Comments From the Other Side - Cavs 1/31

We almost had another big lead lost loss, but thankfully the Celtics pulled it out this time. The Cavs fans aren't a very chatty bunch compared to others and I think criticize their own players as much as they do the other team but they definitely don't like the Celtics. They are even willing to derail their tanking to beat them.  I'd love to have Varejao. though, he never takes a play off.   Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side.

Let's make it two in a row against this retirement home team.

Another win against the Shelltics please

Win or lose, as long I don't have to listen to Tommy again. I'm good.

I hate Tommy Homer, I mean Heinsohn

Rondo is killing me in fantasy. Dude needs to play

Lehgoo back to back beating these old a**holes

The Celtics need to rebuild, the sooner the better.

Yep! They sure do!!!! That's why I can't understand why Howard would say he's not opposed to going to Boston???

Not a bad start for Varejao Anderson Shuttlesworth?

Wanna-be gangsta KG at the foul line

Nice flop, JO.

I did not realize Boston got Bass and Pietrus....they were good against us!

Jamison still can't guard Garnett.

Jamison can't guard a telephone pole.

Pietrus always seems to play well against CLE. Damn him.

It's like he plays with a vendetta against us. What did the city of Cleveland ever do to him? The guy just drain shots whenever he plays us. Unreal.

I hope TT uses his athletesism well vs the grandpas

He really should, these guys are so old.

Tommy doesn’t think any Celtic has ever committed a foul

Somehow, green has made Sasha look even goofier

Will the Celtics ever miss?

Man, I hate the Celtics

Not a bad effort at a comeback, I think the Cavs are better than the Celts

I might cut my ears off. This guy is a moron.

I know Boston is terrible at rebounding but Andy is beasting.

Bradley is punishing us. We need to do a better job of defending.

I hope jamison is ok, but at the same time please be injured for tanking reasons

For tanking purposes Jamison would be the last guy I would want hurt, I mean jacked up shot, fumbled away passes, missed lay ups he's a tank himself.

Pierce is such a d*****, don’t gesture at the crowd, they don’t want to join your gang

And he acts like he got shot on every foul call.

Hopefully we just switched Sunday’s bad 3rd quarter to the 2nd, otherwise this will get ugly.

Aparently punching and yanking someones finger throughout a game isnt a foul

Ray Allen keeps beating Mychel Thompson up the floor..

Damn we suck

Man... This game started off so good... And now we're just sucking.

I'll take a win against Boston IN Boston anytime over a win against Boston at home, unless we have a good team.

The people at the Q surely disagree with you.

ANDY HAS GONE BERSERKER! Hide your women and rebounds

I hate the Celtics for beating the Magic earlier and now beating the Cavs

I just hate the Celtics always

Ray Allen personally crushes our hopes

Not to mention the Celtics were going to treat this game as if it were the Heat or Lakers. They felt humiliated.I don't think anyone realistically expected us to win this game. Celtics might be on the decline, but they still have HOF players that are capable of getting up for a game, and playing to the shell of their former self.

The Cavs don't need excuses to why they suck tonight. Boston doesn't have their best player on the floor either.

Good lesson tonight. The young Cavs see how a veteran team responds to losing.

If Andy weren't playing we'd be down by 47...

Was that a panic time out by Mr they should of played me more Paul pierce

I love that Byron finally has Irving and Sessions out there together. I've been asking it for awhile. They're too quick for the slow and sluggish Celtics, and its causing them fits right now.


This game got good again real quick. If we had been playing like this the whole game we'd be up by 20.

Boston cant close games anymore with those aging legs… bet the Spurs have the same problem

I hate Paul Pierce

I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul is traded for a bag of skittles by now

Doc Rivers must love this team LOL

Who thinks Doc Rivers resigns and moves to Tajiti if Boston loses again in this way lol?

Screw you Garnett

Lol… take him to Tajiti with you Doc Rivers

Can we get Bass?

Incredible to see our star player actually pulling off the hop step without traveling

Its ok though they made it fun while still losing. Win win.

I want us to lose like this every game!

Cavs played an anti-LeBron game. Only showed up in the 4th quarter.

Good series. One game to show them they can come back and another to show them they should of never put themselves in the position to need to come back

Cavs look so fast and aggressive compared to the Celtics. Celtics big 3 look really slow. Wouldn't want to be a Celtics fan...this would be tough to watch as the Cavs are just outworking and outhustling them.