul. Amar'e jumped into him. The last 3 or 4 fouls have all been fouls, and dumb ones.

That ref is a thin skinned, rabbit-eared, blind basterd.

Rondo making hook shots lol, Kareem Abdul Jarondo

When you have Chandler playing PG it's a problem.

I hope mike gets punched in the face in the near future. Hard. I hope they knock his mustache off his face.

i hate rondo so much I wish he would just sprain his ankle

Someone give Rondo another shiner!

People actually bought melo's flop

Hilarious how the refs continue to fall for Pierce's acting

Timeout Mike.. Call a friggin' TIMEOUT!

He's saving them for next game. Duh.

Love how pierce complains even after his teamate scores.

Celtics better witout rondo

The amount of illegal screens by garnett wasn't even funny

Hes a dirty dirty player.

It's sad how much they allow him to get away with out there, and he is still praised.

I wish we had a coach

Bass is a punk

Bass is lucky STAT has a tech... If not STAT would’ve let em have it

I honestly hate Douglas more than I hate pierce. it's that bad.

Toney Douglas may be the only player in the NBA more useless than Jared Jeffries

I would trade Toney for a second rounder at this point.

You want too much. Give me a hot dog and some skittles

Celtics get way too much respect from the refs.

Did TD just lose a foot race to Paul pierce?

Pierce outran Douglas...

Outran by an old man. I've seen it all

Wilcox is destroying us

This does not look good don't like us winning a close game against this team

I love that they just Started bladting Party rock in bostons arena They should all just storm the court and start dancing in the center

it's Boston they've been too drunk to get out of their seats since half time

This Knicks look so tired compared to this "old" Celtics team. It's really sad.

Anthony CarFloppo.

Boston's defense has just been amazing... And we don't have a ballhandler

Celtics just want it more right now.. 3/4 court press and doubling everyone

I'm starting to hate Bradley a lot for some reason

Pierce shoots 98% on second-chance 3-pt attempts

Knicks look tired Celtics are getting to every loose ball and getting a lot of second chance points

This team is such freaking garbage. I'm actually starting to enjoy watching them suck because I hate virtually everyone on the team.

Rondo sucks

Two games in a row these refs are killing us

Why are the Knicks playing against the f******* refs every night?????????????

These refs need to die.... Seriously

The refs are going to cost the Knicks this game! Plain and simple!

Can we stop with the "refs are against us" stuff? we’re a horrible team right now, it has nothing to do with officiating

Enough with blaming the refs. The Knicks just offense has stalled, yet again. That's why they're losing.

Yea it's the refs fault our offense cant get the ball past the 3 point line.

Well, you can't beat the refs.

Garnett set like 4 moving picks on one play none called.

I HATE the damn Celtics and their wannabe heroics.

I hope a stray dog pees in Pierce's shoes before he puts them on

We keep getting outhustled by one of the oldest teams in the league.

I would have did a high pitch scream in Rays ear in that situation. No chance to block the shot but you could mess up his concentration.

I hate Ray Allen.

Just once. Put ray on the floor. Really.

Ray Allen had 5pts like 3mins ago now he has 16

Send goons to break old man Allen's legs

Why must all knick Celtic games be down to the wire. It’s bad for my heart

When it comes to a close game, Celtics are cold-blooded while the Knicks fall apart.

Give Celts credit, they are and play good defense!

I really hate the C's more than I hate the Heat. They just always get the cookie crumbling their way.

I guess the refs want to extend the drought of the knicks not winning in Boston since 2006

The Knicks are getting out hustled by the golden girls..refs contributed but this team has no heart.

This is mike against Doc now...

It pains me that Doc was one of ours . . . And he is coaching a rival . . . Something is wrong with that .

That would have been a foul if it were the Celtics.

Guaranteed Pierce gets a foul called on that same drive.\

And comes away wincing like a little bitch

I don't like him!


That should be a 24-second violation. Here's the refs chance to actually screw us.

No Basket.... Knick ball. If we don't get this ball the game is rigged

There's no way they're overturning it


Omg we got a call, is this real life

A loss would be fine cause we're closer to pringles kicking the bucket, but I want this win. I hate this team.

Please let me wake up tomorrow and see that Mike has been fired, Woodson is the interim coach and Dolan is in "talks" with Phil Jackson. that's not too much to ask for, is it?

I better not hear a "Moral Victory" from anyone!!!!!!

Morally that was a victory

I said I didn't want to hear that damn it

I needed to pick on someone

LOL, pick on a Bobcats fan or something

There's still some of them out there?

Our bench scored 9 points tonight

I think that might actually be a season high for them

Pierce and Allen love to rip my heart out, I'll say that much.

I just looked at our schedule and we are actually going to have to play: REAL GOOD TEAMS !!! Like ones with winning records, and pride, and tradition and all that scary stuff !!

I looked up their rosters and I saw that strange word . . . POYNT GARDS . . . Strange thing is that these teams have two or three of these creatures. The Knicks roster just says “See Baron Davis” what is up with that??

There is only one thing I despise in life And that is anything Boston.
If it’s an ugly flaw…so be it.

I hate Boston.  I hate Celtics.  I hate Pierce.  I hate Garnett.   I hate Allen I hate every one of their old geezers.  I just want to go get drunk.  Wake me up when the Giants win the super bowl.  

How much worse can it get? Every time I think I've seen rock bottom they go beyond it.